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How to make a gel candle


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How to make a gel candle

  1. 1. HOW TO MAKE A GEL CANDLE By: Swanny L. Cruz Torres
  2. 2. MATERIALS Gel Candle Scent Salt Vase Chalk Decorations Dye-stuff
  3. 3. PROCESSFirst step:Get a clean vaseand put some decorations .
  4. 4. Second step:Mix the salt with chalk toget the color that you want
  5. 5. Third step:Put the salt in the vase
  6. 6. Then you put more decorations in
  7. 7. Start heating up the gel until it mealts
  8. 8. When the gel is almost melted you can add the candle scent to it and mix it
  9. 9. Finally you put the mealted gel in the vase and wait until it cools off.
  10. 10. Then you got yourself a gel candle.. The End.