The prince and the lovely chelsey


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The prince and the lovely chelsey

  1. 1. The Prince and the Lovely Chelsea……. Once upon a prince there lived a young gentleman namedCharlie, Char for short. Char lived with his mother Rosalina but everybody calls her Rose, and his father Jack. They lived on a street named Cherry lump Rd. Char’s mother had died when Char was at the age of 3 yearsold, hardly enough to remember what she had looked like, butstill he was able to remember her smell, fresh cut flowers that his mother tended every morning. Time past and Char eventually healed over his mother’s loss and Char’s dad remarried.“Oh son, I know that me getting remarried to another womanis hard but look on the bright side, you wont be the only childin the family any more, don’t worry it wont be that bad.” Jack said in a calm and comforting voice.“The new mommy will be arriving tomorrow afternoon at 12:30.Her name is Veronica; she has to children one named Brandonand the others name is Brad.” They’re the same age as Char so they should get along very well. So Char and his father got a good night sleep.“Veronica will be arriving very soon so I would like you to get all cleaned up and make sure you wear you finest clothing.” “Yes father, I’ll make sure I do.” Char mumbled. Veronica arrived; Brandon and Brad stepped out of the vehicle first. The driver opened the car door and Veronica gave her hand to the driver and stepped out of the vehicle.
  2. 2. “Make way for m0a……NOW!!” Veronica yelled. She likes to make an entrance as you can see. “You there, come here.”Veronica said. “Tell me your name.” “Hello I’m Charlie but callme…..” Veronica interrupted. “Yeah, yeah whatever, I wouldlike you to meet my too son’s, Brandon and Brad they will be your roommates for now.” Veronica said with a very weirdgreedy look on her face that made Char feel uncomfortable.“Oh you think I am going to share a room with him, I mean just look at what he is wearing, and it’s just hideous to look at there is just no way!!” Brandon said. Brad did a slight giggle. As bitter and nervous as Char felt he though that he would give them a chance, I mean after all they’re family right? Charwas thinking………………….Char was absolutely wrong his step brothers made Char do every order they commanded and hehad to do every single chore. Char was at his last patience andhe knew that he needed to stop right away before it got worse! “Charlie go fetch me some water from the pond!” Veronica ordered. “I do hope you know I am not your dog mother…… Imean why can’t you go do it yourself?” Veronica was very upsetfrom what Char had said to her. “Because I have better thingsto do rather then you…now do it or else I will tell your father!” Veronica screamed! Char was furious at his new step mother.So Char snatched a tin bucket of the dinning room table anddarted over to the pong. On they way back Char bumped into a beautiful young lady. “Oh I am so sorry, excuse my disruption.” Char said in an embarrassed look on his face.“Don’t worry it was just an accident its totally fine, here let me introduce myself, my name is Chelsea and you must be Charlie
  3. 3. right?” Right? How did you know that?” Char asked. “Well actually, I have heard lots about you; see my dad works with your dad.” “Oh yes, yes right.” “Well I need to go now; it was very nice meeting you. Chelsea said with big rosy red cheeks. “Very so it was good bye now. And Char ran off.Char arrived back at the house, “Where is my bucket of water I ordered you to go and get?” Veronica said in an unpleasant look on her face. “Well you see on my way back I accidently bumped into abeautiful girl…….her name was Chelsea!” Char was slowly going into a gaze. “I don’t care about that stupid girl you have met, all I care about is you getting my water I told you to get.” Veronica screamed!“Sorry next time I will be sure to bring your water right to you.” Char said “Maybe if you where nice!” Char mumbled under his breath. “What was that?” Veronica said. “Oh nothing.” Char said suspiciously.
