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CenterWatch Overview

  1. 1. About CenterWatchFounded in 1994, CenterWatch is a trusted source and globaldestination of clinical trials information for both professionals andpatients. CenterWatch provides a wide variety of information servicesincluding grant leads for investigative sites; businessdevelopment leads for contract service providers; postings ofcareer opportunities; listings of clinical trials actively seekingpatients; advertising and promotional opportunities; andproprietary business analysis and data about the global clinicaltrials industry.As a pioneer in publishing clinical trials information,CenterWatch was the first web site to publish detailedinformation about clinical trials that could be freely accessed bypatients and their advocates. Today, we have the largest onlinedatabase of actively recruiting, industry-sponsored clinical trials.
  2. 2. CenterWatch www.centerwatch.comThe global source for clinical trials information: offering news, analysis, study grants, career opportunities, and trial listings to professionals and patients Since 1994, we have provided proprietary information about clinical trialsthrough a variety of newsletters, books, databases, and information services including: The CenterWatch Monthly  Clinical Trials Listing Service™ Newsletter (CTLS) Research Practitioner Patient Notification Service CWWeekly Research Center Profile Pages CenterWatch News Online JobWatch Drugs in Clinical Trials Database TrialWatch / Grant Notification  Service
  3. 3. Market Drug Periodicals Intelligence Information and Services Business News Site / Vendor Identification Training CenterWatch Guides Patient EnrollmentServices (CTLS) SOPs Patient Career Education Services
  4. 4. Clinical Trials Listing Service™ one of the first web sites to publish clinical trials actively seeking studyvolunteers, CenterWatch continues to be a leading resource for patients interested in clinical trial participation receiving more than one million visitors annually to our listings. When companies post a trial on our Clinical Trials Listing Service™, now the largest online database with more than 80,000 industry-funded globalclinical trials, this targeted population has direct access to these listings via a range of distribution channels including: email messaging programs, email alerts for new trial postings, social media efforts, top search engine rankings, RSS Feeds, and collaborative relationships with health associations and other non-profit organizations.
  5. 5. Collaborations Health with Non-Profit Associations Organizations CTRCs PatientNotification Service Clinical Trials Link Listing Service Exchanges Social Media RSS Content Feeds SEO License
  6. 6. Grant Notification/Site Identification Services TrialWatch for SitesTrialWatch for Sites TrialWatch for sites is a complimentary grant notification service designed to help research centers easily connect with sponsors and CROs seeking qualified investigators for upcoming trials. Sites complete a brief online profile that is stored in a database and then matched against grant requests from sponsors and CROs. When a match is found, the site information is forwarded to the requesting company for consideration. Site profiles can be completed at for Sponsors and CROs TrialWatch for Sponsors and CROs is a complimentary site identification service that helps companies quickly and effectively identify active and qualified investigative sites worldwide to conduct upcoming and active phase I through phase IV clinical trials. Confidential requests can be submitted online at trials/trialwatch .Research Center Profile Pages Research Center Profile Pages, located on , are an easy and cost-effective way for sites to showcase detailed information online about their site offerings and expertise to secure clinical research grants and contracts, increase their site’s exposure and reach a captive and targeted audience. Profile Pages are completely customizable and can include images, video presentations, links to company documents, trial listings and more.
  7. 7. CenterWatch Monthly: In-depth Analysis Periodicals CW Weekly: CW News Online:News & Practical Real-time Ongoing Insights Industry Coverage and Updates
  8. 8. Periodicals and Business NewsThe CenterWatch MonthlyThe CenterWatch Monthly, our flagship publication, is a premier industry resourceproviding in-depth, authoritative business coverage for the clinical trials community,including unparalleled competitive intelligence and grant opportunities and the mostdetailed drug pipeline analysis in the industry—all in one comprehensive publicationfeaturing original CenterWatch data.CWWeeklyCWWeekly is a leading news source providing expanded analysis on the week’s topbusiness and financial headlines and trends. Other features include: market intelligence,patient recruitment tips, drug intelligence and grant opportunities.CenterWatch News OnlineCenterWatch News Online, located on‐online/ , is adynamic and easy-to-navigate online service featuring real-time objective news reportscovering timely stories and emerging trends in the global clinical research industry.Features include: breaking news and top headlines as selected by the CenterWatcheditorial staff, news beats featuring relevant content on various industry segments andproprietary CenterWatch data and original, hard-hitting articles on topics of the day.
  9. 9. CenterWatch Training GuidesCenterWatch’s training guide series offers effective and practical tools forthose interested in clinical research as well as seasoned professionalsseeking to better understand their roles and improve the management of theirclinical trials operations in a safe and ethical manner. • A Guide to Patient Recruitment and Retention • Becoming a Successful Clinical Research Investigator • Protecting Study Volunteers in Research (CE credits) • The CRA’s Guide to Monitoring Clinical Research • The CRC’s Guide to Coordinating Clinical Research • Global Regulatory Systems: A Strategic Primer for Biopharmaceutical Product Development and Registration
  10. 10. Regulatory ComplianceStandard Operating Procedures for the Conduct of Clinical Research This SOP was developed to help clinical research sites meet the challenge of maintaining rigorous standards in a world of diminishing resources. This template has been expanded to include more procedures to assess study feasibility, recruit subjects and ensure regulatory compliance and is based on the Code of Federal Regulations and GCP Consolidated Guidelines.Policies and Standard Operating Procedures for the Institutional Review Board This SOP is an easy way for IRBs to document policies and procedures that reflect their organization’s philosophies, standards and innovations while continuing to comply with federal regulations. This SOP template is based on the Code of Federal Regulations, guidance and ICH/GCP Consolidated Guideline and the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Program’s (AAHRPP) standards for human subject protection.Standard Operating Procedures for Good Clinical Practice by Sponsors of Clinical Trials This SOP was created to help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies maintain the quality performance and ethical conduct of clinical trials while adhering to U.S. federal regulations. This template contains 30 procedures addressing all Good Clinical Practice requirements and is based on FDA regulations and ICH guidelines.Standard Operating Procedures for Good Clinical Practice by Sponsors of Medical Device Clinical Trials This SOP provides detailed SOPs to address specific requirements for medical device research practices to adhere to a discrete set of FDA regulations and guidance. Organizations that sponsor clinical research on new medical devices must implement procedures that comply with both Good Clinical Practice guidelines and federal regulations.
  11. 11. Thank you. We look forward to working with you. Please contact Kevin Swecker with any questions. or 617‐948‐5125