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AA's name revealed in document released to the public by the police with her name unredacted on the top


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The name Anna Ardin (complainant AA) was released by the police to the press on 23 August 2010. The police released this (presumably by mistake) in response to a Freedom of Information Act request. The document is the police report relating to AA's complaint. The police obscured most of its content, but crucially left her real name on the document.

The fact that her name has been made public has largely been attributed to internet bloggers and internet fora. But the real reason AA's name, Anna Ardin, became publicly known is because of this document.

The mistake of including her name is perhaps more undersandable than the fit of incompetence or malice by the on duty prosecutor, Maria Haljebo Kjellstrand, who revealed the name of Julian Assange to the press just hours after the women entered the police station.

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