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By: Valerie Maldonado

         Michael Jackson
Michael’s Early Life & Career
Michael Joseph Jackson       a string of ...
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On December10th, 2009 a call     abiX`UXe DC?DLJJ
was reported t...
What “grinds                          By: Seth Oates

                    your gears?”
Below are two very similar pictures.
There are 7 differences between Photo
1 and Photo 2. The first to find them
    all a...
Opinions &
By: Anna C

  Do you think capital punishment (death penalty)
By: Killian Green

                         Dillon Owen
By: Mike Jensky

                                 New tech and inventions
                                         of 2...
Newspaper January 2010
Newspaper January 2010
Newspaper January 2010
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Newspaper January 2010


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Newspaper January 2010

  1. 1. B y : Ar t u r o Ga r c i a C HICAGO : M USEUM S CIENCE & I NDUSTRY OUR TRIP TO C H I CAG O Ms. Phelps, Ms. V, and Ms. Vize took their Social Studies classes to the Museum of Science and Industry in December. Each class worked on projects for the different countries’ winter holidays. Each student in a Social Studies class presented their projects during the World Cultures Fair. “The field trip was fun and a great learning experience.”- Ms. Vize “Stay Classy Chicago.”- Mike Jensky “It was very successful, the students blew me away with their great behavior and positive all the students for working so hard on their World Winter The field trip was a success! I loved being able to reward Val and Chris posing in front of a Christmas tree attitudes. They represented KEC very well.”- Ms. Phelps Holiday projects.—Ms. V Robert, Cody, Jessica, and “The human fetuses were cool because they were real.”- Valerie Maldonado Seth checking out a fake Chi- cago skyline “It was fun, my favorite part was the fetus exhibit because they showed the baby from day 1 up to 9 months.”- Luis Suarez CLASSIC CHICAGO SHINE Group picture in front of an airplane
  2. 2. By: Valerie Maldonado Michael Jackson Michael’s Early Life & Career Michael Joseph Jackson a string of black clubs album “Thriller,” was born on August 29, known as the "Chitlin which was top 10 of 1958 as the eighth of Circuit,” where they the Billboard 200 for ten children in Gary, often opened for strip 80 consecutive weeks. Indiana to Katherine teases and other In 1984 pyrotechnics Esther Jackson and Jo- seph Walter Jackson. adult acts. In 1966 accidentally set Jack- Michael has three sisters they won a talent son's hair on fire. He who are Rebbie, La Toya, show, and after they suffered second-  and Janet. He also has six won they sang for the degree burns to his brothers who are Jackie, record label Steel- scalp. In 1993 the Tito, Marlon, Jermaine, Randy, and Brandon (who town. In 1968 they first child sexual abuse got signed to Motown allegations came up, but was Marlon’s twin and Michael was pronounced died shortly after his Records. Michael to be innocent. Later In birth). As a child Michael went solo in 1978 and stated that he was March 2009, Jackson started working on physically and emo- announced in a press his “Off The Wall” tionally abused dur- conference at Lon- album with Quincy ing incessant rehears- don's O2 arena that Jones’s help. After als by whippings and he would perform selling over 20 mil- name calling by his there in major come- lion copies worldwide, father. Michael first back concerts titled he won three awards started his career “This is it”. The con- at the American Mu- along with his broth- certs would have com- sic Awards for his ers in the group the menced on July 13, solo efforts. In 1982 Jackson 5. They fre- 2009 and finished on he started his second quently performed at March 6, 2010. Death & Memorial On June 25, 2009, al was held on July 7, just wanted to say I Jackson collapsed at 2009, at the Staples love him so much”. A his rented mansion in Center in Los Ange- while after his death Los Angeles, Califor- les. Jackson’s 11 year the coroner decided to nia. His personal phy- old daughter cried as treat his death as sician tried to resusci- she told the crowd homicide. Jackson tate him, but he was “Ever since I was was buried on Sep- unsuccessful. He was born, Daddy has been tember 3, 2009 at pronounced dead at the best father you Forest Lawn Memori- 2:26 p.m. His memori- could ever imagine. I al in California.
  3. 3. a _biaZ `X`bel bY UeggTal TaaX `hec[l On December10th, 2009 a call abiX`UXe DC?DLJJ was reported to the Los Ange- les police department and the female that reported the call í was identified as Sharon Mur- WXVX`UXe EG?ECCL phy reporting that her daugh- ter Brittany Murphy had col- lapsed while taking a shower and she was not responding Brittany Murphy will deeply be her daughter was identified missed. In my eyes and many others as Brittany Murphy the mother Brittany Murphy will never be for- told the emergency operator gotten!!!! Brittany was a very that her son-in-law was giving pretty, outgoing, and unique out- Brittany mouth to mouth to try going person. I know she will al- to save her the LAPD arrived ways be my inspiration. I ask my at Brittany’s Hollywood es- self again why her? Why now? I tate and they rushed her to think that God needs the good peo- Cedars-Sinai medical center ple because he is running out of and was pronounced dead at them. The reason I always change 10:04 am. An autopsy was per- my hair color is because of the formed and there were no quote Brittany made on `The today sign of violent trauma to the show with Jay Leno` which is “if body. The cause of death is you can’t