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The Kitchen Hour Sales Kit


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It’s time to re-claim the kitchen as not just a place to prepare meals, but the hub and heart of the family and a fun place to hang out. In The Kitchen Hour Meagan Francis encourages moms to slow down and enjoy the process of making an evening meal.

With entertaining podcasts, tutorials of basic cooking techniques and helpful information on everything from keeping your kitchen organized to stocking the pantry, Meagan is here to inspire you to turn evenings into a fun opportunity for relaxing and family time.

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The Kitchen Hour Sales Kit

  1. 1. Introducing…
  2. 2. Meet Meagan Francis, Creator of The Kitchen Hour Meagan Francis, mom to five kids ages toddler to teen and a blogger, writer and expert on being a happier, more productive mom. She is the author of four books, including "The Happiest Mom: 10 Secrets To Enjoying Motherhood” and "One Year To An Organized Life With Baby" (co-authored with NYT Bestselling author Regina Leeds, and writes frequently for magazines and websites like Parenting,Monthly Page Views: 48,000 Parents, Good Housekeeping, and Disney’sTwitter Followers: 8,000 Fans: 6,000 Meagan also represent brands in social mediaKlout Score: 56 campaigns, such as the GoodNites Nite Lite Panel at and she is featured regularly in the press: recent placements include the Chicago Tribune and Fox & Friends. Through writing and blogging, speaking, and media appearances, she is passionate about helping women–especially moms– lead happy, creative, and fulfilled lives.
  3. 3. What is The Kitchen Hour All About? FOOD FAMILY FUN TIME
  4. 4. The Kitchen Hour: Food Simple, wholesome, family-pleasing fare that anyone, on any budget, can prepare. The Kitchen Hour isn’t a meal-planning service or recipe site. Instead, think of it as a daily multi-media experience during which host Meagan Francis will walk home cooks through the process of getting comfortable in the kitchen, mastering basic techniques, keeping a pantry stocked, and learning to improvise. The idea is to get mothers comfortable in their own kitchens and confident in their ability to whip up easy meals without trying to follow a fast-paced cooking show or scour the Internet for complicated recipes.
  5. 5. The Kitchen Hour: Family Increasingly, the kitchen is becoming the heart and the hub of the home. It just makes sense for parents to capitalize on the time spent preparing the evening meal by turning the process into a family ritual. While most books and sites dedicated to the family dinner focus on the meal itself, The Kitchen Hour will encourage parents to emphasize the time spent preparing the meal as an opportunity to be available to their kids, whether they’re cooking side-by-side or just having a great conversation.
  6. 6. The Kitchen Hour: Fun Nobody likes drudgery, and no mom wants to spend time in the kitchen feeling bored, rushed, or stressed. Entertaining podcasts and videos, inspiring blog posts, playlists and more will turn The Kitchen Hour into a little pre-dinner party: something moms (and dads!) can look forward to all day and enjoy with their families or by themselves.
  7. 7. The Kitchen Hour: Time What’s the biggest obstacle to getting dinner on the table? Time. Learning skills takes time. Shopping and meal planning take time. And of course, cooking takes time. Meagan will encourage and inspire parents to find, create, and guard that time by simplifying their evening schedules and prioritizing family, food, and fun at home.
  8. 8. Each Kitchen Hour Post Includes: • ENTERTAINMENT: A ten-minute podcast (i.e. an interview with a well- known author) • INFORMATION: A short video and/or slideshow tutorial demonstrating a kitchen technique (i.e. how to poach a chicken breast or dice a potato) • PLANNING HELP: A reminder to check the fridge and pantry for ingredients for both today’s and tomorrow’s meals, plus basic staples • COMMUNITY + ENTERTAINMENT: A half-hour suggested music playlist using a popular service like Spotify, and a request to send in her own playlist to share with other users • INFORMATION + PLANNING HELP: Links to featured recipes for this week and next, as well as an ingredient substitution list • INFORMATION + INSPIRATION: A short blog post to get her inspired, such as a post on how to organize a utensil drawer
  9. 9. Sample The Kitchen Hour Video Tutorial
  10. 10. Sponsorship Options • Title Sponsor: $30,000 • Food Sponsor: $10,000 • Appliance Sponsor: $10,000 • Retail Sponsor: $5,000 • Technology Sponsor: $5,000