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Suzanne Webel resume

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Suzanne Webel Resume Lr

  1. 1.   SUZANNE WEBEL 5735 Prospect Road Longmont, CO 80503 303-485-2162 PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY I am a dynamic and high-energy professional who’s ready to help you solve your needs with project management, proposal writing, research, marketing, sales, environmental issues, and the energy business. I have articulate written and verbal communication skills which are demonstrated by successful grant awards and numerous publications. I'm a results oriented team player and I also enjoy working independently. I am adept at responding to new challenges and learning new skills. My career path has led me through the petroleum and pharmaceutical industries, nonprofits, public land management, and agriculture. I've worked in huge corporations, owned a small business, and done consulting work. I have a Master of Science degree and continuing education toward an MBA. I welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements. ACHIEVEMENTS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS  Wrote successful grants for publication of two large-format trail maps, launching a horse park, and establishing an international women geoscientists’ foundation.  Reviewed more than 100 grants for a State land management agency.  Led fundraising efforts that enabled a nonprofit to increase its annual budget from $3,000 to $60,000.  Expanded size and diversity of a Board by 50%, increased dues-paying membership by over 100%.  Negotiated successful and permanent revisions to land use, engineering, and zoning regulations.  Doubled corporate revenues and number of accounts in first year as president of small marketing company. AREAS OF EXPERTISE Grant writing and review + Research + Management + Fundraising + Creativity + Science/Technical PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE PROJECT MANAGER (1996-present) Consultant, grant writing, proposals, map services, cartography, research, sales, marketing • Write successful grants, including two to conceptualize, conduct feasibility analysis, perform original research and field verification, coordinate production of cartographers and printers, and publish two editions of oversized full-color regional trail maps over a ten-year period. In two years, have personally sold over 15,000 maps and raised over $60,000 for trails. Manage all ongoing map sales, marketing and account service. • Independent research into wide-ranging engineering and geotechnical applications, including small dam safety, septic systems, highway roundabouts, trailhead designs, and new uses for old landfills. • My scientific background continues to inform my world view and my approach to problem solving. COMMUNITY ORGANIZER AND LEADER (1994-present) Founder, Board Member, and Officer of several community non-profits. • Conduct dozens of oral and written presentations annually to large groups and elected officials, such as County Commissioners, City Councils, and Boards and Commissions. • Conduct liaison activities with public land management agencies (municipalities, county, State and Federal governments), and other advocacy groups locally and nationally. • Wrote Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, oversaw successful application for 501(c)3 status. • Increased advertising revenues, ensured fiscal responsibility of several non-profits. • Wrote three volumes of advocacy materials including new membership brochure. Researched and wrote position papers on wildlife habitat, trail impacts, and public land management. • Founded and am current President of a large neighborhood association. SALES AND MARKETING MANAGER (1986-1994) Owner of Europamark, Inc. -- a small business, with complete oversight of developing effective advertising and marketing materials for the pharmaceutical industry.
  2. 2. • Developed marketing campaigns featuring the history of medicine and pharmacy. Performed creative research of scientific and historical literature and museum collections in many languages. • Contacted advertising agencies and pharmaceutical companies to determine promotional needs. • Made effective presentations to client executives on marketing strategies and desired outcomes. • Created unique and durable promotional ideas for sales representatives to distribute to physicians. • Examples of marketing materials included reproductions of artifacts from antiquity, holograms showing medical procedures, and photomicrographs of clients’ products. • Collaborated with vendors to create and manufacture promotional materials on time, on budget. • Success was marked by many campaigns being renewed multiple times, with one more than 14 years. • Gross sales were over $200,000/yr until government regulations changed in the mid-1990’s, restructuring healthcare and precluding even small gifts to doctors. I retain a strong affinity for both pharmaceuticals and sales. EXPLORATION AND PRODUCTION GEOLOGIST, EXPLORATION MANAGER (1974-1986) Diversified energy industry experience: Mobil Oil, Sohio Petroleum, Transco Exploration, Conquest Exploration, Consultant/Independent • Conducted extensive fieldwork, basin analysis, well site work, and reservoir engineering throughout the Rocky Mountains, Midcontinent, Offshore Southern California, and Bering Sea (Alaska). Generated over 80 prospects. • Managed budgets of $45-350 million annually, including six $10MM wells and four $75MM seismic programs. • Hired and supervised eight other geoscientists and approximately 10 technical support professionals. • In 1986 the oil industry collapsed and most petroleum companies closed or left Denver. However, I continue to support the industry and have remained an active member of two scientific organizations. OTHER On-site year round owner/manager of 80-acre farm that boards horses and produces certified weed-free hay. • Awarded Environmental Quality Incentive Program grant from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. Designed and installed extensive and sophisticated irrigation system on family farm, which reduced erosion and improved efficiency. Fluent in French; dual Swiss and United States citizenships SELECTED COMMUNITY SERVICE Boulder County Horse Association, Board of Directors, President and External Vice President, 1994-present. Boulder Area Trails Coalition, Founder and External Vice President, 1996-present. Table Mountain Association, Founder and President (neighborhood association), 1997-present. Altona Grange(community and agricultural development), 2006-2008. Boulder County Board of Review (evaluated geological hazards regarding development), 1986. PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists Association for Women Geoscientists President, Denver Chapter 1982; National Board of Directors Delegate 1980-86; Fundraising Chair 1982-85; National Representative to American Geological Institute Member Society Council, 1984-87. HONORS AND AWARDS Boulder County Horse Association, Distinguished Service Award, 1998. Association for Women Geoscientists Denver Chapter, Leadership Award, 1984. EDUCATION MBA graduate courses in Business Administration: University of Denver and University of Colorado at Boulder Master of Science, Geophysics: University of Geneva, Switzerland Bachelor of Arts, Geology: Middlebury College, Vermont RECENT PUBLICATIONS 2008 Trails and Recreation Map of Boulder County. Updated and revised ed., BATCO. 2008 Colorado’s Poisonous Menace – Do You Know What Your Horse is Eating? Pasture Management 101. BCHA. 2006 Comprehensive Trail Map of Boulder County. BATCO. 1996 “Courtesy on Multi-Purpose Trails.” Colorado Horse Council, video production. A number of geological technical papers on structural geology, geophysics, and geochemistry.