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Facebook for Online Business: The Ultimate Guide


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Facebook for Online Business: The Ultimate Guide

  1. 1. Facebook forOnline Business: The Ultimate Guide
  2. 2. Facebook is in the news for all theright and wrong reasons. On one hand they are being scrutinized for lack of user privacy. On the other hand, people are flocking to invest in Facebook because they just opened up their IPO with a bang.
  3. 3. Now, as a business owner, you needn’t be concerned about how much they might make post IPO orhow they treat their users (As a user you need to be extremely cautious though).
  4. 4. Now, as a business owner, you needn’t be concerned about how much they might make post IPO orhow they treat their users (As a user you need to be extremely cautious though). So this guide is for everyone who wants to generate traffic and leads from Facebook for their business.
  5. 5. Now, as a business owner, you needn’t be concerned about how much they might make post IPO orhow they treat their users (As a user you need to be extremely cautious though). So this guide is for everyone who wants to generate traffic and leads from Facebook for their business.
  6. 6. Should I be Using Facebook ForOnline Business To Promote MyBusiness? Why not? OK, not all businesses are worth mentioning online. But still, if you have a business which you are not ashamed to tell others about (you shouldn’t have any other business in the first place), Facebook is a great medium.
  7. 7. That does not mean you go aboutand promote your business day in and day out on Facebook. There are certain strategies that work with the social networking audience. Use them wisely and you will see the benefits.
  8. 8. How to Promote my OnlineBusiness Using Facebook? It’s simple. It really is. There is nothing much to say here other than a few guidelines on using Facebook for online business:
  9. 9. Facebook For Online BusinessTip #1:Create A Page For your Business You should be creating a page on FB rather than creating an account in your business name. Head over to this page and choose the best one that suits your business.
  10. 10. It might seem a bit confusing attimes. You may see the option “Local Business” as well as “Brand or Product”. You might think that your business is both. When in doubt, always follow your gut instincts. It’s not like Facebook is going to de activate your account since you chose one option over the other.
  11. 11. Facebook For Online BusinessTip #2:Display the Facebook community pagebadge on your business People who visit your business website will come to know that you are active on Facebook and will join your Facebook page (ideally).
  12. 12. Now, this might not be a goodstrategy for everyone. However, younever know whether it will work for you or not. So give it a try and see how many people like your page from your website. If there isn’tmuch buzz, then you needn’t wasteyour valuable website real estate for a Facebook box.
  13. 13. Facebook For Online BusinessTip #3:Ask people to “like” your Facebookpage. Yes, really ask them. There is no better way to get people to “like” your page than asking them nicely. If you need to entice them, maybepromise an exclusive gift, discount, orcoupon for those who like your page on Facebook.
  14. 14. Facebook For Online BusinessTip #4:Engage With your Community onFacebook. Post occasionally on your business page wall. Don’t post 50 times in a day. People will get irritated and unlike your page. Push marketing won’t work. Pull your customers to your business.
  15. 15. There is no right frequency. Tryvarious frequencies like posting onetime a day, once in every three days, or even once in a week. The trick is to find the right frequency your specific audience is comfortable with. If you see people un-liking your page, then it means you are crossing the border.
  16. 16. Facebook For Online BusinessTip #5: Be ActiveThis is somewhat an extension to tip #4. Share important announcements, special discounts, and your latest article links through your business page. When you share on your page, people who liked your page, automatically receives the update on your wall.
  17. 17. The added benefit is that, not only dothey see it, but their friends see it too when they like or re-share it. That’s really powerful.
  18. 18. Sadly, most people do not realizethe wealth of personal information they give to Facebook. The good thing is that, Facebook provides this information to advertisers to target ads very precisely. So you can advertise your business pageon Facebook to the exact intended audience.
  19. 19. I’d go for impression based advertising if I want to build a brand and clickbased advertising if I am looking to see some immediate and measurable results.
  20. 20. Facebook For Online BusinessTip #7:Get a custom fan page designed foryour online business. Admit it. The default Facebookbusiness page is very boring. Best thingis that, for less than 100$, you can hire people to create a killer fan page for your site.
  21. 21. If you are really short of cash, Fiverr is a great way to find some cheap Facebook landing page designs. Getting a custom Facebook fan page helps to build branding and credibility to some extent. People can see thatyou invested your time and money into Facebook. So they know you are serious about it.
  22. 22. Facebook For Online BusinessTip #8:Don’t Over Indulge on FacebookFinally, I’d like to say one last butimportant tip. Your Facebook business page is just a business page. Not your business website and not your business itself.
  23. 23. Don’t give too much importance tofan pages, dedicate time and money in building a great fan page only to realize that you never got around building a great business.
  24. 24. I see many people making this mistake. It’s not even necessary thatyou are on FB. If you are on Facebook, great. If you are not, it’s good too since you can spend more time onyour business rather than focusing onsomething you have very little control over.
  25. 25. The title says the “ultimate guide”. Do you want more? Before you begin searching the internet for moreFacebook for business tips, let me ask you one simple question.
  26. 26. How much information doyou need?Not much if you ask me. All the information you need is here. There might be few tips I missed out. I did not forget toinclude those, but avoided including them.
  27. 27. Why?I want you to take action and not go on and on searching for the perfect time to start a Facebook business page.
  28. 28. •I don’t know about your personality.You do•I don’t know your audience. You do•I don’t know about your business.You do If I don’t know a shit about you, or your customer, how can I give more advice?
  29. 29. Get started with Facebook and see if itworks for you or not. If it doesn’t work,let it go. If it works, great!!! One more thing before you head off to start the ultimate business fan page on Facebook. Don’t expect to convert social media visitors to buyers as you normally do with website visitors. Social media traffic hardly converts. It’s not impossible to convert them though.
  30. 30. It’s good for branding and getting your word out. If money is your sole aim, focus on your business and forget Facebook.
  31. 31. Over to You. Are there any Facebook marketing tips I missed out that I should have covered? I’m all ears to your suggestions. Let me know in the comment section.