3 top social media management tools


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3 top social media management tools

  1. 1. 3 Top Social MediaManagement Tools
  2. 2. Do you require the services of a social media marketing firm, orwould you prefer to perform your social media tasks by yourself?
  3. 3. Many small businesses are choosing the do-it-yourself social media method because, with the correct social media management tools, you can actuallycreate professional looking information, syndicate articles and videos quickly,
  4. 4. and manage all of your socialmedia engagements in just minutes aday. Here’s a list of 3 of the top socialmedia management tools available to small businesses.
  5. 5. Social Media ManagementTools | Traffic Geyser One of the biggest pluses of video marketing is the ability to syndicate videos and the positive effect this syndication has on your overall search engine optimization plan. One of the biggest negatives is the time it takes.
  6. 6. Can you imagine setting up 30 different sites, then logging into each site,uploading videos, logging out, going to the next site, etc… It gets exhausting. That’s why a videosyndication platform is one of the most important social media management tools anyone could have. While we’ve tried a lot of different programs, the best is definitely Traffic Geyser.
  7. 7. Traffic Geyser is a video marketing solution that submits the videos that you create to video social networkingsites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, etc. After you create a video, you then use Traffic Geyser to submit it to multiple online video sites all at once.
  8. 8. In essence, if you are familiar with tools that submit articles to article directories, then you will find that Traffic Geyser does the same thing but with videos.
  9. 9. Traffic Geyser automates the task ofcontent distribution, and allows you to focus on content creation. Videosperform well in Google organic search so this is a super powerful way of getting your content found.
  10. 10. One of the primary reason people are attracted towards Traffic Geyser is toincrease their Google dominance. They use the tool primarily to increase theirchances of appearing in Google Search results.
  11. 11. Social Media Management Tools| PageModo Creating a professional looking custom Facebook Fan Page is important because you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Using custom Facebook Fan Page software makes Fan page creation quick and simple, and one of the best known softwares for this purpose is PageModo.
  12. 12. PageModo allows you to create a custom Facebook Fan Page by using their professional looking tabs along with their fully customizableprofessional templates. Here are some of the benefits of using PageModo following benefits:
  13. 13.  Photo Galleries & Video - Show offphotos and videos of your work toillustrate what’s special about yourbusiness in a captivating way.Get More “Likes” - Powerful socialfeatures, including “like” gates and viralsharing, help you grow your fan base.No technical skills needed!
  14. 14.  Powerful Social Apps - Carry outyour social media plans with our greatapps for fan coupons, contact forms,maps, and more.
  15. 15. For examples of what these customerFacebook Fan Page templates look like,visit http://blackboxsocialmedia.com/page-modo-examples. Using a customFacebook Fan Page software platform,like PageModo, can make creating andupdating ‘Welcome’ tabs very quick andsimple and is one of our favorite socialmedia management tools.
  16. 16. Social Media ManagementTools | 7 Minute Dashboard Now consider having a Facebookaccount with a personal, business page, and membership in 10 differentgroups. Plus a LinkedIn account with 10 groups, Twitter accounts, Google+ accounts, etc… It’s the same scenario; logging in and out of multiple social media accounts is tiring as well.
  17. 17. That’s why having a social media dashboard that will allow you toengage with all of your accounts from one location is so important. The 7Minute Dashboard is designed to allow you to engage, post, schedule posts, send emails, text messages and more from one simple location…all in just 7 minutes a day. The video belowprovides you with details on how the 7 Minute Dashboard works.