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Meet Sway Group!

  1. 1. Meet Sway GroupHarnessing the Talents of SocialMedia’s Most Influential Moms
  2. 2. Meet Sway Group • An exclusive agency that works with the most connected, targeted and savvy bloggers online • Our tailored, high impact programs include customized content, video, media campaigns and live events • Our roster of 60 bloggers represents the best and the brightest moms in the space with combined monthly page views of nearly 25 million
  3. 3. About Danielle Wiley, Principal of Sway Group Danielle has been successfully driving brands forward since 1995. Her experience in the agency world and established relationships within the blogosphere form the ideal combination of context and sensibility. Danielle’s intimate knowledge of social media strategy, trend watching, and influencer outreach stem from years of working with some of the nation’s top corporations and brands. Recognizing a market for connecting brands with the bloggers who directly influence their consumers, Danielle created Sway Group and expanded on her talent for maximizing projects. Prior to forming Sway Group, Danielle was SVP, Director of Strategy at Edelman Digital in Chicago.
  4. 4. Sway Group by the Numbers – Amplification Beyond Blogs • Monthly Page Views: 24 million + • Twitter Followers: 700,000 + • Facebook Fans: 450,000 + • Pinterest Followers: 2 million +What Makes Sway Different • Exclusive • High Quality • Trusted • Depth of Experience • Highly-Curated Talent
  5. 5. • While our showcase bloggers will provide you with the stellar content and high impact presence that you will require, we recognize that you also want to make in-roads with small to mid-size bloggers as well • Our partnership with the community of 40,000 female bloggers will provide you with that volume, and our strategic guidance will ensure that your presence is maximized for the highest possible engagement
  6. 6. Why Work With Sway? • It’s Strategic – Our depth of marketing experience helps us to match you with the very best bloggers for your brand.
  7. 7. Why Work With Sway? • It Makes Economic Sense – Our fees are paid by the high profile bloggers and events we represent.
  8. 8. Why Work With Sway? • It’s Measurable – Most bloggers don’t widely share metrics on page views or visitors. – When you work with Sway, we provide you with the metrics you need.
  9. 9. Why Work With Sway? • It’s Effective – Sway Group has relationships with the most effective, direct, and constant influencers in the blogosphere. – Our talent reaches your consumers every day, through a variety of media, and we can help you be part of that conversation.
  10. 10. Meet Some of the TalentOur Moms Cover More than Parenting (and we have dads too!)
  11. 11. We Represent a Wide Range of Content Verticals… • Lifestyle • Crafting/Handmade • Fitness • Food/Entertaining • Shopping • Beauty • Design • Fashion • Humor • Technology
  12. 12. Style & Design Erin Loechner Sarah James Roxanna Sarmiento Gabrielle Blair Susan Wagner Morgan Shanahan
  13. 13. Crafting & Handmade Laurie Turk How Does She Shelley Smith Amy Locurto Lara Garner Brenda Ponnay
  14. 14. Storytelling & Parenthood Isabel Kallman Karen Walrond Jessica Ashley Rene Syler Kristen Chase Heather Spohr
  15. 15. Lifestyle Rebecca Woolf Jaime Morrison Curtis Alice Bradley Liz Gumbinner Ana Flores Monica Bielanko
  16. 16. Dads John Cave Osborne Doug French Jim Higley Jason Avant