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The Root of Terrorism
                                Compiled and Edited By
                            Anand Shankar Pan...
have changed their track by attacking a soft target like India with 90 crore Hindus
practicing peace and non-violence sinc...
The Mumbai Massacre
                                   Anand Shankar Pandya

     We must hang our heads in shame. A dozen...
“It is a curious coincidence that starting with the attack on kar sevaks on board
Sabarmati Express at Godhra on February ...
were taught such a lesson that they no longer dare to cast their evil eye on London.
Israel is a very small country and ha...
Break the terrorist siege of India
     Just as the blazing World Trade Centre in New York came to symbolise of the
9/11 e...
Some shocking facts
                             R.V. Bhasin, Advocate, Supreme Court

     1. There are more than 100 org...
Why do Muslim Youths Join
                         the Jihadi Movement?
                                     Dr. K.V. Pali...
claimed that those who believe in Quran should fight against those who do not
believe in Quran - first smite their necks, ...
Buddhas. In 1990, these fanatics forcibly drove out or converted the 50,000 Hindu-
Sikh minority population of Afghanistan...
and United States is absolutely essential to save the world from the impending doom
and imminent disaster.
      It is dif...
One Muslim scholar Mr. Tawfik Hamid loudly declared in the Conference that the
militant Islam is a cancerous disease and h...
terrorists tried to launch a shoulder-fired SAM at an Indian airliner... just after reports
that the Pakistanis had suppli...
believe Madarsa to be a pious religious school. It may have been so. No more now.
They, at least most of them, are now Jeh...
However, the Saudis are far from the only source of terrorism funding. Funding
for terrorist organizations comes mainly fr...
From the available evidence and analysis, the central agencies are now
convinced that a local group, in all possibility fo...
ruling classes, as collusion with terrorist and extremist groups, apologetics for
terrorism, political protection to terro...
Munshi prepared for jihad
                      while sitting for Class 10 exams
            Britain’s youngest terrorist ...
police said investigations showed they were part of a sleeper cell that was being
groomed from 2005 for another attack.
meetings. And even a full-fledged arms training camp nestled in the Karnataka
     Several scholars have pointed ...
at laws to make them more aligned for the purposes of fighting terror, necessary?
TOI examines the global experience to fi...
Laws: Four anti-terror acts, special laws for secret service, banking. Max sentence:
Investigative Powers:...
deterred when he sees the solicitude with which the prime suspect in the Coimbatore
blasts, Abdul Nasser Mahdani is being ...
Pakistan and its local agents have already accomplished the “ethnic cleansing of the
valley, having driven the Hindus out....
Jihadi Terrorism Is Assuming An Alarming Proportion Day By Day In India.
Jihadi Terrorism Is Assuming An Alarming Proportion Day By Day In India.
Jihadi Terrorism Is Assuming An Alarming Proportion Day By Day In India.
Jihadi Terrorism Is Assuming An Alarming Proportion Day By Day In India.
Jihadi Terrorism Is Assuming An Alarming Proportion Day By Day In India.
Jihadi Terrorism Is Assuming An Alarming Proportion Day By Day In India.
Jihadi Terrorism Is Assuming An Alarming Proportion Day By Day In India.
Jihadi Terrorism Is Assuming An Alarming Proportion Day By Day In India.
Jihadi Terrorism Is Assuming An Alarming Proportion Day By Day In India.
Jihadi Terrorism Is Assuming An Alarming Proportion Day By Day In India.
Jihadi Terrorism Is Assuming An Alarming Proportion Day By Day In India.
Jihadi Terrorism Is Assuming An Alarming Proportion Day By Day In India.
Jihadi Terrorism Is Assuming An Alarming Proportion Day By Day In India.
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Jihadi Terrorism Is Assuming An Alarming Proportion Day By Day In India.


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Jihadi terrorism is assuming an alarming proportion day by day in India. India has been the victim of unprecedented brutalities at the hands of radical Islamists. There have been 26 terrorist attacks in the recent years in which thousands of innocent people, mostly Hindus, have been killed. Shri Pandya has tried his best to caution Hindus to recognize the gravity of the dangerous situation, stand up and be counted.
--Narain Kataria
(A Hindu Activist Leader, & President, Indian American Intellectuals Forum, NY. (

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  • Millions of infidels or non-believers are being arrested and tortured. Most are highly educated professionals and secular scholars. They should be released, given refugee status, and allowed to emigrate to the United States. Free thinking individuals are in short supply in the US, millions of these infidels would fill that gap.
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Jihadi Terrorism Is Assuming An Alarming Proportion Day By Day In India.

