7 Follower Tips for Twitter


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In the world of social media marketing, it’s vital to look beyond followers, following, and tweets. Evaluate how you’re building relationships with your community. Are you providing value and receiving value throughout the experience? Like any other relationship, it’s a two-way street.

We’ve put together 7 Follower Tips for Twitter. Keep your community happy, keep them engaged, and focus on cultivating relationships.

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7 Follower Tips for Twitter

  1. 1. W E B MOBILE SOCIALAnalyze Build Cultivate
  3. 3. 31.  ENGAGE  YOUR  CUSTOMER77% 67%of shared imageshave no referenceto a brand, BUT...of TWITTER users arelikely to buy from abrand they followCOLA
  4. 4. 4TWITTER ENGAGEMENT RATES ARE17%19%Higher  on  the  weekendOf  brand  tweets  happen  on  the  weekends
  5. 5. 536% 40%of links shared onTwitter are imagesof people respondbetter to visual infothan just plain text
  6. 6. 6videos are four timesmorelikely to be shared than branded online video3.  USE  VIDEOS
  7. 7. 7YouTube videosare shared onTwitterevery minute  4 DAYS of
  8. 8. 81. Rise of image-centric social mediaWhy  are  images  so  popular?2. Images have become interactive
  9. 9. 9higher  interaction  rate  for  Tweets  under  100 characters4.  KEEP  IT   SHORT21%
  10. 10. 105.  USE  #HASHTAGSretweetedTweets with hashtags are2 TIMES more likelyto bemore  engagement  when  the  magic  number  of  1  to  2hashtags  is  used    21%
  11. 11. 11INDEX EMOTIONS - #Vague #OhNoHeDidntIDENTIFY A BRAND - #FerrariRECOMMEND A PRODUCT - #BestReadFIND EXPERTS - #AskAgentCONNECT W/LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE - #MemoirChatWhat  can  hashtags  do?
  12. 12. 126.  ASK   FOR   RETWEETS92% 26%of retweets arebased on“interesting content.”Only are dueto inclusion of“please RT!”in the tweet
  13. 13. 137.  USE   CONTESTSOne contest can increaseyour followers by100s or 1000s
  14. 14. Thank you!14