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10 2 10 Harini Xquizzite Quiz (1)


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10 2 10 Harini Xquizzite Quiz (1)

  1. 1. General Quiz An attempt by: Harini Lakshminarayanan
  2. 2. "Si non oscillas, noli tintinarre" meaning "If you do not swing do not ring" g g Sylvilagus palustris ________
  3. 3. Hefneris
  4. 4. X is an example of what is termed as “found art” or “readymades”. Y submitted X to the Society of Independent Artists exhibit in 1917. Artworks in the Independent Artists shows were not selected by jury, and all pieces submitted were displayed. However, the show committee insisted that X was not art, and rejected it from the show. This caused an uproar and Y to resign from the board of the Independent Artists
  5. 5. Duchamp’s Fountain
  6. 6. Oxford dictionary meaning : Expressing frustration at the realization that things have turned out badly or not as planned, or that one has just said or done something foolish. Also (usu. (usu mildly derogatory): implying that another person has said or done something foolish. X utters it when he injures himself, realizes that he has d h done something stupid, or when something hi id h hi bad has happened or is about to happen to him. During the voice recording session for a Tracey Ullman Show short, X was required to utter what was written in the script as an "annoyed grunt.” X and the word.. simple ” d h d i l
  7. 7. Doh!! Homer Simpson p
  8. 8. “Now I shall go to sleep. Goodnight.” Last words of ?? Lord Byron
  9. 9. _______ is a colloquial term for a planet that falls within a star's habitable zone often star s zone, specifically used for planets close to the size of Earth. They are of key interest to researchers looking either f l ki ih for existing ( d possibly i i (and ibl intelligent) life or for future homes for the human race, one that is neither too close nor too far from a star to rule out life. The name arises from the fact that they’re not extreme (large or small, h t or cold, etc.), and settling on th one ll hot ld t ) d ttli the in the middle, which is "just right". Goldilocks p planet
  10. 10. • The day the music died . Don McClean American Pie A i Pi
  11. 11. ______ describes a phenomenon seen in nearly every phenomenon—seen species in which it has been tested, whereby males show continuously high sexual performance given the introduction of new receptive partners The term comes partners. from an old joke, according to which U.S. President _____ and his wife allegedly visited a poultry farm. During the tour, Mrs. _____ inquired of the farmer how g q his farm managed to produce so many fertile eggs with such a small number of roosters. The farmer proudly explained that his roosters performed their duty dozens of times each day day. "Perhaps you could point that out to Mr. _____," pointedly replied the First Lady. The President overhearing the remark asked the farmer President, remark, farmer, "Does each rooster service the same hen each time?" "No," replied the farmer, "there are many hens for each rooster. rooster " "Perhaps you could point that out to Mrs. _____," replied the President. Coolidge effect
  12. 12. X, delivered at 11:15 p.m. in the city of Malaga, October 25, 1881, came out stillborn. He did not breathe; neither did he cry. The midwife gave up cry and turned to the mother. If it had not been for the presence of his uncle, Dr. Salvador Ruiz, the infant might never h i f i h have come to lif Don life. Salvador, however, leaned over the stillbirth and exhaled cigar smoke into its nostrils X stirred X nostrils. stirred. screamed. A genius came to life. His first breath must have entered on a rush of smoke, searing to the th t th throat, scorching t th lungs, and l d with hi to the l d laced ith the stimulants of nicotine. It is not unfair to say that the harsh spirit of tobacco is seldom absent from his work.
  13. 13. “Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.”
  14. 14. The ______ f h family were prominent members of l b f Quakers. As nonconformists they were not permitted to enter Universities hence they Universities, concentrated on Business and Social reforms. In 1831 a small factory, an old malt house in Crooked Lane, Birmingham, was rented by John ______ and he started manufacturing Cocoa as an alternative to Alcohol, as he thought that it was one of the causes of poverty and misery among th working classes. C db the ki l Cadbury
  15. 15. During the middle ages, French would decide whether a person was refined or not b smelling h h fi d by lli him or her. Anyone who gave off “good air” was presumed healthier and happier. Which word happier originates from this? Debonair
  16. 16. The 4 people here are Redbeard Eric Redbeard, Lerouge, Tripod and Baba.