  1. 1. The Root of Terrorism Compiled and Edited By Anand Shankar Pandya Legal Advisor: Shri R.V. Bhasin Advocate, Supreme Court Published by: Desh Bachao Sangh (Regd.) Mumbai World Should Wake Up To Global Jihad Introduction The Mumbai terror attack by Pakistani Islamic Jihadis, fully trained and equipped by Pakistan’s terrorist intelligence agency the ISI, and with the contribution of Pakistan army and naval units is a war on India which has been a victim of 26 Islamic terror attacks in recent years, in which thousands were injured and killed. What makes this Mumbai terror attack unique is not only the scale and audacity but also a clear pattern of global Jihadist strategy that has now begun to move into a different phase altogether. Unfortunately current media thinking remains myopic and mired in the murky depths of political correctness. What clearly emerges is the unmistakable goal of Wahabi Islam to establish Islamic rule over the entire world. This is an approaching global conflict in which all civilized nations like India, Europe and the US will be pitted against an uncompromising and violent religion, whose very purpose of existence is the end of human freedom, peace, security and civilization as perfectly predicted long back by Hutington in his clash of civilizations. How prepared is the world for this conflict hovering over its head? Do the current leaders of free nations including India and the US recognize that we are facing a new dangerous sophisticated enemy? With weapons of mass destruction like stolen nuclear technology and chemical weapons now slowly finding their way into the hands of the Jihadis, this approaching conflict assumes a far more frightening dimension. We need a well- planned strategy to face this terrible danger. It is in this context that I am presenting this well documented thesis to the world at large. India has been suffering from the inhuman atrocities of religious terrorism since a thousand years. But due to its noble philosophy of ‘Vasudhaiva kutumbakam’- The whole world is one family’ Look at the world with friendly eyes- Veda, etc. , India has never retaliated. Hindu kings built several mosques and churches though thousands of their temples had been destroyed. Gandhi achieved independence with the help of non-violence. The victims of religious persecution from all over the world have not only found refuge in India but also enjoyed safety and prosperity. After partition Muslims remaining in India were only 25 million who have now swelled to about 150 million enjoying full religious and democratic rights, becoming Presidents, Governors, Chief Justices etc. while in contrast Hindus in Pakistan who were 12 million have diminished to one million only, with no religious, democratic or political rights whatsoever and not even M.P. in Parliament. But in exchange for all this nobility, Indians are receiving injustice, violence and atrocities in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir. When after the attack on Taj, India strongly pressed Pakistan to send some criminals and terrorists to India for interrogation, Pakistan flatly refused to do so and threatened India with war, may be even nuclear. Pakistan, which is playing a double game, has started teaching hatred towards India to students in its schools through text books containing false history (Times of India- 27.12.2008). It is clear that Pakistan Jihadies had to retreat from other countries in their ambition to establish their hegemony there. Hence to regain their lost prestige, they -1-
  2. 2. have changed their track by attacking a soft target like India with 90 crore Hindus practicing peace and non-violence since 5000 years. This exposes the real intention and nature of Pakistan and its ideological terrorism, which it is exporting to the world, especially India. Pakistan has been careful enough to instruct its Jihadies in China to keep quiet at the moment though it does not find it necessary to do the same in India. Mumbai terror strike’s condemnation by prominent Imams in Delhi and Mumbai is important and most welcome but those who have been indoctrinated into taking up arms in the name of martydom and a place in paradise full of all the luxuries of the world, would probably continue doing terrible deeds. They plead that they are doing what Hazrat Mohammad Saheb in Hadith has ordained Muslims to do. It is an unquestioned fact of past and recent history that Muslim countries were the first to attack other nations like America, England and Isreal compelling them to retaliate. How can then the Muslim countries like Afghanistan and Palestine cry for justice and blame Israel and others for a full-fledged war on their soil. It is no secret that self generating and self sustaining Jihadi terrorism has emanated from radical backward looking Wahhabism and Salafism fed on Saudi money and Pakistan’s patronage- a launching pad for terrorism throughout the world. This has resulted in mushrooming of Mosques and Madarsas across the world that preaches an ideology of hate. Kashmir Valley is an ideal place for world’s biggest terrorist center. Hence Pakistan and some Muslim countries are desperate to seize it. A long term solution must involve liberal interpretation of Islam as early as possible. India and South Asia could be one of the poles of this transformation. What has perhaps escaped the attention of the world is the fact that Shia Muslim community in India is continuously condemning these dastardly destructive acts of mindless violence. They should be praised & encouraged. The Famous Maulana Wahidduddin and many other Maulvies are declaring today that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ and we are with India. In order to prove it Madarasas should teach only the peace aspect of Islam, the constitution of India should be changed to make it capable of fighting terror. Simultaneously whole India should stand up against terrorism unitedly with full determination taking cooperation from the international community especially America who should sincerely block all financial and military aid to Pakistan which engenders terrorism as India will be fighting for the cause of the whole world. At this stage it will not be out of place to suggest that an international fact finding commission should be established to place the facts before the world after full unbiased research which would help truth to prevail and put the guilty in the dock. Ultimately it comes to the mind that if mankind has to survive, there is no alternative to the process of “Globalisation of peace” and as the famous historian Arnold Toynbee said “At this supremely dangerous moment in history, the only way of salvation for mankind is the Indian way of Ramkrishna, Ashok and Gandhi which can make it possible for the human race to grow together into a single family and is the only alternative to destroying ourselves” including Pakistan and all Muslim countries. In a distant future, vision terrorism is a very bitter experience needed for the evolution of the human soul towards its ultimate destiny of realization of ‘Ahimsa Paramodharma’- ‘Non-violence is the highest form of religions’, after crushing terrorism to it’s logical conclusion. And when Khalistan terrorism, Irish international terrorism and LTTE terrorism can be finished, present terrorism can also be eliminated. -- Anandshankar Pandya -2-
