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Prayan 2012 prelims


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Prelims questions of 'Prayaan 2012'-Intra College Quiz at Government Engineering College, Sreekrishnapuram, Palakkad.

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Prayan 2012 prelims

  3. 3. HERE WE GO…!!!
  4. 4. 1) FITB. Carl sagan memorial station and Ray bradbury memorial station is located at ________EVENT HOSTED BY
  5. 5. Mars. Landing sites of NASA probes Pathfinder and Curiosity respectively.EVENT HOSTED BY
  6. 6. 2) In which ministry does Sriprakash Jaiswal holds the office of Cabinet Minister?EVENT HOSTED BY
  7. 7. Ministry of Coal.EVENT HOSTED BY
  8. 8. 3) On 21 August 1957 worlds first Intercontinental ballistic missile, R7, was successfully tested by USSR. After a few months it was used for an entirely different and a rather peaceful purpose. What was it ?EVENT HOSTED BY
  9. 9. R-7 is the launch vehicle that placed the first artificial satellite, Sputnik, in space on 4 October 1957.EVENT HOSTED BY
  10. 10. 4) The enemies in a particular popular video game was inspired by the 2009 swine flu. ID the game.EVENT HOSTED BY
  11. 11. AngrybirdsEVENT HOSTED BY
  12. 12. * 5) ‘X’ founded the Rashtriya Samajwadi Congress(RSC)in 1986, owing to the leadership struggle within the Indian National Congress(INC) after the sudden demise of ‘Y’. But it didnt worked well and later in 1989 RSC rejoined in INC. ID ‘X’ and ‘Y’.EVENT HOSTED BY
  13. 13. X- Pranab Kumar Mukherjee Y- Indira GandhiEVENT HOSTED BY
  14. 14. 6) FITB. Thunderbolt is the newly formed commando wing of _________EVENT HOSTED BY
  15. 15. Kerala PoliceEVENT HOSTED BY
  16. 16. 7) ID the doodle.EVENT HOSTED BY
  17. 17. 82nd B’day of Anant Pai a.k.a ‘Pai Uncle’.EVENT HOSTED BY
  18. 18. 8) FITB. The countrys first Public Private Partnership (PPP) telecom business incubator is _________EVENT HOSTED BY
  19. 19. ‘Startup Village’, KalamasseryEVENT HOSTED BY
  20. 20. 9) Its an international association football tournament organized by the All India Football Federation (AIFF),launched in 1982. It came to a halt in 1997 and was later reinstated in 2007. On which tournament we are talking about.EVENT HOSTED BY
  21. 21. Nehru Cup (Now, ONGC Nehru Cup)EVENT HOSTED BY
  22. 22. *10) Expand the acronym ‘WiMax’EVENT HOSTED BY
  23. 23. Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave AccessEVENT HOSTED BY
  24. 24. 11) Wax statue of a well known personality at Madame Tussauds. ID.EVENT HOSTED BY
  25. 25. Anna Maria TussaudEVENT HOSTED BY
  26. 26. 12) Complete the analogy. Mahatma Gandhi : Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme ? : Urban Employment Guarantee SchemeEVENT HOSTED BY
  27. 27. AyyankaliEVENT HOSTED BY
  28. 28. 13) Apart from Koodiyattam‘, which Kerala art form/folk dance drama is inscribed in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. Hint: Its based on the myth of Kali and Darikan.EVENT HOSTED BY
  29. 29. MudiyettuEVENT HOSTED BY
  30. 30. 14) Make the list exhaustive. ANUSAT, Studsat, SRMSAT, ____EVENT HOSTED BY
  31. 31. Jugnu (By IIT-K)EVENT HOSTED BY
  32. 32. *15) How many Mars missions of USSR/Russia went into total success ?EVENT HOSTED BY
  33. 33. ZeroEVENT HOSTED BY
  34. 34. 16) The ‘IAAF Golden League’ was an annual series of track and field meetings organized by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) where the prestigious Golden Jackpot was awarded to a Female and Male winner. The Golden League was replaced by a new series since 2010. What is it?.EVENT HOSTED BY
  35. 35. Diamond League.EVENT HOSTED BY
  36. 36. 17) Link.EVENT HOSTED BY
  37. 37. Programming Languages.EVENT HOSTED BY
  38. 38. 18) P is an author and holds an M.E in computer science. P was the first female engineer of TELCO. P is married to Q, who co-founded a company R which has grown in a way that now its in stiff competition with the company S, which is from the same business house of TELCO . S is #1 in its domain in India. P Q R S. ? Hint: TELCO -Tata Engineering and Locomotive CompanyEVENT HOSTED BY
  39. 39. P: Sudha Murthy Q: N.R Narayana Murthy R: Infosys S: TCSEVENT HOSTED BY
  40. 40. 19) ID the logo.EVENT HOSTED BY
  42. 42. *20) Its developed primarily by the Israel branch of Intel, and was originally named "Gesher" (meaning "bridge" in Hebrew). The name was changed to avoid being associated with the defunct Gesher political party of Israel. Intel demonstrated it first during the Intel Developer Forum in September 2009. What are we talking about ?EVENT HOSTED BY
  43. 43. Intels Sandybridge Architecture of 2nd Gen. processors.EVENT HOSTED BY
  44. 44. 21) FITB. This is the first tweet of ______EVENT HOSTED BY
  45. 45. Google.EVENT HOSTED BY
  46. 46. 22) What’s there in the shaded portion ?EVENT HOSTED BY
  48. 48. 23) Which Indian corporate’s HQ is Bombay HouseEVENT HOSTED BY
  50. 50. 24) The beginnings of this game can be traced to mid-18th century British India. It was earlier known as poona and later rechristened by adopting the name of a country house in Gloucestershire, England. On which game we are talking about ?EVENT HOSTED BY
  51. 51. BadmintonEVENT HOSTED BY
  52. 52. *25) It took only two weeks for the author to write this book. Its originally written in Portuguese and was first published in Brazil. After few years it went to a best seller in France and later an International Best Seller. Its alleged of being similar to a story in the collection One thousand and one nights.EVENT HOSTED BY
  53. 53. The AlchemistEVENT HOSTED BY