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Swarajya Press Kit

Independent India's first magazine that advocated less government and more freedom. We fought the license raj, the emergency and more. Relaunched in 2014.

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Swarajya Press Kit

  1. 1. C L @SwarajyaMag ©2015 #SWARAJYA A 58-Year-Old Media Startup
  2. 2. C L @SwarajyaMag ©2015 #SWARAJYA DALAI LAMA SIR CV RAMANMASANIDR S RADHAKRISHNAN NANI PALKHIVALARK LAXMAN ACHARYA KRIPALANI GENERAL CARIAPPAKM MUNSHI RAJAJI Rich Legacy Started in 1956 by C ‘Rajaji’ Rajagopalachari, India’s last Governor General, Statesman and Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘Conscience Keeper’ Renewed Spirit Re-launch in digital and print for the 21st century Indian. A ‘Big Tent’ of reasoned liberal centre-right views and discourse WHO WROTE FOR SWARAJYA SOME THOUGHT LEADERS DALAI LAMA SIR CV RAMANMASANIDR S RADHAKRISHNAN NANI PALKHIVALARK LAXMAN ACHARYA KRIPALANI GENERAL CARIAPPAKM MUNSHI RAJAJI
  3. 3. C L @SwarajyaMag ©2015 #SWARAJYA 67 years of Socialist & Populist Discourse has created.. 20% of world’s poor live in India 100m Indians will live in urban slums by 2017* Ranks 135 in HDI** Consumes 12% of govt revenue receipts India ranks 142 out of 189 countries in “Ease of Doing Business” Takes 7 years to close a business 1420 days to enforce a contract* TO ALLOW AN OVERWHELMINGLY YOUNG NATION TO PUNCH IN ACCORDANCE WITH ITS TRUE SPEC Socially Politically Economically Culturally Mind-Numbing Bureaucracy A Poor Country Vote Bank & Identity based Crumbling Institutions: Legal, Health, Education… Truncated Individual Liberties Mistrust of Business No cultural rootedness Venal Politics That’s A Polity with
  4. 4. C L @SwarajyaMag ©2015 #SWARAJYA AN INDEPENDENT MEDIA PRODUCT Daily Digital Platform Monthly Print Magazine TARGET GROUP Young Indians invested in an Idea of India that is strong, confident and inclusive ENGAGEMENT MODEL Digitally native with strong social media footprint and community engagement
  5. 5. C L @SwarajyaMag ©2015 #SWARAJYA In 2009, some members of Team #Swarajya started (CRI), the only Indian centre-right digital commentarial promoting high quality discourse. CRI is now merged with #Swarajya
  6. 6. C L @SwarajyaMag ©2015 #SWARAJYA Beta version of the Digital Platform launched in September 2014 ✓ Daily commentary, insta-opinions, blogs ✓ Over 40,000 pages of archival material from Rajaji’s Swarajya ✓ Strong community engagement through quizzes, polls and contests ✓ Top contributors from around the world ✓ Inclusive platform: readers are part of the commentariat ..and growing. In five months of operations
  7. 7. C L @SwarajyaMag ©2015 #SWARAJYA #Swarajya - What They’re Saying
  8. 8. C L @SwarajyaMag ©2015 #SWARAJYA Rajagopalachari’s ‘Swarajya’ to be relaunched soon A New Swarajya #Swarajya In Media Re-launching Swarajya, a voice for India's new Right Swarajya Editorial Director Sandipan Deb, in an interview with The Hindu, spoke on a wide range of issues that binds their hope of being a "big tent for liberal right-of-centre discourse" in India’s new millennium
  9. 9. C L @SwarajyaMag ©2015 #SWARAJYA Bibek Debroy SOME THOUGHT LEADERS WHO WRITE FOR NEW SWARAJYA Swapan Dasgupta Ashok Malik Arvind Virmani Surjit Bhalla Jerry Rao Sanjeev Sanyal Arnab Ray Ramachandra Guha
