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Civic tech in malaysia and beyond


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This is a talk I did in Nottingham University Malaysia on Civic Tech.

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Civic tech in malaysia and beyond

  1. 1. Civic Tech in Malaysia Supported by This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. An Open Lecture of Sinar Project Ng Swee Meng <>
  2. 2. I am…. Supported by Sweemeng: Resident Tech Person
  3. 3. Sinar Project involve in... Supported by
  4. 4. Opening parliament Supported by
  5. 5. Open government Supported by
  6. 6. Open Data Supported by
  7. 7. Digital Rights Supported by
  8. 8. Civic Tech is.. Supported by
  9. 9. We focus on…. Supported by
  10. 10. Can it work? Supported by
  11. 11. Open Spending Supported by
  12. 12. Supported by
  13. 13. EveryPolitician Supported by
  14. 14. How do we do civic tech Supported by
  15. 15. Popit with over 4000 People & Organizations Mapit with all electoral and administrative boundaries Poplus Components Fair Elections NGOS contribute boundaries Issue reporting sites lookup boundaries Able to map issues to constituencies and therefore hold elected representatives accountable People & Org Issue tracking sites use Popit ID and information Parliamentary Monitoring site uses Popit & Mapit information to show info and help users find representatives Transparency International Forest Watch BetterPenang Local Councils FixMyStreet Common Popit ID allows easy mapping of other sites to MPs Accountable Representatives / MyMP CuttleFish for email requests Alaveteli FOI site helps us keep track of requests for information
  16. 16. MALAYSIA, Sinar Project,, @sinarproject Open Database/API Popolo/OCDS international open government data specifications Media CSO CSO In constrained environments info/data is hard to get & often lost Get organizations to share info and stored as structured open data accessible via public API Parliamentarian Website MP Statistics (Age/Gender) Influence Networks Reusable, continuously updated, increasingly complete Construction Contracts Legislative Proceedings Link PEPs to other datasets for transparency & accountability
  17. 17. Supported by
  18. 18. Supported by
  19. 19. Supported by
  20. 20. What’s the road block Supported by
  21. 21. Lack transparency Supported by
  22. 22. Data not always available Supported by
  23. 23. Need better process Supported by
  24. 24. Media law means things can bite Supported by
  25. 25. Tools alone does not fix problem Supported by
  26. 26. Skills and knowledge needed Supported by
  27. 27. What next Supported by
  28. 28. Expand current project Supported by
  29. 29. Supported by
  30. 30. Supported by More research
  31. 31. Supported by More research redux
  32. 32. Supported by Question?