  17. 17. Parodies of pirates in Asterix : 1. Barbe rouge ( Redbeard) 2. 2 Triple Patte (Tripod) 3. Baba (Baba) 4. Erix (Eric) The reason behind this parody is that Jean-Michel Charlier had worked with Goscinny & Uderzo, in the founding of the comics magazine Pilote in 1959 in which both Asterix and Redbeard first appeared appeared.
  18. 18. Luca Pacioli was an Italian monk who among other things taught mathematics to L h hi h h i Leonardo d d da Vinci.But his everlasting claim to fame was the concept that he introduced in a section of an Italian book called “Particularis de Computis et Scripturis”. What concept? Double book keeping p p p g
  19. 19. X, A trained hypnotist, author of books – God’s debris and the religion war (not an exhaustive list), CEO of X foods inc. that produces a vegan microwave burrito named after one of his creations. X also popularized words such as “Nerdvana”, “Induhvidual”,“Shitundfood”and “QWERTYitis”. Identify X. Scot Adams the Dilbert guy
  20. 20. Mabaker M b k inspired Mabeagle
  21. 21. Which place in India gets its name from the fact that i was given b the P d h it i by h Pandavas as guru dakshina to Dronacharya. Over the past 10 years the city has undergone rapid development and construction. A wave of multinational companies choose to locate their call centres here after GE did so in 1997. Gurgaon
  22. 22. • The tradition is nearly 300 years old. • Besan, Sugar, Cashew nuts, Cardamom, Ghee, Oil, Sugar candy, Raisins and Almonds are used. • Th i The ingredients are b di t bought at th auction at th ht t the ti t the Commodities and Spices Exchange in Kochi. • The administrating body is planning to patent it to stop counterfeits. Tirupati laddoo
  23. 23. This man was recently in the news.. What was he famous for ??
  24. 24. Tsutomu Y T t Yamaguchi – th fi t recorded survivor hi the first d d i of both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings
  25. 25. The origin of this is traced to the heyday of the textile ill Th t til mills. The mill workers used t h ill k d to have l lunchh breaks too short for a full meal, and a light lunch was preferred to a heavy one as the employees one, had to return to physical labor after lunch. A vendor created this dish using items or p g parts of other dishes available on the menu. Roti or rice was replaced with ____ and the curries that usually go with Indian b d or rice were ll h d bread amalgamated into just one spicy concoction. Pav Bhaji P Bh ji
  26. 26. • NIX et al. vs. HEDDEN, Collector. No. 137. May 10, 1893 • At the trial the plaintiff's counsel, after reading in evidence definitions of the words X and Y from Webster's Dictionary, Worcester s Dictionary, Worcester's Dictionary and the Imperial Dictionary called two Dictionary, witnesses, who had been for 30 years in the business of selling X and Y, and asked them, after hearing these definitions, to say whether these words had 'any special meaning in trade or commerce, commerce different from those read ' read. • One of the witnesses answered as follows: 'Well, it does not classify all things there, but they are correct as far as they go. It does not take all kinds of X or Y; it takes a portion of them. I think the words X and Y h d have th same meaning i t d t d th t th h d on the i in trade to-day that they had March 1, 1883. I understand that the term X is applied in trade only to such plants or parts of plants as contain the seeds. • The other witness testified: 'I don't think the term X or the term Y had, in March, 88 h d i M h 1883, and prior thereto, any special meaning i trade d i h i l i in d and commerce in this country different from that which I have read here from the dictionaries.' • The plaintiff's counsel then read in evidence from the same p dictionaries the definitions of the word Z. Tomato fruit or vegetable case
  27. 27. The American dialect society recently came out with a word of the d d Whi h word b ih d f h decade. Which d beat the h likes of blog, tweet, facebook etc to emerge as the word of the decade? google
  28. 28. • A B de Villiers • Brendon McCullum • Andrew Symonds • Shaun Marsh • Sanath Jayasuriya • Adam Gilchrist • Mike Hussey y • ????