  3. 3. The Mumbai Massacre Anand Shankar Pandya We must hang our heads in shame. A dozen-odd terrorists travelled 500 nautical miles of the Arabian sea from Karachi to Mumbai’s Gateway of India, landed at Colaba, and humbled the city of 1.3 crore into utter helplessness for over 60 hours. More than 185 civilians and some distinguished IPS Officers and professional security men had to sacrifice their lives, to redeem the city from the terrorists. If 9/11 was for USA, 26/11 was for India. It was because our motherland, India, is a soft nation, tested and proven so several times. So far, terrorists used to target railway stations, temples, market places, etc. Now, they have started targetting the higher echelon of the society - posh areas and five-star hotels. The November 26-27-28 Mumbai attack was one of the most terrible wars unleashed by Pak-trained terrorists, where AK 47, Grenades, Bombs and explosives, apart from a satellite phone, had been used. The Mumbai attack plot was planned in Karachi some six months ago. The terrorists came from Karachi, Pakistan, via sea, to Mumbai, despite the heavy presence of Navy and Coast Guard, which have obviously failed in their duties. Pakistani Merchant Vessel MV Al Husseni was used by the 10 terrorists to sail to India. Just near the international waters, they came across an Indian-owned trawler, Kuber, which was promptly commandeered on the seas. Four of the fishermen who were on the trawler were ruthlessly killed, and their bodies thrown into the sea. But its skipper, or tandel in fishermen lingo, Amarjit Singh, was forced to proceed towards Mumbai. Near Mumbai they killed Amarjit too and abandoned the boat and the dead body of Amarjit. They then shifted to a dinghy (inflatable speed boat) and straight away came to Mumbai and landed in Colaba. On alighting at Colaba, they branched out into groups of two each and reached five places - Chatrapathi Shivaji Railway Station, Taj Hotel, Oberoi Hotel, Trident Hotel and Nariman House, a building occupied by Jews. On reaching the targeted places, they started firing indiscriminately. Out of the ten terrorists, nine have been killed by our security forces and one - Ajmal Amir Kasab, 21 years of age, has been caught alive. He hails from Faridkot, Pakistan. Ajmal has revealed the name of his fellow jihadis - all Pakistani citizens - as Abu Ali, Fahad, Omar, Shoaib, Umer, Abu Akasha, Ismail, Abdul Rahman (Bara) and Abdul Rahman (Chhota). Kasab has also revealed names and addresses of at least five people from the city who helped the terror operation. Sources said that help like providing shelter, taking them around and showing places, passing information on police stations and nakabandhis were given by these local Muslims. Joint commissioner of police (crime) Rakesh Maria said, "We suspect there could be local Muslim assistants but it is subject to verification.” During interrogation, Ajmal Amir Kasab, told: “There were 24 of us who took one-year training in camps organised by Laskar-e-Taiba (LeT) at Mansera and Muzzarafabad in Punjab province of Pakistan. Ten of us were later handpicked for the Mumbai operation’’ One Abdul Rahman, an ex-soldier popularly called Chacha, had given them training. The training was divided into seven phases. The first phase was of ‘very hard physical training’ of three months which included running 10 to 15 km. The next three months were for marine training like swimming, surfing, diving and boating in high seas. The rest included arms and ammunition training, according to Kasab. After the training was over, they were sent to Mumbai for a “short internship’’, Kasab is believed to have told the cops. This was the period when they did the reccee of the city and even went to the five star hotels (Taj and Oberoi), the sources said. In this respect, the Statement (dtd. 27th Nov. 2008) by Shri L.K. Advani, Leader of the opposition (Lok Sabha), is noteworthy: -3-
  4. 4. “It is a curious coincidence that starting with the attack on kar sevaks on board Sabarmati Express at Godhra on February 26, 2002 almost every major terror strike in India has happened on the 13th or 26th of the month. This year alone, the Jaipur blast took place on May 13, Ahmedabad followed on July 26, Delhi on September 13 and now Mumbai on November 26. It appears the terrorists have made it a pattern to strike on the 13th or 26th of every alternate month. I wonder whether we will have to resort to numerology rather than firm intelligence to anticipate terror attacks.” It must be noted that our security agencies claim that there were only ten terrorists out of which nine have been killed and one caught alive - two each in VT Station, Taj, Oberoi, Trident and Nariman House. If that is so, then who made the bomb blast in a taxi in Vile Parle, which exploded on the highway? Were there any terrorist-occupants in the taxi? A restaurant at Colabo - Leopold Cafe - too was attacked. Were they the same terrorists who attacked Nariman House? Yes, there are conflicting reports about the number of terrorists. It is suspected that a few terrorists could have escaped, camouflaged as hostages. Another important question is: whether such a large scale operation could have taken place without the support of the locals. According to the well known newsagency, PTI, underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s henchman, suspected to be a Colaba-based businessman, handed over arms and explosives to Lashkar-e-Toiba militants for carrying out attacks in Mumbai. It is also reported that the terrorists who carried out the 26/11 attack were carrying student identity cards of colleges from Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore. The cards carried the pictures of the terrorists but the names were fake - all Hindu names. "The cards were given to them when they left the training camp in Pakistan. The terrorists were given Hindu names in the cards. This was possibly an attempt to misguide the police force in case all of them died in the attack," a senior police officer said. The officer said they are investigating whether the cards were printed in Pakistan after gathering details of colleges from the internet or sent from India. Unconfirmed reports said that Bangalore police has detained a person in connection with the issue of identity cards. Afzal Guru of India, convicted for his role in the attack on Parliament House on December 13, 2001, and Ajmal Amir Kasab of Pakistan, seen striking terror at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus on November 26, 2008, are the symbols of 21st century jihad against India. Terrorists, whether sponsored by al-Qaeda or its homegrown cohorts must begin to fear the State, which is not happening today in our country. They must know that for every innocent life they consume, the Indian State will hit back with all the fury at its command. In other words, we have to terrorise the terrorists. And for that, fear holds the key. Terrorists and their treasonable helpers must receive exemplary punishment as and when we lay our hands on them. But we have not yet hanged a terrorist, convicted by the highest court of the country, who masterminded the attack on the temple of democracy - our parliament. India must make it too costly for terror merchants to peddle death and destruction in this country. But is India prepared to do so? Terrorism routed in minoritysm Muzaffar Husain When, on Nov, 26, 2008 Pakistani terrorists attacked Mumbai, there was a furore all over the country, and we demanded to know-when will our country be freed of this scourge? If, when the attack was launched at nine-thirty at night, our airforce had instantly taken to the skies and pulverized the terrorist camps wherever they were in Pakistan, we woukd have received the true answer to this question. Post "9/11" the US did not scream but called upon the citizens to fight these devils, and the US administration dealt with the situation with such determination that the terrorists had to hide in their holes. In Britian too the terrorists -4-