change your surround- pending on the neurological ings, change hair color”. Brit- report. The results are still tany Murphy was a role model to pending due to the toxicology many females including my sister and tissue samples results. and me. Brittany’s funeral is to be Brittany Anne Murphy. R.I.P. held at Forest Lawn CemeteryBrittany Murphy is well BRITTANY ANNE MURPHY on December 24,2009 at 2:45.remembered for her role in My deepest sympathies are sent No living thing should ever Just Married, as she plays out to the family and fans of this have to do this. The funeral a wife in a newly wedded wonderful role model. was reported to be private. couple and they suddenly Many flowers and cards were have little differences? MOVIES sent with deep sympathy. But in the end they know  8-MILE The Murphy family is ex- they were made for  JUST MARRIED pecting to have a much  CLUELESS eachother. In my opinion larger memorial in the lov-  HAPPY FEET I think her husband Simon ing memory of  DEADLINE Jack was not at all
  4. 4. What “grinds By: Seth Oates your gears?” Students Teachers Charlie H.– Some- times old people. Mr. Beckett-Disrespect. Keion A.– When I lose in Ms. Male– People who lie & Madden. are mean. Karissa M.– Drama. Ms. Silver– Stupid people. Jessica S.– Prank calls. Ms. Phelps– People who talk over someone who's speaking. Elise L.– Fake people. Mr. Chuck– Bad drivers. Cody M.– Idiots. Ms. V.– When the dish wash- Ashley W.– When people er is empty and there's dirty text while your on the dishes in the sink. phone. Ms. Lehman.– Swearing. Killian G.– When people Cindy– When people take take my crap and it’s stuff off my desk without lost. asking. Seth O.– People who Ms. Vize– Iowa drivers. think they’re something Jonelle– Bad restaurant special when they’re not. service. Ricardo V.– When people Mr. Burress- Deceit. spread rumors. Santos C.– When people interrupt conversations. Cody B.– Bad tippers.
  5. 5. Below are two very similar pictures. There are 7 differences between Photo 1 and Photo 2. The first to find them all and show Ms. V will win a prize!! Photo 1 Photo 2 By: Killian Greenwell
  6. 6. Opinions & Advice By: Anna C Opinions: Do you think capital punishment (death penalty) should be legal? Jowell E.: Only for rapists and child killers. Chris R.: No, it should not be legal Arturo G.: It depends, for child molesters, innocent people killers, and rapists, yes. Alex S.: Yes Ricardo V.: Yes Valerie M.: No Mr. Zeeh: Only in some cases, it depends on the severity of the case. Luis S.: No Seth O.: No Zayda G.: No Advice w/ Anna Q. I have a brother who’s 13, and he is totally not like me in any way. He likes to play Xbox Live all day, and he never leaves the house. All I like to do is go out with my friends, party, and hangout with my boy- friend. My parents want us to spend more time together, since it seems like we aren’t even related. The problem is that I have no idea what to do with him. I tried hanging out with him before, but it was just weird. A. Well, since you guys don’t have much in common, try something new together. Or maybe there’s something you guys used to do togeth- er when you were younger that you might want to do again. I’m sure you two have something in common; it just might not come to you right away. But you will never know if you don’t try, so just go out to lunch or go to the movies together to start things off.
  7. 7. By: Killian Green well s Dillon Owen e said “We wer just trying to ut help others o me by raising so money; we nt thought it we well”. Before Christmas break Ms. Waldorf’s health Patric class and who ever else wanted to help brought in k said “ Miller baked goods to sell during lunch to raise money for I me fe t made food for the poor in Africa. $12 can feed an entire e help o l good to family for a month, $20 can provide 100lbs. of rice thers” and beans, and $36 feed a child for a whole year. Peo- . ple in these countries are starving everyday. Even with a job they can hardly afford food just for themselves, let alone their whole family. Some of the families are lucky just to have water to drink. I interviewed some students who participated in the fundraiser to see what they thought about it. aid ou ng s a er Y t it was o Elise Lewis had to say “ Tann ough ot always good It’s “I th g to d to help othe thin y and people and i t didn’t take r good mone e it to t much time o r effort”. too raise to dona ed it e then They n do.” . e kids than w e mor
  8. 8. By: Mike Jensky New tech and inventions of 2010 Later this year all of the major TV brands are planning on In 2010 expect some really releasing their 3-D TVs. These 3-D TVs will be using the cool new things to be new LED technology and will be able to convert all regular around that will change programming to 3-D as well. Blu ray players will now be the way we look at technol- sold to convert 3-D, so you won’t need to buy a new TV. ogy now. From a phone And for those who own a PS3, it will be updated and opti- with a projector to TVs that mized to work in 3-D (you would just need to go out and are now 3-D. The possibili- ties are endless when it get the glasses). comes to the future of the- se new gadgets. This phone is a new business phone simi- lar to the blackberry but has a built in pro- jector on the top. Samsung and LG both make phone like this. You can use this to show presenta- tions on the fly with the projector. Once its on it makes a giant screen on your wall. Sony’s new head unit (car stereo equipment) is some- thing I haven't seen yet. The front of it folds out just like most of today's head units, but instead there is a slot to put your Ipod in and control it all from the face buttons. This is supposed to come out in March and will cost around $150 .