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Five tips and user insights for using facebook timeline brand pages


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Five tips and user insights for using facebook timeline brand pages

  1. 1. Five Tips and User Insights for UsingFacebook Timeline Brand Pages
  2. 2. If you have a Facebook Timeline for Brands, you may notice that users seem to be confused by the new timeline offered on the site. Certain elements are very confusing include“See More” content breaks along with unexpanded apps. Cover images and certain other features may be of less importance.
  3. 3. SimpleUsability recently conducted a study on eye tracking. During this study, they played back activity tousers to have them recall the thought processes they used.
  4. 4. What this study found was that brands have a number of opportunities and challenges in order to continue usingFacebook for marketing. Whether youchose to change your page over early or waited until Facebook did this onMarch 31, you may be in need of tips and user insights to help make your page user-friendly again.
  5. 5. Five Tips for UsingFacebook Timeline Brand Pages
  6. 6.  Keep your Facebook Timeline for Brands current at all times. Small businesses may find this difficult to do,but visitors don’t have to scroll as often. Be sure they can see any competitions, promotions and themed content without having to scroll.
  7. 7. Content breaks, where Facebook loads older posts, often led to the visitorleaving the site believing they had come to the end of content. Others left because they did not want to wait for this content to load.
  8. 8.  Don’t place too much emphasis onyour cover images on Facebook Timeline for Brands. Most perceive these to be ads so they ignore them. Care must betaken because there are very strict rules that have been put into place when it comes to the images.
  9. 9. You cannot put any calls to action here or contact information. Visitors tend toscroll down past the images so you need to work use of this space to brand your business and save important information for locations further down the page.
  10. 10.  Put a history of your company in your Facebook Timeline for Brands. The‘about’ section of brand pages is a great way to do this. Use this information to share information that is not easily located on the corporate website.
  11. 11. This allows them to learn more aboutthe history of your company. Be careful though as some users can become confused if you include history that dates back to before Facebook was in existence.
  12. 12.  Pay close attention to friends’ interactions and relationships. Make sure you nurture your brand any time you see it mentioned on this site. Anytime someone interacts with your page,respond. It may be that a friend likes the page and interacted with it so another user became more interested in liking it also.
  13. 13. When you see something along theselines, whether it be a photo comment or status update, engagement is key as recent friend activity encourages more engagement.
  14. 14.  Help your customers understand thenew Facebook Timeline for Brands. Offer them guidance and engage more frequently. They will keep coming back for more hits and tips as they learn the new layout.