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Sequence of service-Hotel Restaurant


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I have posted this for our Hotel Mangement colleagues.

Sivakumar .JJ college of Arts and Science Silattur ,Contact Me for F&B Presentation to my

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Sequence of service-Hotel Restaurant

  1. 1. Sequence of ServiceIHG Room to Grow
  2. 2. Service Sequence  Welcoming Guests  Quality Checking  Guiding and seating the  Food Presentation Guest/s.  Check Satisfaction  Check comfort and seating  Offer Dessert and Drinks arrangement  Clearing and Crumbing  Serving WaterIHG Room to Grow
  3. 3. Attributes of a Server  Hardworking  Good listener  Flexible  Anticipation  Honest  Common sense  Resourceful  Hygiene & Grooming StandardsIHG Room to Grow
  4. 4. Welcoming Guest  Greet Guest/s with a SMILE ( in a friendly and natural way)  Smile & Greet the Time of the Day (Good MorningAfternoonEvening  Escort the Guest to the Table with an Open Palm  Always Lead the Guest and the distance should be 3 MetersIHG Room to Grow
  5. 5. Escorting the Guest  Always lead the guest.  Use Open Palm, direct which way to go.  Assist while seating by pulling out and pushing back the chair gently (Ladies First).IHG Room to Grow
  6. 6. Check ComfortIHG Room to Grow
  7. 7. Unfolding Napkins  From the Right  Pick up the Napkin after Seating the Guest and seek Permission (May I or Allow Me) before Laying the Napkin on the Guests Lap.  The napkin has to be folded in a triangle; ensure minimum handling.  Check the body language of the ladies if they uncomfortable refrain from laying the napkin and in such a case the Guest will usually take the Napkin.IHG Room to Grow
  8. 8. Water Service  Proceed to pour the water; from right hand side of the guest. (right leg of the server should be a little forward toward the table & left hand should be rested at the Back.  While pouring make sure to fill three quarter of the glass only, do not spill the glass.  Always Ensure that the Rim of the Bottle Never touches the Glass Rim and be firm while serving.  Cap the bottle and put it on the right side of the guest just next to the right side of the water glass.IHG Room to Grow
  9. 9. Know your ProductIHG Room to Grow
  10. 10. Quality Check  Check plates used  Check the cutlery set- up the table, make sure napkin stain free, no tone & properly pressed & fold.  Double check the glasses, no finger mark all in line or damage free  Check condiments needed  Prepare all serving gearsIHG Room to Grow
  11. 11. The sequence  Service of water & other beverages  As discussed in previous slide  Service of bread  Bread Basket is placed on the Table before the Guest is Seated.  After the Guest have helped themselves, One should offer Breads to the Guests (As it keeps the Guest Busy while waiting for the Food), Bread is to be served from the left hand side of the guest to the B&B plate with the bread tong (ask the guest which kind of bread & explain the verities)IHG Room to Grow
  12. 12. The sequence  Service of first course  Each Server should carry One Plate in Each Hand. The Food should be served from the Right Hand Side of the Guest.  Service should be done together and so should be the Clearance.  After all the guests have finished the First Course, remove the first course plate with used cutlery, from the right side of the guest.  Service of main course  Check the cutlery for the main dish at the cover while removing the First Course.  Same Pick Sequence to be followed as First Course.  Same Removing Sequence to be followed as First Course.IHG Room to Grow
  13. 13. The sequence  After Removing the Main Course , Put the Dessert Indicators at their Positions, Make sure to remove the bread & butter.  Remove all excess cutlery, except dessert cutlery, salt & pepper by using Trays.  Refill water.  Only flower vase & candle remaining at the table.IHG Room to Grow
  14. 14. The sequence  Crumbing  The process of crumbing down always take place after the main course has been cleared & before the Dessert is served.  Place the Dessert Indicators, Spoon on the Right side of the Cover and Fork on the Left Side.  Service of dessert  Check the cutlery for the dessert at the cover  Same Pick Sequence to be followed.  Tea or coffee serviceIHG Room to Grow
  15. 15. Food Presentation  Excuse yourself from the guest when ever presenting any food or Beverage  Present to guest through the correct serving side (follow sequence of service).  Confirm or repeat order while laying items on the table  Thank guest “enjoy your meal/drinks sir/madam”.IHG Room to Grow
  16. 16. IHG Room to Grow