Getting new clients through social media networking


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Getting new clients through social media networking

  1. 1. Getting NewClients Through Social Media Networking
  2. 2. Because of their explosion on mobile devices, social media websites are a huge deal all across the globe.Multiple times a day, people are logging onto their social media site of choice,sometimes spending many hours there.
  3. 3. How can you and your business get involved with these potentialcustomers? This article can help you use social media in your marketing plan.
  4. 4. 6 Tips on How to Obtain New Clients ThroughSocial Media Networking Sites
  5. 5. A pic is worth a thousand clicks – Advertisements on social media sites often use interesting images that havebeen somehow manipulated. The moreintriguing an image, the more likely it is that someone will click on it. Once apotential customer notices your ad, it is highly possible that they will check out your business and potentially buy your product.
  6. 6. Double check your work- Always proofread your social media updates, even if it’s just a Tweet. You need to keep up a professional reputation! A modest amount ofabbreviation may be necessary when it comes to Twitter, but exercise somerestraint. You want your content to be clear and concise.
  7. 7. Keep your content fresh- Be sure tomake frequent posts and updates. Give readers as well as contacts somethingthey can come back for, and something they can depend on as well. Make a schedule outline for posting or join an auto updating service. That way, you won’t fall off your readers’ radar.
  8. 8. Use multiple sites- Don’t limit yourself to one site when starting your socialmedia campaign. The more places youexpose yourself, the more potential you have for success. It can also be helpfulin other ways if you take advantage of the different tools available.
  9. 9. Be my guest- Think about having a bloggerthat is an expert in your field write for youor do the same for them. Any way you lookat it here, you can potentially increase your base. When guest blogging somewhere else, make sure they let you link back to a website of your own. On the same token, allow your own guest bloggers the same courtesy. People who read the blog aremore apt to check out your posts and your sites, too.
  10. 10. Simple subscriptions- Be sure that themethod of subscribing to the blog you create is very simple. Don’t put the “subscribe” link on the bottom rightcorner of your website, or some other place where no one looks.
  11. 11. Rather, put it in a location that makes it super easy for visitors to spot. Try and make things on your site visible to people with different types of Internet speeds, some people don’t have connections that are as fast as others.
  12. 12. Selecting a company to help you with your social media marketing campaign can be tricky. Before you hire anyone, make sure that they’re areputable service. Knowing exactly what they offer you lets you sleep well at night due to the peace of mind thatcomes with understanding that they can handle issues that might arise.
  13. 13. This is where social media acts as the best disinfectant in a sense. You cansimply check out the social sites of these businesses to see if they take their clients seriously and if they actually perform well.