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About South West Composites Gateway project

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About swcg

  1. 1. South West Composites Gateway
  2. 2. The SW Composite Gateway Project - a new project designed to Support the global competitiveness of the south west composites industry by Supporting Drawing on the rich businesses to diversity of existing Creating innovative mechanisms to capitalise on the expertise in the provide business opportunities region to build solutions from a afforded by the capacity in sustainable application of composite design, manufacture, partnership of FE composite materials in advanced assembly and repair and HE providers engineering
  3. 3. South West Composites Gate Project OverviewERDF/RDA Funded Project. City of Bristol College is the grant recipient and lead providerResponding to signal demandBuilding a sustainable network of composites material/process training providers, and a gatewayfor Industry and providersTransfer of FE/HE Knowledge to Businesses through facilitating the adoption by SMEs of specialisttechnology in innovation in the application of composite materials in a number of established andemerging advanced engineering industries
  4. 4. South West Composites Gateway Project Aims Extract composite materials expertise from industry and within FE/HE bought in where necessary Facilitate knowledge transfer of this expertise, as wide as possible throughout the network Grow this expertise in composites across all areas of Engineering/Manufacturing, not just Aerospace Provide accredited qualifications to Industry, and support to access funding Improve capability of FE organisations to deliver acceptable, credible qualifications Provide a single point Gateway, Hub for Industry & Providers to access training & technical support Extend the network across the whole South West
  5. 5. South West Composites Gateway Project City of Bristol College Project Management of Regional Provider Network Development FE Based Service Industrial Delivery Network: FE / HE Capacity Capability FE / HEUnit-Based •Knowledge •Design NCC, KTP & Award Building •Resources Research •Manufacture Structure FE / HE •Curriculum •Test Activity •Facilities •Repair South West Composites Gateway Employer Network – WEAF / Business link •Skills / Support Demand Signal •Product Marketing & Dissemination Industrial Need and Support: •Skills •Knowledge •Technology •Supply Chains
  6. 6. South West Composites Gateway – Project Activities Establish Meeting business needs for collaborative FE / composite technology support HE network and servicesdelivery mechanism Develop strongly ‘branded’ Gateway Informed response – ‘One Stop – virtual and Shop’ with necessary links physical location Support for Access to composites expertise,network partners to effective engagement models develop delivery Collaborative, multiple source capacity solutions Engage with businesses and provide Project Planned business assists to improve Outputs performance
  7. 7. South West Composites Gateway – Project Services The Gateway provides a hub that Knowledge SMEs(Businesses) can tap into, helping businesses to take up and Exchange exploit new technology From analysing specific needs to Consultancy identifying relevant support opportunities, the focus is on improving the performance of businesses Technology Business can learn new techniques through flexible access to high quality solutions facilities and workshopsTraining and Gateway partners offer training courses that lead to qualifications and improvedqualifications skills and knowledge
  8. 8. South West Composites Gateway•Technology Services for Innovation –Enabled by know-how know-who