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Chapter5 Folio


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Chapter5 Folio

  1. 1. SEKOLAH MENENGAH SAINS SERI PUTERI Chemistry Assignment: Chemicals for Consumers Introduction: The discovery of chemicals manufactured for consumers such as cleaning agents, food additives and medicines has helped us improve our health and standard of living. Today, different types of these chemicals are produced to meet the needs and preferences of consumers. Therefore, understanding the chemistry of these chemicals will help a consumer select and use them wisely. Work on this project individually. Collect information from books, magazines, encyclopedias or internet based on guides given as followed. Compile all the data and information in a folio by including mind maps, tables, photographs or pictures. Please hand in your assignment on 4th January 2010. Submission must be on time. Guides: 1) Soap and Detergent a) Give definition of soap and some examples of soap. b) Briefly explain the history of soap manufacturing in a flowchart. c) Soap can be prepared through saponification. Use a flow chart to show soap preparation process in the laboratory, starting with the raw materials. Include any relevant chemical equation. d) Give definition of detergent and some examples of detergent. e) Use a flow chart to summarize the steps in the preparation of detergent. Include any relevant chemical equation. f) Both soap and detergent clean so much better than water alone. Use a flowchart and colourful diagram to summarize the cleansing action of soap and detergent. g) Compare and contrast the effectiveness of cleansing action of soap and detergent in hard water by using mind maps or table. h) Detergent consists of various additives. What is the purpose of adding detergent additives? Construct a mind map to show the additives in detergent and their respective functions. i) Make a survey of soap and detergents used in your home. Collect at least 4 labels from different cleansing agents. Present them in your folio with some comments. sweemoi09112009
  2. 2. 2) Food Additives a) What are the purposes of using food additives? Present your information in a mind map. b) There are various types of food additives in the market. Construct a mind map to show the types of food additives, their respective examples and functions. c) Make a survey on additives found in the food in your home or school. Collect at least 12 labels from different food showing the list of ingredients found in them. Identify the additives used in each food and find out the function of each of them. You may make a table to present your findings. d) What are the disadvantages of using food additives? In your discussion, include the effects of food additives on health and the environment with specific examples. List your personal advice to your family members. 3) Medicine a) Medicine can be classified into traditional medicines and modern medicines. State examples of traditional medicines, their sources and uses. You are encouraged to take photographs or collect pictures from books or magazines on traditional medicine and compile them in your folio. b) There are many types of modern medicines. These include analgesics, antibiotics and psychotherapeutic medicines. Construct a mind map to show the types of modern medicines, their respective examples and functions. c) Describe the possible side effects of using modern and traditional medicines by including specific examples. d) Describe the correct usage of modern and traditional medicines. Present your answers as you are going to give advice to your family members. e) Taking drugs excessively and without a doctor’s prescription is called drug abuse. i) List the drugs that are normally abused. ii) Give reasons why teenagers take drugs. iii) What are the side effects of these drugs on health? iv) What are the impacts of drug abuse on our society v) Suggest ways to prevent the drug abuse. Good Luck and Happy Holidays! One must learn by doing the thing. Please visit Chem2U For though you think you know it, You may share your ideas, good you have no certainty until you try. website, or even start discussion on any topics about chemistry here. ~ Aristotle~ sweemoi09112009