  29. 29. Maneesh Pandey
  30. 30. During the Boston Tea Party, sacks of tea were thrown i o the A l i ? Wh was the b h in h Atlantic? What h brand of d f the tea? East India Company
  31. 31. The solution reportedly came when X recalled a situation he had become embroiled in during 1933, shortly after the Four-Power Pact had come into being. X tried to intervene in a brawl g between a shopkeeper and customer, but before he could, the shopkeeper became so enraged that h l h he lost hi composure f a moment and his for d accused his customer of being a "four-power pact pact". X was struck by this use of an “irrelevant irrelevant insult”. Put fundae!!
  32. 32. Charles Leiper Grigg ( h l i i (1868–1948) was the ) h inventor of Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime soda for “The Hody Corporation”. It contained lithium The Corporation citrate, a mood-stabilizing drug. It was one of a number of patent medicine products popular in the late-19th and early-20th centuries; they made claims similar to today's health foods. Specifically it was marketed as a hangover cure Prior to inventing cure. ____, Grigg had created an orange soft drink named "Whistle" for the Vess Soda Company. It is still made and sold in St. Louis. A common urban legend about Charles Leiper Grigg is that he was an albino, albino and this was represented in the logo after the inventor died. 7 up
  33. 33. Identify the place Titan
  34. 34. On January 24, 1961, X was i involved i a near-fatal car l d in f l accident on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Hit head- on, X suffered a triple skull fracture that left him in a coma for three weeks along with fractures of both legs weeks, and the pelvis. The accident prompted over 15,000 get-well cards from anxious fans including some addressed only to “Y fans, Y, Hollywood, USA", according to X's autobiography. One newspaper falsely reported that he had died. After his recovery, X reported in TV interviews, and later in his y, p , autobiography, that a clever doctor had helped him to come out of his coma by talking to him as Y, after futile efforts to talk directly to X. Although he had no actual recollection of this X's wife and son swore to him that this, X s when the doctor was inspired to ask him, "How are you today, Y?", X answered in Y’s voice. X thus credited Y with saving his life Mel Blanc life.
  35. 35. Identify the significance last strip
  36. 36. The word was coined by Horace Walpole on 28 January 1754 in a letter he wrote to his friend Horace Mann, an Englishman then living in Florence. The letter read,, "It was once when I read a silly fairy tale, called The Three Princes of _____: as their highnesses travelled, they were always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things which they were not in quest of: for instance, one of them discovered that a camel blind of the right eye had travelled the g y same road lately, because the grass was eaten only on the left side, where it was worse than on the right—now do you understand____? One of the g y most remarkable instances of this was of my Lord Shaftsbury, who happening to dine at Lord Chancellor Clarendon's, found out the marriage of the Duke of York and Mrs. Hyde, b the respect with h k f k d d by h ih which her mother treated her at table.“ serendipity
  37. 37. A X i about the most massively useful thing an i is b h i l f l hi interstellar ll hitch hiker can have. Partly it has great practical value--you can wrap it around you for warmth as you bound across the cold moons of Jaglan Beta; you can lie on it on the brilliant marble-sanded beaches of Santraginus V, inhaling the heady sea vapours; you can sleep under it beneath the stars which shine so redly on the desert world of Kakrafoon; use it to sail a mini raft down the slow heavy river Moth; wet it for use in hand-to-hand combat; wrap it round your head to ward off noxious fumes or to avoid the gaze of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal (a mindboggingly stupid animal, it assumes th t if you can't see it it can't see t id i l that 't it, 't you--daft as a bush, but very ravenous); you can wave your X in emergencies as a distress signal, and of course dry yourself off with it if it still seems to b clean enough. Very lf ff h f ll be l h very simple ☺ towel
