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dementia risk reduction infographic

Modify your lifestyle and remain alert about some important aspects to reduce your risk of getting dementia. The earlier you start the better!!

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dementia risk reduction infographic

  1. 1. Modify your lifestyle and remain alert about some important aspects to reduce your dementia risk Maintain a healthy weight. Avoid obesity Get regular check-ups. Recognize and treat health problems early. Ask your doctor for advice for better heart and brain health 🚰 🍎 Eat balanced, nutritious meals 🗙 Stop smoking Limit alcohol Avoid diabetes and high blood pressure, or keep these under control  There is no certain way to prevent dementia, but we can reduce our risk for it. Dementia related brain changes start 10-20 years before symptoms appear, so… The earlier you begin to reduce your risk, the better it is Exercise regularly (consult your doctor) 🏃🏊 Stay socially connected 🖌 Be active mentally, learn new things, be creative Reduce Your Risk of Dementia/ Alzheimer’s For information on dementia and care, see: Remain active - physically, mentally and socially Be alert about health problems. Adopt a “heart friendly” lifestyle Be alert about depression and get it treated. Also, be alert about early dementia symptoms Be alert about hearing loss. Get it treated. Use hearing aids if needed Avoid head injury. Avoid games where head injury is common. Stay safe when travelling. Use fall prevention techniques Remain alert about some other important things Avoid air pollution☁☁