  5. 5. were taught such a lesson that they no longer dare to cast their evil eye on London. Israel is a very small country and has been facing the hostility of 57 Muslim countries of the world since its very birth. So far three wars have been thrust upon it. In our country the inability to stand up to terrorism is rooted in our "masterly inaction" born of cowardice. This inaction is our bane. At the time of the creation of Pakistan a storm of communalism was sweeping throughout the country, and our leaders accepted it as the win of a community that was a part of us. Did the partition satisfy this community? Are not a number of agitations still going on in the country due to its demands? Are not these separatist agitations the root cause of terrorism? Had not the constitution of independent India envisaged a new society, a new nation? Had we built a new society based on the situation prevailing in 1947, we would have had the same law for all citizens. Can there be constitutional and political unity where there is a diversity of laws? Those who do not benefit from the nation's laws would naturally move away from the national mainstream. As a consequence we do not see the roots of terrorism that lie hidden under separatism. This separation has many forms in many places. At one place it is Nexalism, at another it is ULFA, at yet another it is SIMI and Indian Mujahideen. When Religion is the basis of society Jihad will certainly raise its head. When the Khalistan movement began to talk of Dharma Yuddha, Indira Gandhi suppressed it ruthlessly. Thus the Khalistan movement came to an end. In our neighbourhood, Sri Lanka began to burn fiercely when LTTE clothed its terrorism in the garb of linguistic and territorial separation. For the past 25 years the Sri Lanka government refused to accept LTTE's demands. The result is that we now see Prabhakaran headed for a downfall. The government there burnt with acid the very points on which separation flourished. In Ireland terrorism prevailed for long years. A strong political will on the government's part has buried it. In Italy the mafia shook the whole of Europe with its criminal career. Even their Prime Minister was kidnapped and kept in captivity for a month and a half. But the Italian government did not back down. The result is that mafia rule came to an end. In India terrorist strikes are taking place everywhere from Kashmir to Mumbai for 28 years, but the Government not only just watches the mayhem but, at times even releases terrorists like Masand Azhar and Umar Shaikh. Can such cowardice fight terrorism? Actually it is in our cowardice that the roots of the terrorism are embedded. Has the government of India achieved anything after the Nov 26 attack? All we do is push papers wherein we keep making changes and Pakistan keeps refuting them in the same manner. Now that the attack is being debated in the UN Security Council Pakistan's representative Abdullah Haroom has said that this terrorism has its origin in the Deoband madrasa in India, where it is taught and then exported to Pakistan and Afghanistan, so it is for the Government of India to keep an eye on this. Now it is for God to find out the truth about this and place it before the world, as this is a serious allegation. The Deoband Madrasa may well be related to the minority community, still such a serious charge cannot be tolerated. There can be a Muslim vote bank but not a security bank, so the solution to the problem needs to rise above vote-politics. Minoritysm is an ulcer and foreigners are infiltrating in to the country on the pretext of putting an ointment on it. The sober response that the people and government of the country had shown on Nov. 26 is no more in evidence. Now every leader and every political party is talking of elections. Elections are necessary but security is vital. If there is no country whom can the government rule? The greed for power is the root cause of terrorism. We need to burn it with a strong acid if we want to preserve our Nationhood, our Bharatiyata. We can ill afford to forget that the more we indulged in the appeasement of the Muslims during the last 50 years, the more they moved away from the national mainstream and towards Pakistan. -5-
  6. 6. Break the terrorist siege of India Just as the blazing World Trade Centre in New York came to symbolise of the 9/11 events, television footage of the fire raging in Mumbai's landmark Taj Mahal and Oberoi hotels has laid bare yet newer face of terror. The multiple, simultaneous assaults in Mumbai are just the latest example of how the world's largest democracy has come under siege from terrorist forces. The attacks are also a bloody reminder to US President-elect Barack Obama that even as he seeks to deal with the scourge of terrorism having spread deeper and wider. International terrorism threatens the very existence of democratic, secular states. Yet the US occupation of Iraq not only helped fracture the post-9/11 global consensus to Islamists, but also handed a fresh cause to Islamists, giving a new lease of life to al Qaeda. Obama will need to bring the anti-terror war back on course by building a new international consensus and focussing on rooting out terrorist sanctuaries in the Pakistan-Afghanistan belt-the epicentre of international terror. It will, of course, require a sustained international campaign to eliminate the forces of jihad that pursue violence as a sanctified tool of religion and a path to redemption. The challenge is also broad: the entire expanse from the Middle East to Southeast Asia is home to Islamist groups and troubled by terrorist violence, posing a serious challenge to international and regional security. But as the Mumbai strikes show, India-because of its location next to the Pak- Afghan belt and its eyesore status for jihadists as the only real democratic, secular state in the vast arc stretching from Jordan to Malaysia-will stay on the frontlines of global terror. To help unravel the Indian Republic, the jihadists have sought to undermine its rising economic strength by repeatedly making its financial capital their target since 1993, choosing to carry out their latest strikes at a time when foreigners already have been heavy sellers of Indian equities. The strikes- the eighth in a spate if attacks in India in the past five months- were exceptionally brazen and daring, even when viewed