  10. 10. C L @SwarajyaMag ©2015 #SWARAJYA The Board will guide, criticize and provide a strong intellectual bulwark for project JERRY RAO Founder and former CEO of IT giant MPhasis, former head of Citibank’s Global Technology Development Division. Executive Chairman of Value and Budget Housing Corporation SURJIT BHALLA Princeton economist who has been associated with Rand Corporation, the Brookings Institution, and the World Bank. He runs emerging markets asset management firm Oxus BIBEK DEBROY Cambridge economist, Indologist and NITI Ayog Permanent Member. His ongoing 10-volume translation of The Mahabharata is one of the most seminal works in contemporary Indology. Padma Shri Recipient. SWAPAN DASGUPTA Oxford historian, veteran journalist and an authoritative voice from the Indian right. Padma Bhushan Recipient.. MANISH SABHARWAL Chairman of Teamlease Services, India’s largest staffing and training firm. A Wharton MBA, he serves on various state and central government committees on education and employability Our Editorial Advisory Board
  11. 11. C L @SwarajyaMag ©2015 #SWARAJYA SANDIPAN DEB EDITORIAL DIRECTOR An IIT-IIM graduate, Sandipan is a popular columnist with Mint. He was the founding Editor of Open magazine, Editor of Financial Express and Managing Editor of Outlook PRASANNA VISWANATHAN CEO An Enterprise Application Architect for close to 15 years with, Cognizant, Oracle and Honeywell. Former editor of (CRI) AMARNATH GOVINDARAJAN PUBLISHER & CDO A Software Product Manager with ADITI, Symphony Teleca and others for 6 years. Former editor of (CRI). Amar will handle Swarajya’s digital operations N MUTHURAMAN CFO An IIM-B alumnus, Muthu runs River bridge Capital, a boutique investment banking firm. He was formerly the director of ratings at CRISIL, India’s premier ratings firm PRANAB DUTTA CREATIVE CONSULTANT The founder of design firm Great Latitude, Dutta is a pioneering graphic designer who has designed a host of Indian newspapers and magazines such as Outlook, Tehelka, Indian Express and India Today The #Swarajya Team
  12. 12. C L @SwarajyaMag ©2015 #SWARAJYA Rupa Subramanya Editor-at-Large. Rupa is a Mumbai-based economist, policy analyst, commentator and co-author of ‘Indianomix: Making Sense of Modern India’ (Random House India, 2012) Surajit Dasgupta National Affairs Editor A journalist who has worked with The Statesman, The Pioneer and Money Life. Aravindan Neelakandan Contributing Editor Co-author of the acclaimed book "Breaking India" and a popular science writer in Tamil. #Swarajya Editorial Team Padma Rao Sundarji Foreign Affairs Editor A foreign correspondent since over two decades, she headed the South Asia bureau of Der Spiegel for 14 years till 2012 Seetha Parthasarathy Contributing Editor. A Senior Journalist with 25 years experience in reputed newspapers and business magazines. Author of "The Backroom Brigade”
  13. 13. C L @SwarajyaMag ©2015 #SWARAJYA YOU SHOULD SUBSCRIBE IF YOU Believe in free markets Believe in Individual liberty unmediated by the State Believe in individual enterprise Believe in a secularism that does not pander Believe that the government has no business to be in business Believe that India is not just a nation but an ancient multi-cultural civilisation Want an independent voice not another mouthpiece Want to be part of a discourse about a new India Know you have had enough of Socialism Believe that India’s tryst with destiny has been subverted Believe that the time has come for India to take its rightful place
  14. 14. C L @SwarajyaMag ©2015 #SWARAJYA GET SWARAJYA, YOUR BIRTHRIGHT! ✓ 12 Print Issues ✓ Full Access to Swarajya Digital ✓ Full Access to 40,000 pages of Swarajya Archives ✓ Two passes for Swarajya Events (2015) ✓ Participation in Swarajya hosted digital events (2015) ✓ One Swarajya merchandise item of your choice. ✓ Specially curated collector’s edition of Swarajya featuring the best of Swarajya archives All for the annual price of INR 1,500 (or USD 60)* *including delivery. Subscribe Now!
  15. 15. C L @SwarajyaMag ©2015 #SWARAJYA March 2015