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Google panda

  1. 1. Google Panda: A way to Build Delicate andMeaningful Links
  2. 2. Google took a step ahead in getting rid of duplicate content and low quality websites with its launch of a new algorithm last year, Google Panda. Over the months, Google has introducedimproved versions of Google Panda, firsttargeting the spammy duplicate contentsites, followed by a newer Google Pandaupdate that aimed at getting rid of poor quality websites. Adding to this, Google also penalized some of the so-called ‘good sites’ for their poor linking practices.
  3. 3. Google’s continuous efforts towardseliminating all low quality websites and poor link building practices with improved Google Pandaupdates, clearly sends out a message to the link builders. It is time to bid farewell to low quality link buildingpractices. Rather, concentrate on ‘white hat’ SEO techniques to build delicate and meaningful links for your website.
  4. 4. That the competitors are doing it isno good excuse, and your website can be penalized and ‘thrown’ out ofGoogle search engine for once and for all. It might be little difficult todigest, especially when you find your competitors ruling because of thousands and thousands of spam links. But then, Google is now more stringent than ever before, and you have to take your step towards building quality links, with Google Panda.
  5. 5. Determine Low Quality Links with Google Panda The latest Google Panda update specifically mentions how you can determine whether the links to yourwebsite are valuable or not. As such, in the process of building quality andmeaningful links for your website, it is important that you stay away from linking to websites that features the following characteristics:
  6. 6. Poor Quality Content – The websites featuring poor quality of content aredeemed to be low quality sites by Google Panda. Poorly written content or spun articles get a thumbs-down from thisgiant search engine, and thus, stay away from linking to such sites
  7. 7. Lots of Ads – If your incoming oroutgoing links feature lots of advertising chunks, Kontera text links, AdSense, etc., chances are highthat Google Panda will fail to crawl your page
  8. 8. Low Traffic - If you thought thatlinking to a site that ranks 5th in Google search engine will get you good indexing from Panda, then it is important to know that if the websitelacks in terms of social sharing or traffic generation, then it might be devaluedin future. A well optimized site may not always be able to attract traffic, going into the ‘bad books’ of Google Panda. So, stop spamming your comments to such blog or linking to them
  9. 9. Lots of Links – If you find a blog orcontent with lots of links to it, chances are high that these are spam, and obviously you would not love to run behind it. Thus, the core strategy towards building delicate and meaningful linksis to walk in hands with Google Panda. Concentrate on developing qualitycontent and link building that is less in numbers but high in quality.
  10. 10. With its strict page indexing norms, Google Panda paves the way for link builders in developing qualityand relevant links for their websites or blogs. About the Author: James miller is a social media marketing expert who contributes his Online marketingexperiences on behalf of Social media marketing London.
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