Emerging trends in education


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Video games can be used in education to enhance the interest of the people of all ages

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Emerging trends in education

  1. 1. As technology plays a larger role in education, anypredictions concerning the future of education mustinclude an analysis of technological trends Playing gamesis an important part of our social and mental development.Students rated game elements such as logic, memory,visualization and problem solving as the most importantgame elements. Such elements are integral to adventuregames and are also required during the learning process.
  2. 2.  The Newspapers are dying. Mass media is going micro (hulu+ blogs + twitter) Characteristics of the old model of learning (top- down banking model,one way, based in classroom, only for elites)
  3. 3. BYO LaptopMobile phonesLanguage LearningAthletics & ArtsTravelWork & Family Needs
  4. 4.  Self-diagnostic Interactivity Immersion Competition Focus Video Games Helps to Improve these Five Things Learning Process
  5. 5. Videogames have great positive potential in addition totheir entertainment value and there has been considerablesuccess when games are designed to address a specificproblem or to teach a certain skill.
  6. 6. Right now in the U.S. we are facing a crisiswhere we’re going to run out of engineers in thefuture due to the shortage of engineering students. Video games aid in improving skills in sciencebecause they help with experimental learning, inquirybased learning, self efficacy, goal setting,cooperation, and continuous feedback.
  7. 7. Surgeons are using the Nintendo Wii to help themunderstand step-by-step procedures better so that willbenefit their surgery performances. In one small study, medical educators found outthat surgeons who played the Nintendo Wiibeforehand, and performed virtual gallbladder surgery,scored 48% higher than those who didn’t play thegame beforehand
  8. 8. Across the United States and Europe, militaryresearchers are busily exploring potential videogames. In the past soldiers have learned their trade bysweating and straining on the training fields, but intodays world they will also be able to learn how tofight through video games.
  9. 9. New research suggests videogames linked tobrain-wave biofeedback may help children withattention deficit disorders. Biofeedback teachespatients to control normally involuntary bodyfunctions such as heart rate by providing real-timemonitors of those responses. “It is vital that wecontinue to develop the positive potential ofvideogames while remaining aware of possibleunintended negative effectswhen game content is notprosocial”
  10. 10.  Self-esteem Self-concept Goal-setting Individual differences
  11. 11. “Students need guidance when using games and simulations” Using technology can change the way teachers teach. Some teachers use Technology in teacher-centered ways...On the other hand, some teachers use Technology to support more student-centered approaches to instruction, so that Students can conduct their own scientific inquiries and engage in collaborative Activities while the teacher assumes the role of facilitator or coach."