against the high level of terrorism now tormenting India. Indeed, since 9/11, the world has not witnessed terrorism on this scale or level of sophistication and coordination. Transnational terrorists, including those tied to al Qaeda, are waging an open war on India, yet the Indian leadership is unable to declare a war on terror. The question India needs to ask itself is: why has it turned into a laboratory for international terrorists, who try out new techniques against Indian targets and then perpetrated in the west include attacks on symbols of state authority, midair bombing of a commercial jetliner and coordinated strikes on a city transportation system. Now, jihadists, arriving by boat, have innovatively carried out a series of horrific assaults in Mumbai that are not only unmatched in daring, but also set up a model for imitating elsewhere. What India needs is a credible counterterror campaign. But what its harried citizens get after each major terrorist attack are stock platitudes. Empty rhetoric is eating into vitals of internal security. Indeed, after the government's ritual condemnation of each attack and the standard promise to defeat terror, India puts the strikes behind it and goes back to what now defines it- partisan politics and scandal. That is, until terror strikes again. Worse, the fight against terror has been increasingly politicised and got linked to communal, electoral and vote-bank considerations. Combating terror demands at least four different elements - a well-thought-out strategy, effective state instruments to implement that strategy, a credible legal framework to speedily bring terrorists to justice, and unflinching political resolve to stay the course. India is deficient on all four. Unlike other important victims of terror in the world, India has no published counter-terror doctrine. And a retiring Chief Justice of India was compelled to remind fellow citizens that, "we don't have the political will to fight terrorism." -6-
  7. 7. Some shocking facts R.V. Bhasin, Advocate, Supreme Court 1. There are more than 100 organisations to promote Jihad. Pakistan government has complete details of all these organisations. 2. Retired Military Officers of Pakistan are giving training to nearly 10 lakh Jihadis. They have clandestine relations with ISI. 3. Jihadis and many others numbering about 2 lakh have joined hands to raise funds for Jihad against Bharat. 4. The intention of the Jihadis is to capture Kashmir, from where they can capture the entire Bharat. 5. Indian Muslims who are in touch with Pak ISI are living in Hyderabad, Saharanpur, Azamgarh, Barailey, Muzaffarnagar, Bijnore, Muradabad, Varanasi, Siwan, Patna, Sitamadi, Katihar, Kishanganj, Gaya, etc. 6. The ISI claims that these Muslims living in India are in direct contact with the people of Pakistan and are under the control of Pakistan. 7. Once Jihad is launched in India, at least 10 percent of the 16 crore Muslims in India will take up arms against our Military. 8. The ISI has made such a conspiracy that under no circumstances, the Kashmir problem is solved. 9. An amount of Rs.600 crores has been set aside by Madrasas, for promoting Islam. 10. Ten Jihadi organisations which are active are as under: Harkat-ul-Jihadi Harkat-ul-Mujahideen Sepah-E-Seva Lashkar-E-Jhangavi Lashkar-E-Toiaba Al Badr Jaish-E-Mohamed Tajim-ul-Ikhwan Hijbul Mujahideen Tahariq-ul-Mujahideen 11. The world headquarters of all Jihadi organisations is in Pakistan, named United Jehad Council. UJC office is situated in Karachi. The United States of America is fully aware of this. 12. There are nearly 125 Jihadi organisations in Bangladesh and Pakistan, where Jihadis are being trained. They are spread over Kashmir and North Eastern states. 13. Pakistan Atomic Council is an Islamic organisation, whose aim is to bring Israel, America, Europe, etc. under Darul-Islam 14. First, the Indian subcontinent will be made into an Islamic country, from where the infrastructure to make the entire world into Islam will be made available. 15. One Shaukat Usman is in constant touch with Osama Bin Laden. He has sworn to take back Afghanistan. Kashmir will be his next target. 16. Paresh Baruah lives in Pakistan and Bangladesh. He has become a Muslim and is controling Muslim United Liberation Tigers of Afghanistan. 17. His idea is that in about 50 years we will be ready to achieve our goal. Hindus are cowards. One Muslim can defeat 10 Hindus. Hindus have no valour. This message is being given to each and every soldiers and officers of Pak army. 18. The ISI of Pak is not under the control of Pakistan Government. It is working for the promotion of Islam. 19. Musharraf had decided to use the ISI as a weapon, and promised them that he will not interfere in its working. -7-
  8. 8. Why do Muslim Youths Join the Jihadi Movement? Dr. K.V. Paliwal Liberal, secular, tolerant and peace-loving Hindus, who believe in ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (the whole world is one family) also believe that Quran and Hadiths are not responsible for Islamic terrorism. They also believe and declare that terrorists have no religion. Gullible Hindus think that the real meaning of Jihad is ‘to fight against the internal evil forces of oneself’. “Do not attack anyone, because Allah does not like anyone who first attacks others”. But this type of peace-loving verses in the Quran and Hadiths were written when Prophet Mohammed was in Mecca and was in a vulnerable position. Then he left for Medina and there he changed his thoughts and behaviour. During his life time, he himself has fought 82 wars, which he termed as jihad, and instructed his followers to do so. Accordingly, purely by waging war, Muslims have captured 56 countries in the world, by force and violence Prophet Mohammed said that the meaning of jihad is holy war, the purpose being destruction of non-Muslims’ lives, properties and countries, and establishing Islamic regime, i.e. Darul Islam. A good Muslim is one who undertakes jihad risking his life and properties and in the process causes shedding of his and his horse’s blood (Muslim Jeevan 3.4652, pg 1262, Bhukhari Vol.4, 45, pg.37). A Muslim who dies without undertaking jihad during his life is a cheat and a worthless Muslim (Dawood, Vol.2:2496, pg. 693). Jihad is a duty for Muslims. By joining Jihad, Muslims should kill non-Muslims and become Gazhi or become a martyr by dying. Benevolent Allah will send both to Paradise, where they are guaranteed certain privileges - like 72 beautiful girls, orchids, stream of wine and honey, etc. When a follower of Prophet Mohammed questioned how a Man can have sex with 72 girls, Mohammed replied that he will have the sex-power of 100 men (Unveiling Islam, page 193). If a Jihadi wills, he can have sex with a girl through out day and night continuously for 40 years (Ibn Abi Dunia Bhayat. pg. 46-47). Apart from girls, handsome boys wearing silk and jewellery, will also be provided for enjoyment. There are nearly 2,500 such promises given in Quran and Hadith. Hadith says, on the day of judgement, a Jihadi can recommend Paradise even for his relatives. The Economic Times, London, says that Muslims blindly believe in every word of Quran and Hadith. Therefore, when they read about such pleasures in