  4. 4. “That’s what I thought.” Veronica muttered. Brandon and Brad laughed.“Oh yeah I’m so sorry dear but since you have to clean out the closets you wont be able to tend the ball tomorrow night!” “But that’s not fair, I want to go!” Char screamed. “You listen to me and you listen real closely, you will dowhatever I say and you will do it or else, you got that Charlie!” “Yes mother.” Char was very upset with his new mother especially how she had treated him. It was the night of the ball and Veronica and her two sons where getting ready for the ball tonight. “Ok Char we are leaving now, when we get back I better not see a crazy mess it should be so clean I can wipe my finger onthe floor and there will not be a speak of dust that he smeared on my finger tip! Goodbye now.” Veronica said. “Oh no worries just leave it all up to me! Char said.A few minutes past and veronica and the sons where gone out of the door heading to the ball. Char started to clean, but while he was dusting Char got anunexpected visit from his fairy god father, his name is Chuck!
  5. 5. “Ahh what are you doing here Chuck??” Char screamed, I think he was a little frightened by Chuck’s arrival.“Hi Char I am here to give you the time of your life, now come, come we got some work to do.” “Wait what do you mean, I….I don’t understand if my step mother finds out about this I am blaming all of this on you!” Char said.“No time for questions just hurry up I don’t think that Chelsea girl doesn’t want to see you be late now that wouldn’t be so good now would it!” Chuck grinned.Char was confused but like the sound of what he was hearing. “Ok now you can’t obviously you wont be going to the ball looking how do now, let me see what I can do….ahh I got it!“Char was turned into a lovely handsome prince he was lookingbetter then before! But Char I must warn you, when the clockstrikes midnight you will be changed back to your old self again so make sure Chelsea does not see you like how you did before.So Char got changed and he saw three little white chipmunks from the corner of his eye. “Hey I just saw three little chipmunks run over their!!” Char yelled. “What, what chipmunks?”
  6. 6. “Those chipmunks right their!” “Oh I see, those sneaky little things I thought I told them notto come out I told them to stay in the truck but of course the disobey my rules!Char turned around the three white chipmunks where running round and round beneath his feet before you knew it Charwas tuned from a hideous guy into a new and improved hansom gentlemen! “Oh your ride has arrived” Chuck smiled. “OMG!! A Hummer, no way!!!” Char was so excited Chuck thought he might have peed his trousers. “Wait I forgot I have to clean I can’t go now! ” “Oh no worries……, those little three white chipmunks can help you!!” Chuck said.Char turned around and saw the/ three little white chipmunkswhere turned into big white men actually cleaning men….”We are here to do you work so you can go have fun at the ball with that girl of yours.” Char smile and got into the hummer and he drove off.Char arrived at the ball and saw Chelsea standing by the walk way by the ball room door. Char walked over to her.
  7. 7. “Hello, are you okay?” Char asked. “Yes I am thank you how are you?” Chelsea asked. “Well my lady my I take your hand in a lovely dance with me?” “Why of coarse you may.” So Char and Chelsea hooked armsand walked to the middle of the dance floor and began to slow dance.Char had a big smile on his face and Chelsea had been blushing almost the entire time. The clock was almost about to strike twelve and Char knew that he had to get out of their before he gets changed back. “Oh no!” “I have to be going Chelsea I am so very sorry I hope you can forgive my rudeness! I am so sorry.”Char said and he ran off before Chelsea could say a word, but wile he ran off so quickly he had dropped his new I phone.“Oh now I need to return this back to Char before he leaves.” Char ran out the door but once he stepped a foot out thatdoor it struck twelve and Char was turned back to his old self again.The guests inside saw a bright light and was wondering what it could have been so everybody rushed to the door they saw Char lying on the ground. Chelsea was shocked. And Char had a guilty look on his face and kind of embarrassed about what have just happened.
  8. 8. “Char you dropped this when you darted out the door, you ran off to quickly I couldn’t even say your name so I could return it to you, but now I can. “Thank you and I am so sorry I didn’t really want you to see me like this.”“Your welcome, and don’t be sorry cause I don’t care what you look like all I care about is what’s in the inside not the outside!”  Char smiled. After that day Char and Chelsea lived happily ever after! The End!