CIMCO Network


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CIMCO Network

  1. 1. MPLS VPN Gateway Solutions CIMCO’s Premier Network CIMCO utilizes progressive technology to maintain a highly reliable, redundant and secure carrier-grade infrastructure based upon a strategically select build-out of proprietary switching and colocation facilities within hardened telecom environments. This translates into increased availability and higher network efficiency. Every aspect of CIMCO's infrastructure has been engineered to the highest possible industry specifications, down to the last detail. CIMCO provides its technical support from its main facility in Oakbrook Terrace, IL, while separate data center and switching equipment and the network interconnections to deliver service to customers. A Strategic Approach CIMCO takes the same methodical and strategic approach in designing customers’ network solutions as we do our own. CIMCO’s approach to network design adheres to the following principles: High-level investment to maintain and enhance our highly secured facilities-based network Utilization of industry leading equipment providers (Juniper, Cisco) Flexible and scalable to remain nimble Built-in redundancies for 99.999% uptime across all applications Fully redundant network can reroute traffic anytime Technology that supports multiple local access options Strategic Tier 1 network relationships bring our customers the best technology solutions Advancing Technology with Personal Commitment 877.691.8080 |
  2. 2. Key Network Features Include: Maximum Service Reliability MPLS VPN Gateway Solutions Through Proactive Surveillance Fully redundant fiber-optic network Next Gen switching facilities and platforms CIMCO leads the marketplace Multiple facility entrances with a proactive surveillance Redundant connections for voice and data program designed to identify Multiple Tier 1 carrier relationships for and handle any issues before a customer is aware it even added redundancy existed. Dual homed POPs with multiple power grids Network monitoring and alarming with CIMCO’s proactive surveillance proactive customer notifications on both combined with live support, physical T1 and IP network layer issues ensures: Benefits Realized from A State-of-the-Art Net- Minimum disruption of work Infrastructure network services Surveillance of last mile Multiple SONET technology networks loops 24x7x365 enable ultimate (99.999%) uptime through Location level services self-healing backbone always up during critical Latest technology provides advanced business hours applications and newest features for Ability to anticipate capacity utmost in innovation and reliability needs which can then be Enables failover and service continuity planned in advance Provides peace of mind through diversification into multiple central offices You can “future-proof” the service Early detection of potential application; future technologies may be environmental failures prevents added or transitioned into existing disruption and enables faster deployed network restoration of devices and service beyond your network. Customers are also invited to monitor their services 24x7x365 via CIMCO’s Customer Portal. This tool provides access to utilization reporting and other critical account management tools. Advancing Technology with Personal Commitment 877.691.8080 |