  38. 38. Freddie mercury
  39. 39. “Anyone living in the United States in the early 1990s and paying even a whisper of attention to d i hi f i the nightly news or a daily paper could be forgiven for having been scared out of his skin ” skin. These are the first lines of which famous book? Freakonomics
  40. 40. Seynt Audries lace, ‘lace’ or necktie such as was lace sold at St. Audrey's fair in remembrance of St. Audrey, i.e. Etheldrida, or Æðelðryð (daughter of Anna, king of East Anglia, and patron saint of Ely), who died of a tumour in the throat which she regarded as a j t retribution f h d d just t ib ti for h her youthful fondness for splendid necklaces. What word originated from this ? tawdry
  41. 41. Identify? Snow white
  42. 42. Fire escapes, Chocolate-chip cookies, Circular saw, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, saw Dishwasher Refrigerator Electric hot water heater, Alphabet blocks, Elevated railway, Globes, Ironing board, Kevlar, Locomotive chimney, Rotary engine, Liquid Paper . (Not an exhaustive list) Connect. Women inventors
  43. 43. Richard Knerr and Arthur "Spud" Melin, two college graduates unhappy with their employment, began the company in a LA garage in 1948. Their first market idea was a slingshot. The idea Th id came up as they h l d meat i h hurled into the h air for the training of pet falcons and hawks. It was called “_____ “ to resemble the sound of a target hit. It stuck as the name of the company. They are known for inventing many of the most popular modern t l d toys, i l di including th h l h the hula hoop, the frisbee, the hacky sack, the super ball and the p predecessor of modern nerf dart guns. Which g company?
  44. 44. Funda breaking the 4th wall
  45. 45. From W t l F Waterloo, it was placed onto a t i d l d t train drawn by a Battle of Britain locomotive named X. Thousands gathered to pay tribute at wayside stations. At many football matches a two-minute silence was observed. X was finally laid to rest in y the Oxfordshire parish churchyard of Bladon, close to Blenheim Palace where he was born 90 years b f before, with only f il members present. i h l family b The it h Th epitaph contains “I am ready t meet my t i d to t maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter” matter winston churchill
  46. 46. Scientists say this is bad for health because more than 40,000 parasites, 250 types of bacteria, 0.7 g grams of protein, and 0.45 grams of fat and 0.19 p , 45 g 9 grams of other organic substances are exchanged. Explain. French kiss
  47. 47. Identify the three paintings Van Gogh
  48. 48. The idea of using the flamboyant third movement from Mozart's 25th Symphony in G 5 y p y minor, written when Mozart was only 17 years old, came from Suresh Mullick. Mozart's symphony had already been immortalised for contemporary non-cognoscenti in one of the g greatest movies of our time, AMADEUS, which , , was released in 1984. It was such a resounding success that it was never ever dropped, and no thoughts were ever entertained of making a change. Easy.. What ?? Titan music
  49. 49. The company was founded in 1963 by X as a spin-off from the very successful tractor maker, X was an enthusiastic owner of sports cars, including a Ferrari. The standard tale goes that he took this car back to the Ferrari factory when its clutch failed. Enzo Ferrari refused to meet him saying that 'A him, A tractor manufacturer could never be expected to understand high-bred sports cars'. So—after fixing the l t h ith th clutch with surprising ease—he d id d t go i i h decided to into business, building the perfect GT (Grand Touring) car. (Another version of the tale holds that X was incensed when he found out that the bum clutch on his Ferrari was the was the exact same model that he used on his tractors, only far more expensive.) Easy.. The company.. Lamborghini
  50. 50. A tribute question Connect Salinger