Brace yourself for the new google algorithm


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Brace yourself for the new google algorithm

  1. 1. Brace Yourself forThe New Google Algorithm
  2. 2. Google is at it again. After Panda and Farmer wreaked havoc on websites the moment they wereimplemented, Google has announcedfresh changes in its search algorithms.
  3. 3. Now websites should now be ready asthe search engine giant is once again rolling out a new Googlealgorithm. The new changes will now focus on semantic search which is based on the context or meaning of words and how they were used in search terms. Here are some tips onhow to prepare for the new updates.
  4. 4. New Google Algorithm| Create Informative Content More than just selling products or your business, you should focus on creating informative content. Google would be focusing on making searches relevant and useful to searchers.
  5. 5. Providing valuable information wouldauger well for your rankings based on the new algorithm. Avoid copyingfrom other people’s content because it would only make things worse for your site.
  6. 6. New Google Algorithm | FocusOn The Context Of Your ContentAs mentioned above, the new Google algorithm would be context-based. Instead of keywords, you should try to improve the meaning of your keywords.
  7. 7. he expression “I am so hungry I coulddie” may be an idiomatic expression but could have another meaning toanother. The phrase “furry pets” may be a dog to you but could refer to a cat for another. Place synonymouskeywords on the proper context and you are safe from any possible penalties.
  8. 8. New Google Algorithm | Createan FAQ Page Adding an FAQ page will make your website user friendly and henceappealing to Google. At the same time, it will make you an authority in answeringqueries about a particular topic. You cangive it the title “Ask an Expert” page. This will help your page get indexed by Google.
  9. 9. New Google Algorithm | MixUp Your ContentIf you are using text for your content, it isrecommended to add an image or two to it. Likewise, you can also add videos to your content. Of course, it has to be related to your website.
  10. 10. New Google Algorithm |Backlinks Before it is a common practice of SEO practitioners to collect and use for their sites. However, with the new algorithm this is bad and will over optimize your website. Make sure that your links areworth linking and will become assets. Build backlinks from different mediums.
  11. 11. Updates like these will always be implemented by Google so you shouldalways be ready for these changes. There are other techniques that can help you cope up with these new changes so dosearch for them and find out what works best for your company.