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Air deccan sm

  1. 1. APresentation on AIR DECCAN IndIa’s fIrst low cost airlines PRESENTED BY GROUP 2 CUTM - MBA
  2. 2. Summary• Air deccan lunched its LCA in India on Sep 2003• Its airfares is 50% of FSA’s• Targeted people – Frequent business travelers and train traveler (those who travel in A/C coaches)• Offers no-frills services• For ticket booking customers can call the 24 hour call center or e- ticketing• Tie-up retail outlet where the customers easily book their tickets.• It launches a Dynafares• Promoters promoted its services through print and outdoor media• Tagline – simplify• Tough competitors are “UB group”, Wadia groups “GO”, “Visa Airlines”, “Air-India Express”, “Royal Airlines”.
  3. 3. 1. Discuss how effectively Air Deccan has used the elements of its services marketing mix to market its services ?
  4. 4. ProductNo frills air travelThere is no free food or drink onboard. Passengers are buy them onboard.Price• Air Deccan has low fares(50% of FSAs)• 25% of seats at pricing between Rs 700 to Rs 1500, 50% of seats were priced half of FASs’ and the rest 25% seats priced 70% FSAs’.
  5. 5. Place It provides it’s services in 8 countries Customers can book their ticket by calling the 24 hour call center. The customers also get their tickets in retail outletsUdaya home world (consumer electronics chain store, Bangalore) Online reservation systemPromotion Promoted through print and outdoor media Its advertisement mainly focus on low fares. Television advertisement
  6. 6. People The aircraft appoint only one airhostess to help the passengers The pilots and engineers are trained by contract basis.Physical Evidence Passenger are sit anywhere in a plane The air Deccan lunches different prices for seats for different seats. The prices depends on the time of ticket booking.
  7. 7. Process The process begins with seat reservation and conformation The Air Deccan provided no frills services No food service available(loading and unloading) Meals and drinks provided only those who are interested cleaning process was so simple The seats are not numbered. So passenger are not select a preferred seat Takes 20 minutes to fly the plain instead of 1 hour (more flight per aircraft were possible)
  8. 8. What steps has Air Deccan Taken to reduce the negative effects of perishability?
  9. 9. • All seats in a plane are same and the seats are not numbers• For reduce the negative effect of perishability The Air Deccan increased its seat numbers To meet the demand of customers• the Air Deccan lunches different prices for seats at different times of ticket booking.• It tip up with retail stores
  10. 10. • THANK U