Paradise, they become ready to be a Jihadi and Suicide Bomber. Indeed, it becomes a dream for every Muslim. According to Times, London, a 18-year old boy had joined the Jihadi forces. USA and China have understood this problem very well, but we in India refuse to understand this ideology which is the root cause of terrorism. It is wrong to say that it is poverty which drives them to terrorism. Even educated youth have become terrorists, in the belief of reaching the Paradise and enjoying the special privileges. Prophet Mohammed says that he has a special place for those who help the Jihadis by providing money, weapon, hideouts, etc. and Allah will bless them with special gifts (Majah, page 134, Jihad and Jannat, page 25). This is the reason that terrorists are receiving help from Muslim traders, officers, politicians, and common Muslims, and it becomes difficult for the security forces to capture them. But a Hindu does exactly the opposite. The Government and the so called secularists should understand this issue well. Some scholars claim that the verses relating to Jihad and War was incorporated later by some Muslim Kings, so that they can expand their Kingdom by violence, killing and looting. Therefore, Mullahs and Nationalist Muslims should convince the common Muslims that Jihad is an internal war against the evil habits of oneself. Those Muslims who do not believe in communal hatred and violence are our brethren. And Islam too will gain in respect. Times of India (24.09.08) reports that about 13 minutes before the Bomb Blast in Delhi, Indian Mujahideen had sent an email quoting 2 verses from Quran. The verses -8-
  9. 9. claimed that those who believe in Quran should fight against those who do not believe in Quran - first smite their necks, and when most of them are killed, bind the remaining infidels and make them captives. According to a reputed Muslim scholar, Mufti Ajifur Rahman, these verses were written when non-Muslims in Mecca were torturing Muslims and the Muslims had to run away to Medina. Therefore, this verse directs Muslims to attack non-Muslims. But today, terrorists are misusing this verse by killing innocent children, old persons and women. And also by killing their own community members (Muslims), they are violating the Quranic dictum. Thousands of young Muslims of various nationalities, of whom many were well educated and belonged to well to do families, have laid their lives as human bombs or embraced martyrdom, fighting with the security forces of the ‘infidels’. What the non-Muslim world calls terrorism, the Muslim world calls ‘Jehad’, holy war. The foremost questions are, “What is the purpose of Jehad? Why and how do young Muslim boys and girls take up these deadly terrorist activities?” The answer is simple. They are staunch believers in the Quranic precepts as the words of God and the prophethood of Mohammad. The Quran enjoins upon its followers to bring the entire mankind under the Islamic flag. There are hundreds of Ayats in the Quran in support of this theme and for sanctifying persecution, terrorism and even genocide in furtherance of Islamisation of the world. For example, verse 9 of Sura LXI says, “He (God) hath sent his messenger (Mohammed) with the guidance and the religion of truth that He may make it conquer of all religions, however much idolaters may be averse”. Verse 5 of Sura IX says, “Then, when the sacred months have passed slay the idolaters wherever ye find them and take them (captive), besiege the, and prepare for them each ambush....” The lives of the prophet and the successive Caliphs bear testimony to the practical application of such verses. Even an exalted liberal Muslim scholar, Maulana Azad, who had presided over the Congress for the longest period (before Partition), had written in his journal Al- Hilal in September 1912: “It is regrettable that the Muslims have not seen Islam at its zenith. If they had, they would not be bowing their heads in subjugation to the Hindus”. He also held that the Muslims were born to rule, not to be ruled. (Ian Henderson Doughlas in Abul Kalam Azad, pages 140-141). Following this ideology, Mohammedan armies established Islamic rule far and wide, in the Middle-East, West and Central Asia, North Africa, parts of Europe, India and South-East Asia. Most of these Mohammedan empires were uprooted by the Christian powers of Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. Hence, the Islamic world considers them their worst enemies. Its next major enemy is Hindu India. Under a deep-rooted misconception, Indian (including Pakistani and Bangladeshi) Muslims believe India to be their fiefdom, which they lost to Hindus because of the British manipulation. Hence, Pakistan with its stooges and agents in Hindu India is using every trick to turn it also into an Islamic State. Jihad in India: A Conference in Florida A report from Narain Kataria, NY A three day Conference starting March 5, 2007 in the city of St. Petersburg, Florida, United States was organized by Intelligence Summit, a non-partisan, non- profit educational forum. In the Conference, Dr. Babu Suseelan, a well-known Hindu scholar presented the Hindu view point to the Conference delegates covering India's past and present History. Tracing the history of India, Dr. Suseelan narrated: "Before the advent of Islam, Afghanistan was a Buddhist nation. To safeguard their ancestral religion and beliefs, the brave people of Afghanistan confronted the brutal Islamic invaders for 300 years but finally were defeated and, then, Islamized. After converting to Islam, the same non-violent Buddhists eventually turned into the Talibans of today. They took to terrorism and even destroyed the centuries old priceless statues of Bamyan -9-
  10. 10. Buddhas. In 1990, these fanatics forcibly drove out or converted the 50,000 Hindu- Sikh minority population of Afghanistan." Quoting Mr. M.A. Khan of Islamic Watch, Dr. Suseelan said: "Eleventh century saw the barbaric assault of Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni on India. Mahmud's army slaughtered 15,000 fighting men in what they described as the 'splendid action' before capturing 500,000 men and women as slaves. The barbarity and cruelty of Sultan Mahmud was proudly and vividly described by contemporary Muslim historians. In the attack on Thanesar, 'the blood of the infidels flowed so copiously that the stream was discolored and the people were unable to drink it'. Mahmud attacked and destroyed the famed Somnath temple in the Western India and massacred over 50,000 Hindus guarding the temple. "Sultan Allauddin Khaliji (1296-1316) attacked Chittor in the present Rajasthan State and killed 30,000 people in cold blood. No wonder that 50,000 slave boys were engaged in his personal services and 70,000 slaves worked continuously in his buildings. Firoz Tughlaq, who ascended the throne in 1351, killed another 180,000 Hindus in Bengal and erected the infamous 'Tower of Skulls.' "As recently as 1946, the Muslims slaughtered more than 5,000 Hindus in Kolkata in one day alone and threatened Hindus at large that this action would be repeated in all the major Indian cities if Hindus refused to the partitioning of India; this ultimately was agreed upon. In 1947, India was divided into the Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan. Hindus mistakenly believed that by agreeing to the separate Muslim Pakistan their problems with the Islam would be over. "But in Pakistan, the worst reign of repression awaited the minority Hindus. Millions of them were uprooted, butchered and slaughtered like chicken and goats. Hundred of thousands of Hindu girls were kidnapped. Their chastity violated, they were raped and forcibly married to Muslims. "Muslims ethnically cleansed the entire Hindu-Sikh population from Pakistan , the land they got from partitioning of the historic India. They systematically used all official machinery and resources to reduce the Hindu population to merely 2% from its earlier 20% in 1947. "Bangladesh is another perfect example of the ethnic cleansing. Its population of Hindu-Buddhists-Christians was about 39% in 1947. During the 1971 India- Pakistan war, Hindus were the prime target of genocide and gang rape by Islamic Pakistani army. In a period of nine months, three million people were mercilessly murdered by Pakistan army, of which more than 80% were Hindus. From then on, the covert and overt assault on Hindus continued relentlessly. Three hundred thousand girls were raped, out of which 95% were Hindu girls. Over ten million Hindu refugees took shelter in India. "The slaughter of Hindus in subcontinent continued and the world remained unperturbed. In 1990, more than 400,000 Hindus were forcibly driven from the Indian controlled Jammu and Kashmir region by the Jihadists that were militarily trained and funded by Pakistan's intelligence agency, ISI (Inter Services Intelligence)." There are articles in Koran which enjoin on Muslims as under: "O Prophet! Make war against the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be unyielding to them; and their abode is hell, and evil is the destination." And in 8:12, the Koran says, "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them." The big question that still remains is: "Have these Koranic injunctions on Muslims outlived their utility? Is it not possible to adequately modify the above religious teachings in Islam so as to suit the needs of modern civilization," quipped Dr. Suseelan. The Rising Muslim Population in South Asia, is the Greatest Danger to the World In South Asia the number of Muslims at this time is as under: India 150 million, Pakistan 145 million, Bangladesh 140 million and Afghanistan 16 million. Thus the total number of Islamic people in the region is about 450 million; one and half time the US population. South Asia is sitting on a tinder box. Hindus alone will not be able to stem the wrath of ferocious terrorists. Hence the cooperation between India, Israel - 10 -
  11. 11. and United States is absolutely essential to save the world from the impending doom and imminent disaster. It is difficult for a civilized person to understand the Muslim psyche. Hindus foolishly thought that by conceding to the demand for Pakistan, they could buy peace with the Muslims. They were one hundred percent wrong. Now Islamic Pakistan and Muslims are aiming at the separation of Kashmir from India. It is a matter of great regret that many Hindu scholars, particularly the Far Left Liberals in India, still fondly believe that coexistence with Islamic people is possible! Why the converts to Islam ultimately end up being the terrorists ? Appealing to the top-notch experts on the counter-terrorism, Dr. Suseelan asked them to ponder over the question as to why the converts to Islam become violent and fanatic and kill the innocent people without any remorse. Is there something in their religious scriptures which motivates them to kill in the name of Allah? Dhiren Barot, a Hindu convert to Islam, became Al Qaeda's top operative. His Islamic name is Abu Musa al-Hindi. He traveled to Pakistan for terrorist training in 1995. He has written a book "The Army of Medina in Kashmir." In this book, he has described in detail as to how to kill the Indian army in Kashmir. He conducted a good amount of research work in the field of radiological weapons which he wanted to use in the terrorist attacks on New York Stock Exchange, International Monetary Fund Headquarters, World Bank, etc. Adam Gadahn, an American, converted to Islam at the age of seventeen rose to the position of top operative of Al Qaeda operations. In one of his speeches in 2005, he said: "We love slitting the throats of Infidels." He invited Americans to convert to Islam before it is too late. He praised the attackers of the World Trade Center as "dedicated, strong-willed and motivated individuals." His Islamic name is Azzam al- Amriki (Azzam the American). Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the Father of Pakistan, was grand child of a Hindu and very secular at heart. But when he came in contact with Imams (Muslim priests), he became a dangerously fanatic Muslim and broke India into two pieces. The current ground situation in the South Asia is fraught with dangerous consequences. There has been an astronomical rise in Islamic fundamentalism in India. Islamists, in democratic societies like India, exploit the vulnerabilities of constitutional governance to the hilt. Almost all the Hindu leaders in India are facing death threats from the Islamic extremists. Muslims use chicanery, stratagem and subterfuge to beat the democratic system. Imam of Ghaziabad district in India has appealed to Muslims to adopt the Sharia law to settle their dispute. In February, 2007, the State Assembly of Jammu and Kashmir passed a bill bringing the country's only Muslim-majority state in the ambit of Sharia laws. Moved as a private member's bill from the Opposition leader Abdul Rahim, the House passed the legislation by a voice vote without any dissent. Hindu leaders killed in India The India Government at this time is so wracked of Islamic rowdies that two days after the Mumbai bombings in July 2006 - that killed more than 180 people -- the government of India issued a directive banning 17 websites that were critical of Muslim misdeeds. These websites were singled out because, according to the Indian government, they might incite religious violence. The nine American websites banned by India are all critical of the Islamist movement. Shockingly enough, not a single website of the Islamic extremists justifying - and even celebrating - the Mumbai bombings was banned. According to Mr. Fitzgerald of the "Jihad Watch," 60 to 70 million Hindus were killed by Islamic Jihadists during 1000 years. ( However, it is a matter of disgrace that no Hindu leader in India ever broaches on this subject. Actuated by a desire to crush and obliterate the Hindu people in India, an overt and covert war has been unleashed by Jihadists on them. The aim is to frighten them into submission and push them into the vortex of pan-Islamic movement. - 11 -
