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Published in: Business, Design
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  2. 2. Maureen's Requests Below are the following points which Maureen, my client wants in her coffee table/ footrest Must be under a budget of $400 Needs to be able to store DVDs in it, as well as be easy enough for her children to use Should work in well with the rest of the room Must be comfortable Must be safe for young children Should be stylish Must fit in the lounge room Needs to be finished before December
  3. 3. How will I meet all of Maureen's needs? To ensure the product is made to Maureen's standards, lots of research will be done to explore different ways and styles in which the product can be created
  4. 4. Some design ideas
  5. 5. Final Design After much research and consulting Maureen, we've decided to create a footrest with a soft top, a large pull out draw with plenty of room for storing DVDs, rectangular shaped with a gold coloured handle for the draw
  6. 6. Materials <ul><li>The product will be built out of white melamine sheet for the inside draw and the outside of treated pine. The soft top will be created with a soft foam, that will be covered over with a leather material. </li></ul><ul><li>The product will be stained the colour Jarrah once finished and the leather top will be dark green in colour to match the already existing colours of Maureen's lounge room </li></ul>
  7. 7. Tools When building the product I will be using many materials such as hand drills, table saws, planes, hammers, routers and many more.
  8. 8. In the end I hope Maureen will be very happy with her end product, and I hope by the end of it I still got all fingers