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A+ Hardware Syllabus

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  1. 1. KISHWAUKEE COLLEGE SYLLABUS Fall 2011PC Repair and Configuration: CIS142 (3 hours) Lecture/Lab: A-267 Time: 12:50 P.M. - 2:10 P.M. M-F Dates: 08/23/2011 - 12/21/2011Instructor Information Instructor: Stephanie Wascher Office: KEC Building, Room 115 Email: Phone: 815/825-2000 x 115 KEC Office: 815/825-2000 x121 Room A-267 815/825-2086 x6071 Office By appointment hours:Course Description Prerequisite: None. This course will teach basic PC repair and help prepare students for the Comp-TIA A+ Essentials certification exam. It will teach the skills necessary to install, configure, upgrade, troubleshoot and repair both desktop and laptop computers and manage printers. It will include topics on professionalism, communication with users, safety and preventative maintenance. Two hours lecture/discussion and two hours lab a week. Co-offered as ELE 142. Credit may not be received if prior credit earned in ELE 142 or equivalent.EXPECTED LEARNER OUTCOMES Identify basic terms, concepts, and functions of system modules Demonstrate the ability to add and remove field replaceable modules Identify and configure IRQs, DMAs. and I/O addresses Identify common ports, connectors, and cabling Install and configure IDE/EIDE devices Install and configure peripherals including driver installation Identify and configure BIOS settings Demonstrate an ability to troubleshoot problems in system modules Identify, describe, and use safety procedures related to PC maintenance and repair Identify common CPU chips, RAM chips, and motherboards Backup and restore data from a hard drive Identify basic printer components and processes Perform basic printer maintenanceTEXT Andrews, Jean A+ Guide to Managing & Maintaining Your PC. 7th edition Boston, Massachusetts: Course Technology, Cengage Learning, 2010.
  2. 2. REQUIRED STUDENT MATERIALS Any additional materials required will be provided in class by the KEC.BREAKDOWN OF COURSE REQUIREMENTS 22 Quizzes/In-class assignments @ 20 points each 440 points 22 Chapter Question Assignments @ 15 points each 330 points 22 Lab Projects @ 15 points each 330 points 4 Tests @ 100 points each 400 points 4 Hands-on Troubleshooting labs @ 25 points each 200 points Total 1600 pointsFINAL GRADE DETERMINATION A = 90 - 100% 1440 points or B = 80 - 89.9% more C = 70 - 79.9% 1280 - 1439 points D = 60 - 69.9% 1120 - 1279 points F = below 960 - 1119 points 60% less than 959 points Grade reports will not be mailed out. Please check KishSOS, My Student Info, under Academic Profile, Grades, for grade reports.MAKE-UP POLICY Assignments are to be turned in on time. Assignments which are not turned in on time will not be accepted unless individual arrangements are made in advance with the instructor. Depending upon the individual assignment, you may be required to turn in a printout and/or a digital copy. No assignments will be accepted after the solutions have been provided to the class. Tests are to be taken at the day and time scheduled. Failure to take a test at the scheduled time may result in a grade of 0 for that test. In the case of an excusable absence or a genuine emergency, the instructor must be contacted as soon as possible, preferably before the scheduled test, to reschedule the makeup of that test in the Learning Skills Center on the day the student returns to campus.LEARNING SKILLS CENTER (A-300) Tutoring and testing is available to all Kishwaukee students free of charge. Students must present their Kishwaukee College student ID when using any Learning Skills Center services. No appointment is necessary for assistance in English. For more information on the Learning Skills Center go to The Writing Center (A-306) answers your writing-related questions regardless of the class or assignment. No appointment is necessary, and students can get help individually or in small groups. Also available are workshop opportunities for any size group.WITHDRAWAL POLICY A “W” will not be given as a final grade. The student is responsible for officially withdrawing
  3. 3. from the class according to procedures described in the college catalog. Any student that does not officially withdraw from the class will receive a letter grade. The last date for withdrawal for this course can be found at “MY CLASS SCHEDULE” on KishSOS.CLASS CANCELLATIONS Class cancellations due to inclement weather will be announced on local radio stations or posted on the College Web site: Students may also call the College at (815) 825-2086. Class cancellations due to instructor absence will be posted on the classroom door and posted at Room changes will be announced in advance whenever possible and posted on the classroom door.EMERGENCY PROCEDURES/SAFETY Yellow and red Emergency Information Flip Charts are located in each classroom. These are quick reference sheets with telephone numbers to reach emergency assistance and a brief description of the correct actions to take in the event of a tornado, fire or other emergency on campus.GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS FOR TRANSFER DEGREE STUDENTS As part of the assessment program, students intending to graduate with an A.A., A.E.S, A.F.A., or A.S. are required to submit a Degree Portfolio. Information on the degree portfolio can be found at HONESTY Academic honesty is essential in a college community. In order to evaluate student work, faculty must be able to trust that the work is original with a student and not the work of someone else. Plagiarism, cheating, or other dishonest actions will not be tolerated, and the penalties for such actions are at the discretion of the instructor. A complete explanation of the policy and procedures surrounding academic honesty are outlined in the Kishwaukee College Catalog.COPYRIGHT As a Kishwaukee College Student, you may have software made available to you by the college for course use. Please understand that copyright law may prohibit copying these materials. Violation of copyright laws can lead to prosecution for a criminal offense.ASSISTIVE RESOURCES CENTER/DISABILITY SERVICES Any student having a documented disability or special learning need and wanting to request accommodations, should contact the Coordinator in A 317 or at (815) 825-2086 Ext 3960, (815) 825-9106 (TTY), or send an email to The student’s disability must impact their ability to participate in the educational environment and be documented by an appropriate professional prior to accommodations being approved.STUDENT E-MAIL Your Kishwaukee College e-mail account will be the only way to receive official notices from the college. If you choose to forward your e-mail to another account, please be advised that all communication from and within the college will use your Kishwaukee student e-mail. When communicating with instructors or employees of the college, you are required to use your Kishwaukee e-mail address.
  4. 4. TENTATIVE COURSE OUTLINEWeek 1 8/23 Introducing Hardware Chapter 1Week 2 8/29 Introducing Operating Systems; PC Repair Chapters 2 & 3 FundamentalsWeek 3 9/5 Form Factors & Power Supplies; Motherboards Chapters 4 & 5Week 4 9/12 Motherboards; Processors Chapters 5 & 6Week 5 9/19 Upgrading Memory Chapter 7Week 6 9/26 Hard Drives Chapter 8Week 7 10/3 Installing & Supporting I/O Devices Chapter 9Week 8 10/10 Multimedia Devices & Mass Storage Chapter 10Week 9 10/17 PC Maintenance and Troubleshooting Strategies Chapter 11Week 10 10/24 Installing Windows; Maintaining Windows Chapters 12 & 13Week 11 10/31 Optimizing Windows; Tools for Solving Windows Chapter 14 & 15 ProblemsWeek 12 11/7 Fixing Windows Problems Chapter 16Week 13 11/14 Networking Essentials; Networking Practices Chapter 17 & 18Week 14 11/21 Security Essentials Chapter 19Week 15 11/28 Security Practices; Supporting Notebooks Chapter 20 & 21Week 16 12/5 Supporting Printers Chapter 22Week 17 12/12 Debug Labs/HandoutsWeek 18 12/19 Certification Review & Practice