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The Mobile Medicine (Presentation)

Generic Drug

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The Mobile Medicine (Presentation)

  1. 1. By Swapnil Patil
  2. 2. Idea  We all know the High Medical Cost which we all used to pay in our regular life.  Can this cost be reduced? If yes , then How ?  Do you Know the Cost we are paying to Purchase Medicine can be reduced up to 80%.  It means your Rs 600 medicine can be of Rs 100  But How ? We will help you for the Same
  3. 3. But How?  Do you know the Distribution of profit earned from your Medicine ?  20% of Rs 600 as Doctor’s Cut ( for prescribing that brand ) = Rs 120  20% of Rs 600 profit earn by Medical Store’s = Rs 120  20% of Rs 600 used for marketing purpose and other = Rs 120  15% of Rs 600 Research Cost = Rs 90  20% of Rs 600 Profit of Brand = Rs 120  5% of Rs 600 is Manufacturing Cost = Rs 30 I Know its Hard to Believe But its True Fact
  4. 4. Fact  Do you Know the fact that Generic medicines are upto 80% cheaper than medicines prescribed by the doctoRs and are 100% identical !  If instead of Brand Name , if we call that medicine with the salt content within it , it is called as its generic name of that medicine .
  5. 5. Then what is the Difference ?  The Difference is just of Name. that’s it !!! Then why are we Wasting our Money
  6. 6. Why are we purchasing Branded Drug  When Doctor Prescribe us Drug, He Get’s Profit and Because of this, Never use Generic Name in Prescription  What if we will give you its Generic Name and the Alternative medicine with Cheapest Cost.
  7. 7. Government Steps  Government is trying to have awareness among the community and launched lots of scheme for having Generic Shops in Each and Every District.  But Due to less Profit and Awareness among public , Its very difficult to find their shops even in tier 1 cities.  Why don’t we give a try to reach public through online medium and try to generate awareness about it.
  8. 8. The Mobile Medical  Here is How our Application works Step 1 Type prescribed Drug Name in search box and get its all information like Salt Content, Generic Name, Usage etc.
  9. 9. The Mobile Medical Step 2 Click on find Alternative and get list of Alternative Medicines With lowest cost and place an order.
  10. 10. The Mobile Medical Step 3 Capture your prescribed drug and get Free Home Delivery within 6 houRs Get Well Soon Your Health is More Important Than Money