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Resume interview tips


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Resume interview tips

  1. 1. RESUME & INTERVIEW TIPS Notes from Stateline Women in Technology Meeting on May 14th , 2014. Skype Interview Tips:  Make sure the camera is high enough, so that it is above eye level. That way you will not look like your eyes are closed.  Still dress the part.  Check the background behind you to make sure it is appropriate for the interviewers to see.  Do not be afraid to have the interviewers repeat or clarify questions. Phone Interview Tips:  In these types of interviews, there will be no visual cues…be prepared with questions or topics  Write down everyone’s name when they introduce themselves.  Be careful of saying um too much  How to handle verbal gaps: o Don’t speak just because there’s a gap. o Ask a question. o Its ok to pause.  Saying “does that answer your question” or “would you like me to expand on that concept” after questions is appropriate.  Have your resume/cover letter handy as a reference. Resume/Cover Letter tips:  Tailor your cover letter to the position.  Use the vocabulary from the job description or advertisement.  Make sure the cover letter reflects how you meet their needs. Do not make them hunt for the information.  Make the information as quantitative as much as possible.  For resume use power words. Look at how other places describe you.  Do not be shy, but do not overinflate.  Do your research: research the job, the people, and the company.  Still sell yourself because you may not make it this round, but they may need someone in the future.  New person with little experience no longer than 1 page.  Experienced person no longer than 2 pages.  Bullets over sentences/be succinct.  Objective is old/dated. Now people want to see work history.  No references available upon request at the bottom. Employers know to ask you for it.  Chronological resumes are preferred.  As for Experience, go ahead and put experience that may not match the position and emphasize transferrable skills.  Don’t be afraid of white space.
  2. 2. RESUME & INTERVIEW TIPS  Don’t print from web page.  When emailing or uploading your resume and cover letter: send it as a pdf, not as word document. General Interview tips:  Look at everyone, do not just look at one interviewer.  Be careful about things on the internet that they can see about you. Employers will most likely perform an online search of you.  Take notes very quickly after the interview so that you can follow up with thank you note or 2nd interview. You can emphasize your strengths.  Always have questions: o Is this a job I will grow into or out of? o What is the culture of this company?  Be careful with people you use as references. Make sure to ask the people you use as references.  Will choose communication skills over technical if they have two candidates that are similar.  Let the interviewer bring up money 1st . o Can ask pay range or pay scale. o What is a good answer if the employer asks what you would like for a salary? A competitive salary and benefits reflecting my skills. If the environment is something where I can learn or add to my skills, then I can be flexible. Popular/favorite Interview Questions:  Explaining situations to non-technical people. For example, how would you explain TCP/IP to a non-technical person? o Use simple comparisons – such as post office example for UDP/TCP.  What do you have to offer our organization? o Brag about yourself without exaggerating.  Scenario questions: o Name a challenging situation in the past and say how you worked through it. o Ones looking for troubleshooting approach  Can you work independently or do you always ask an expert. How do you know when you need to ask for help? o Questions looking for communication skills.  What kind of learner are you? o How do you keep up in your field? o Looking for if need to send person to class or can just learn from a book, etc.  Strengths/Weaknesses (Challenges)  Out of the technologies listed for this position, which are you technically the strongest in?  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  Why did you get in technology to begin with? What gets you excited?
  3. 3. RESUME & INTERVIEW TIPS  Describe an environment that you thrive in. Describe a supervisor that you would thrive under.  What do you do when you face a problem you’ve never encountered before?  Describe a project where you were the lone team member.  Describe a project where you worked in a team. What role did you hold in the team? o Leader, follower, etc.  Are you afraid to ask questions with team members or boss?  Describe a situation where you disagreed with a coworker or supervisor and how did you handle it.  Give us an example of a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer/client/coworker. How did you handle this?  When you are faced with a problem, what is the process? o Do you shoot from the hip or are you an investigator? o Do you follow standards?  Tell me how others would describe you.  What are your educational goals?