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Direct marketing ppt


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Direct marketing ppt

  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONWe are an NGO - “UMEED”Our Mission - Saving andenhancing the quality of lifethrough organs donation.Our Vision – A trustworthyorganization for the people.Initiative - Eye DonationCampaign .
  3. 3. "Light up thedarkness in theirlife. Pledge &Donate YourEyes”
  4. 4. EYE DONATION CAMPAIGN Organised on –26th January 2011 – Indian republic Day.10th June 2011 – International EyeDonation Day.2nd October 2011- Mahatma GandhiJayanti.
  5. 5. SOME FACTS AND FAQS We can light the life of a blind person bydonating our eyes after our death. What are the Reasons for Very Few EyeDonations? Who can be eye donors? Whom should we contact to donateeyes? How long will you take to reach? Will the recipient be informed of thedonor’s details?
  6. 6.  What is the need for Eye donation? 1.5% of the population are unnecessarily blind 25% live below the poverty line 2.5 million children are suffering, including those who dont have the correct spectacles 32% are under 15 60% of blind children will not make it to adulthood. 75% live in rural areas There are 12,000 ophthalmologists in the country but the majorities of them live and work in the urban areas. 40% live in rural areas in Central & Northern Indiawhere there is little access to quality eye care services.
  7. 7. FEATURES & PRICING Make people aware . Help blind people to get the vision and give anew life . Pricing - It will be non- monetary i.e. your time,efforts, willpower, guts, responsibility and yourdedication to stand up for the cause. Promotional Offers.
  8. 8. LEAD GENERATION Target Audience : above the age 18yrs. DATA COLLECTION METHODS:1. Primary data :Surveys and PersonalInterviews.2. Secondary data :Blood Bank or Donation camps& Eye Care Hospitals .
  9. 9. DATABASE MANAGEMENT MANAGE THE DATA SOURCE:1. In the case of surveys and personalinterviews.2. In the case of secondary data.3. In case of Eye Care Hospitals. MANAGE THE DATA ENTRY:1. Distinguishing factor will be the code number.
  10. 10. CHANNELS USEDGroup SellingFace- to- Face sellingEmail & InternetDirect Response PrintMedia
  11. 11. GROUP SELLING We can easily aware our target group, and this alsoa „soft sell‟ approach. We will also tell the rewards they will get which willbring in more people.
  12. 12. FACE-TO FACE SELLING Oldest forms of Direct Marketing. We can get the confirmation by talking to familymembers. Direct approach to the people and make themaware about the campaign. Motivate them to Pledge and Donate eyes.
  13. 13. EMAIL & INTERNET Our Website : Online Registration. Social networking site like facebook, Orkut, andothers. Regularly update our site and that also at a cheapcost. Can change our flash banner ads easily. Help to get more no. of people for eye donation.
  14. 14. DIRECT RESPONSE PRINT MEDIA Print Advertisements have longer shelf life. It will also allow us to get direct response from thepeople. Acquistion (Direct marketing Strategy) :core aim : torecruit maximum no. of target customers atminimum cost.
  15. 15. 26th January 2011 – Indian republic Day.
  16. 16. 10th June 2011 - International Eye Donation Day.
  17. 17. 2nd October 2011- Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti.