A brief guide to help you beat the google penguin update


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A brief guide to help you beat the google penguin update

  1. 1. A Brief Guide toHelp you Beat the Google Penguin Update
  2. 2. Google’s Dreaded Updates Ever since February 2011 when Google released its first algorithmupdate, Google Panda, people have beentrying to figure out how to circumvent or beat those updates. Long story short, Google’s algorithm updates, such as Panda and morerecently, Penguin, were put into place for a reason other than to annoy website owners.
  3. 3. As pretty much any internet user can testify, there are thousands uponthousands of websites out there which are of a very low quality, with auto- generated content and fishy links everywhere. Does a website like that even deserve to be considered by the search engines?
  4. 4. Well, as it turns out, Google believes that these websites should be forgotten in history, and that’s whatthe updates are there to make happen; they are here to get us rid of websites that exploit the system, giving way to honest people who actually do have something to say.
  5. 5. Instead of looking for how to beat Google Penguin Update, you should instead look for ways to make your website compatible with itsrequirements, which are actually quitereasonable. Without further ado, hereis a look at what you will need to do in order to not be punished by the Google Penguin update.
  6. 6. It’s All About the Content Google’s algorithms are becoming progressively better at judging websites from the point of view of a human. What does that mean ?
  7. 7. Well, instead of simply looking atnumerical factors, such as the keyword density, length of the text and the number of backlinks to a page, it is now more or less capable of decidingwhether or not the content is relevant to the keywords it is associated with.
  8. 8. What’s more, it seems that the algorithm is more than capable of differentiatingbetween legitimate, original content and auto-generated trash. If the tendency keeps up, then there will one day be an update which makes the algorithm capable of determining how closely associated your website is to what someone is searching for… but that’s going off topic.
  9. 9. In any case, what exactly you ought to do when looking how to beat Google Penguin Update? Well, seeing as how content is what actually gets analyzed more than anything else, you shouldstart there. Make sure that every single post on your website isoriginal, unique, and of a high quality.
  10. 10. In other words, the content you postneeds to not only be unique, but it alsoneeds to have an acceptable sentence structure, relatively few grammar mistakes (none at all if possible), andbasically talk about what it’s supposed to.
  11. 11. Naturally, not everyone is capable of writing high quality content.Fortunately, there are some good waysof outsourcing writing projects as there are actually many websites which are made specifically for that purpose.
  12. 12. In most cases you can obtain high- quality articles for relatively cheap, usually at a price of $1 per 100 words. In any case, regardless of howyou choose to go about your content, it needs to be written by someone who knows the ins and outs of the language, preferably on the level of a native speaker.