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Examples of social media sites used for various companies I have worked with and how they help promote each one in a different manner and the results of them working.

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  2. 2. SOCIAL MEDIA Social Media is all around us. Now a days a regular website is not enough to gain exposure on the web. Different social media sites help drive traffic to your websites and help increase awarness of what is happening with your company. Facebook: Can create groups and fan pages. Twitter: One liner quotes to feed out fast information. Search engine friendly. Myspace: A great way to connect to those who are fans, but not on other social media sites. Great way to reach the younger audience. Linkedin: Professional network for groups. An area for employees and sponsors to be more involved and other professionals to provide feedback. Flckr: Helps store multiple photos in one place and uploads quickly. Upcoming: Calendar site that can be linked to all of the other social media pages. • A variety of social media sites help distribute information about events, promotions, tickets and sponsorship. • Helps both clients and fans to stay informed with the latest information. • On each of these sites you would be able to highlight games, tickets, sponsors and promotional events. In this presentation I have attached other examples of how social media has helped increased communication and awareness with the past events I have been involved with.
  3. 3. R3FESTIVAL.COM A small group and The La Pine Parks and Recreation board members helped organize a first year music festival to help bring more activities to the city of La Pine and community awarness to put the Parks and Recreation on the ballot to start earn- ing a tax base. Following social sites used: Myspace.com/r3festival On the myspace page you can easily view pictures and blogs of recap from the festival. 42 local bands from the Pacific Northwest participated and more than 500 people came to the festival in the two days combined. Plus a handful of volunteers and community members help support to put on the festival as well. • Primary source of advertising was using myspace to help keep bands informed and spreading the word about the festival. • The myspace was also a great source on finding and communicating with bands to play at the festival. • Radio, newspaper and a primary website advertising was also used to help promote the event as well. The event did break even and no direct profit of money was made to give to the La Pine Parks and Recreation. They did receive a lot of kudos and free publicity to help raise awarness. They did achieve their goal to get on the ballot for the tax base to help keep the receration center going for the community.
  4. 4. 1000JOURNALS.COM PORTLAND.AIGA.ORG Along with the AIGA board members and myself as Event Director, eight sponsors were involved in put- ting together a one time seminar event. to help promote the 1000 Journals Project. Sponsorship included printing for posters, cash and beverage donations. Following social sites used: Main Website Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Flicker Upcoming Yahoo Calender PDX Pipeline Portland State University Graphic Design Blogs • Primary source of advertising was using all social media resources we had to use to promote the event. • Mostly using the Facebook event page, which automatically reaches 260 members and 60 people attended the event. • http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=52210901406 - Event page • http://www.facebook.com/group.php?sid=e091055567a890c1d477b6087372ea33&gid=16405703721 - Group page • Facebook URL’s are not simple at this point. Only flaw so far.
  5. 5. CLARKCOUNTYAMP.COM Social media sites were used for the 2008 season to help increase knowledge of upcoming concerts and a place for fans to interact directly with the Amphi- theater at Clark County. Following social sites used: Twitter.com/ampclarkcounty One liners to promote urls and concerts. Myspace.com/clarkcountyamp View pictures and blogs of recap from the past concerts from the 2008 season. Blogs and bulletins on the myspace were sent out about parking, C-Tran transportation and informa- tion about FAQ about the upcoming concerts on ticket sales, weather and what not to bring. Facebook: Was used to help promote a social media paid ad for the Kenny Chesney concert at the Amphitheater at Clark County. Upcoming: To post concerts on the calender. • A mix of different types of creative media advertising was used to help promote each show. • The social media sites were used to send out quick information and recaps of each event to everyone. • The social media sites helped direct traffic to Amphitheater’s primary website for more information.
  6. 6. KZME.FM KZME.FM is a new local non-profit station coming November 2009. Supporting local music. The following social sites KZME uses and I also update. KZME.FM Twitter.com/KZME Facebook http://www.facebook.com/ KZME Myspace.com/kzme • To keep those informed on the latest happenings of KZME
  7. 7. SWAGNERDESIGNS.COM For self promoting myself and to keep informed and linked in with my past and current network of both personal and professional peers, I too use a majority or social media sites. The following social sites I currently use: SwagnerDesigns.com SwagnerDesigns.com/blog Twitter.com/swagnerdesigns Linkedin.com/in/swdesigns Coroflot.com/StephanieWagner (Portfolio site) Facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.1244853980 Myspace.com/s_wags • Each of these social media site has a different purpose for my use in promoting myself and events I am working on. • To keep those informed on the latest happenings of Stephanie Wagner.