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  1. 1. Basic tool for uploading videos– free Hello, Here is a short presentation on Vimeo which is a video making tool. You can make a 30 second vimeo video for Free. Avril DOUBLE CLICK FOR THE SOUND THANKS
  2. 2. Vimeo founded by a group of filmmakers and artists who wanted to share creative work and personal moments
  3. 3. Vimeo lets you stay connected!
  4. 4. Technical Help and Support is available for uploading a video
  5. 5. Vimeo Enhance your videos Add Looks and Music to your videos, right on Vime Mobile Vimeo on Mobile devices is like a unicorn breakdancing. It's awesome.
  6. 6. In terms of the topic of open educational resources (OER) and engendering support for Jorum OER’s You can watch videos, follow people, channels and forums and groups and discover how to engender support for the use of JORum OER’s • • Vimeo has 864 videos on OER • Vimeo lists the people/ you can follow them in relationt o OER • Vimeo has OER CHANNELS •
  7. 7. Accessibility and Usability • Frequently asked questions page • Different Forum pages – community discussions , help and answers. • The forums are place to talk, share, and learn. • Video sound breaks up in alot of videos • You can search for videos and watch them • There are rules that constrict uploading a video • You can download in different formats • You can add videos to groups and channels and to social media sites such as twitter and facebook •
  8. 8. Consider Vimeo in terms of Inclusion ? There are different perspectives in the videos, forums, channels. You can follow and message individuals. You can upload videos to Dropbox, mobile apps, and desktop apps – in terms of inclusion it tries to reach a wide audience?. You can follow people and be followed. In the tools menu there is the feed manager, find friends, invite friends, - which in terms of inclusion is good? Consider accessibility and inclusion issues? Browse the Creative Commons licensed videos on Vimeo. Learn about what you can and can't do with other people’s videos on Vimeo to help you share, rework and reuse legally. Issue: As you can only upload videos in terms of accessibility there doesnt seem to be alternative file formats such as a transcript or an epub version although you can download the videos in different formats so maybe in terms of accessibility this is adequate? I suppose you have the option to access the different file formats and reuse, remix, revise and distribute those??
  9. 9. Vimeo makes it EASY 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. To upload the videos you take. Vimeo likes many different kinds of file formats. Vimeo has great tools so you can make sure your videos look amazing. Vimeo supports HD! SHARE- FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND THE WIDER WORLD CONNECT WITH PEOPLE LEARN TO MAKE BETTER VIDEOS TO UNDERSTAND PRIVACY CONTROLS – YOU DECIDE who gets to see your videos and where they can be shown 9. 10. . There are lots of ways to discover amazing videos on Vimeo. Find what interests you through Categories, join communities around videos in Groups, and browse thousands of Channels organized by theme. 11. Vimeo Video School can help anyone sharpen their skills or pick up a few new ones. Our lessons are fun and friendly, and often make use of helpful video tutorials created by Vimeo members.
  10. 10. What is there to like about Vimeo? • It focusses on the community • Vimeo is built on the principles of support, community and likeminded people with similiar passions
  11. 11. Trying out media tools • Create a trial artefact using the tool that sets out the reasons for selecting it. This is to further familiarise yourself with its use and to demonstrate its potential to other students. State why you chose it and why you preferred it over others. • The reason why I chose vimeo is because I wanted to learn how to upload a video. I cant say just yet that I prefer it over other tools. The potential of Vimeo for students is that you can search topics such as OER’s and watch videos on OER’s. The down side of Vimeo in the context of uploading a video is that there are RULEs in terms of uploading videos which constrict remixing, sharing, redistributing and revising .