Organisational culture


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Organisational culture

  1. 1. The CompanyAccenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcingcompany.Core Values:• Stewardship• Best People• Client Value Creation• One Global Network• Respect for the Individual• IntegrityAccenture ranks No.7 in the list of preferred employers in B-schools in India for2010.
  2. 2. Visible ElementsStar Performer Pin up:It is an informal recognition given to Team members who have distinguishedthemselves in matters of Work, CSR, Team Building, Value Creation or Innovation.Lesson Learnt:A tracker that maintains the history of events in the team, criticalinitiatives, projects or issues faced it the team and how it was resolved or workedon. This is very important as they are recorded by the people that have worked onit, It is a footprint left by those who had worked in the project or team and have setstandards to follow.ACE Awards (Accenture Celebrates Excellence) :This is an award that celebrates individual excellence in various fields of businesssuch as, Value Creation, Business Operation and People Development. The winnersare awarded in an Oscar type ceremony.
  3. 3. Visible Elements Contd.Flexible work hours:Employees are allowed to work at flexible hours, They can come in even at 11:00am, guaranteed that there are no deviations in quality of work or slack.Empowerment of Employees:In the Technology Division, Even Jr. Software Developers are empowered to takedecisions with out consent of their supervisors so long as it is a calculated decision.Dress Code:
  4. 4. Invisible ElementsEmpowerment of Employees:In contradiction to empowerment of employees at the bottom of thepyramid, Employees decisions taken without supervisor approval are in most casesfrowned upon.Cut-Throat Competition:Although a cordial environment is boasted off in Accenture, As appraisalsapproach, employees begin a Cut-Throat - Trumpet Blowing Attitude within theorganization.Time in Office:It is a common belief among employees that the more hours spent in front of theirPCs guarantees a promotion, whether or not those hours were spent productively.
  5. 5. CongruenceAreas of Low Congruence:• American values on an Indian Culture• Ideology of Quantity of work being superior to Quality work• Empowerment of EmployeesAreas of High Congruence:• Respect for Individuals• Adherence to Dress Code• A very low yet appreciable amount of quality work appraised• Ownership of Work
  6. 6. Nature of the Org.Using Double S Cube:Mercenary OrganizationThere is very little voluntary co-operation among employees unless it iscommanded that they work together.There is a very high solidarity in a sense that with mutual interest people in theorganization work together very efficiently and effectively.There is little camaraderie in the organization as a person would not risk his or hercareer for someone else in the organization.