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  1. 1. EIGRP Protocol Header Attributes 8 16 24 32 Type Distance Vector Version Opcode Checksum Algorithm DUAL Flags Internal AD 90 Sequence Number External AD 170 Acknowledgment Number Summary AD 5 Autonomous System Number Standard Cisco proprietary Type Length Protocols IP, IPX, Appletalk Value Transport IP/88 Metric Formula Authentication MD5 K2 * bw K5 Multicast IP 256 * (K1 * bw + + K3 * delay) * 256 - load rel + K4 Hello Timers 5/60 · bw = 107 / minimum path bandwidth in kbps Hold Timers 15/180 · delay = interface delay in µsecs / 10 K Defaults Packet Types EIGRP Configuration K1 1 1 Update Protocol Configuration K2 0 3 Query! Enable EIGRProuter eigrp <ASN> K3 1 4 Reply ! Add networks to advertise K4 0 5 Hello network <IP address> <wildcard mask> K5 0 8 Acknowledge ! Configure K values to manipulate metric formula metric weights 0 <k1> <k2> <k3> <k4> <k5> Terminology Reported Distance ! Disable automatic route summarization The metric for a route advertised by a neighbor no auto-summary Feasible Distance ! Designate passive interfaces The distance advertised by a neighbor plus the cost passive-interface (<interface> | default) to get to that neighbor Stuck In Active (SIA) ! Enable stub routing The condition when a route becomes unreachable eigrp stub [receive-only | connected | static | summary] and not all queries for it are answered; adjacencies ! Statically identify neighoring routers with unresponsive neighbors are reset neighbor <IP address> <interface> Passive Interface An interface which does not participate in EIGRP but Interface Configuration whose network is advertised! Set maximum bandwidth EIGRP can consumeip bandwidth-percent eigrp <AS> <percentage> Stub Router A router which advertises only a subset of routes,! Configure manual summarization of outbound routes and is omitted from the route query processip summary-address eigrp <AS> <IP address> <mask> [<AD>] Troubleshooting! Enable MD5 authentication show ip eigrp interfacesip authentication mode eigrp <AS> md5ip authentication key-chain eigrp <AS> <key-chain> show ip eigrp neighbors! Configure hello and hold timers show ip eigrp topologyip hello-interval eigrp <AS> <seconds> show ip eigrp trafficip hold-time eigrp <AS> <seconds> clear ip eigrp neighbors! Disable split horizon for EIGRPno ip split-horizon eigrp <AS> debug ip eigrp [packet | neighbors]by Jeremy Stretch v2.1