  12. 12. One Muslim scholar Mr. Tawfik Hamid loudly declared in the Conference that the militant Islam is a cancerous disease and has to be eradicated. "We have to liquidate this mindset, or else it would wipe us out," thundered Mr. Hamid amidst a great ovation. Jihad against India Observer 15.10.93 A recent US committee report clearly speaks of the ISI’s destabilising tactics in this country, says Dina Nath Mishra India is on its way to becoming the most dangerous zone of terrorism, exported by the global Islamic jihad. This is what has come out in several years of “research and analysis of trends of Islamist International” says the task force on terrorism and unconventional warfare, house Republican research committee, US House of Representatives, which submitted its report on February 1, 1993. Yet the US did not declare Pakistan a terrorist state. In fact, president Clinton softened his stand on Islamabad in relation to Kashmir despite the fact that the US research dismissed the Pakistani alibi of these terrorists being trained in Afghanistan by the Hekmatyar group. It amply proved Pakistan wrong giving specific examples, even naming Karachi as the coordinating centre of arms supply to South-Asian countries. The report says: “... the Pakistani involvement was also apparent from... a high percentage of Pakistani-trained terrorists among the captured, killed, and defecting Kashmiris (and) in the ranks of Hizb-ul-Mujahideen... (By summer of 1992) the Indians noted, for example, that professionalism and audacity permitted a change in the tactics of Kashmiri terrorists.... they were conducting virtually daily attacks on security forces...” In fact, RAW and other agencies informed the government about this situation early this year. Again in August, they warned that 700 trained terrorists, including Afghans, had crossed over with sophisticated arms. They indicated that nothing short of a Blue Star-type operation would help as the terrorists possessed a network of safe bunkers. They hinted that after the four-month winter, only a full-fledged war operation could save the situation. The terrorism, according to the US research, is backed by Iranians, Palestinians and Libyans apart from CIA-trained Afghans in the earlier phase. The report says: “Jamaat-e-Islami (Pakistan), Hizb-Islami and Jamiat-I-Islami (Afghanistan) and Hizb- ul-Mujahideen (Kashmir) had all become members to the Turabi-led Popular International Organisation, and in this capacity, provided assistance to, and cooperated with, Islamists from Egypt, the Hizbullah in Lebanon, FIS in Algeria, and NIF in Sudan. PIO members exchanged experts and cooperated in joint support and training activities.” Hinting at Iranian collaboration, the report says: “Iran has had a special commitment to the Islamist struggle in Kashmir because the paternal branch of the family of the Ayatollah Khomeini... has lived in Kashmir since the 19th century... in the late-80’s, Ayatollah Khomeini still retained some contacts with the main branch of his Kashmiri family and emotional ties to it. “... With the consolidation of the Teheran-led Islamic bloc, the struggle for Kashmir became a primary strategic consideration and priority for Maj Gen Hohsin Reza’.... explained: ‘Unity among Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan will strengthen Muslim solidarity and enable the peoples of Soviet Central Asia and Kashmir to join in. China would also welcome such a development, but I am not sure about the Indian... Muslim view.” The Bombay blasts, which are still fresh in the people’s memory, were a continuation of the ISI operation. The report mentions: “(Among) ISI-trained Kashmiri terrorists... were experts (in) hijacking of airliners or sophisticated sabotage of national-level installations. Their presence became known when a bomb exploded in Delhi airport on June 25, 1991. On December 1, 1991, bombs were also found aboard a (New York-bound) Air India Boeing. The Janbaz Force claimed responsibility... In mid-January, Kashmiri - 12 -
  13. 13. terrorists tried to launch a shoulder-fired SAM at an Indian airliner... just after reports that the Pakistanis had supplied (them) latest anti-aircraft weapons. ISI-trained Kashmiri militants were also behind a series of bomb blasts in New Delhi in the spring of 1992.” As per the report, ISI has a network in the whole of western India also: “Terrorists were increasingly smuggling weapons from... Ganganagar in Rajasthan, where the ISI had its own bases... the latest weapons for special operations... now dominate the insurgency in the Rajasthan area... ISI (enlarged) channels of weapons supplies... through new routes in south Rajasthan and Gujarat sectors of the international border...” About Maharashtra enough has come out in newspapers after the Bombay blasts about the grip of ISI over politicians, administration and the police, particularly in Ratnagiri and Raigarh districts. The report also mentions the training imparted to Tamil militants: “In early- August 1992, two Pakistani operatives where captured in Vijaypur, 30 km from Madras, trying to blow up a train... they were members of an ISI-supported group....” The Pakistan-backed Islamic fundamentalists thought out a strategy to exploit the divisive tendencies of Hindu society and separatist tendencies in peripheral states. The US research confirms this): “Islamabad was ready for the next phase in the ISI-sponsored terrorist campaign, the expansion of ethnic separatist terrorism all over India.... The ISI would upgrade and intensify its involvement with, and support for, non-Muslim and faraway subversive groups. Consequently several (groups and organisations) gravitated towards Pakistan.... The ISI was, to say the least, very accommodating.” India has been facing ethnic clashes in Manipur in recent months. This has an ISI root and Burmese base: “In late-1990 in Manipur valley, Irengbam Bharat Singh, leader of Revolutionary People’s Front approached Islamabad with request fro weapons, training and all other assistance (for the Front’s army wing People’s Liberation Army) for a fullscale war against the Indian government.... Captured PLA documents state that Pakistan agreed to extend all possible help (via) Burma... Pakistan (brought) promising terrorists (for) training and indoctrination in ISI camps... (this) made apparent changes in subersie networks in Manipur... Most telling was the emergence, in 1992, of the United Islamic Liberation Army as the dominant subversive organisation in north-east India, especially Manipur.” The US research profusely quoted in this piece is an authentic document and a result of years of labour. It is a voluminous report and the chapter ‘Pakistan, Afghanistan and Export of Terrorism’ extends to pages. It has proved three points conclusively. One, the nature of terrorism is Pan-Islamic. Two, ISI has twin objectives of annexation of Kashmir and pursuing Umma’s Islamic mission. Three their target is the whole of India with the help of fundamentalist Islamic organisations and by exploiting the divisions in Indian society. Role of Madrasas P. Deivamuthu What is a madarsa? It is an Islamic religious school. Madarsa is an Arabic term. It means 'centre of education'. This system developed in Baghdad in Iraq in AD 1073 and was introduced into India in AD 1206. The madarsas in India are organised under four or five organisations. It is even difficult to read or pronounce their names. But that is no reason to ignore them. It is time that at least Hindus knew about them. They are Dar-ul-Uloom in Deoband [founded in 1886], madarsat-ul-Uloom, Aligarh [in 1873] and Nadvat-ul-Ulama [in 1894] Jamait-ul-Hidaya or Jel-H [1948] and of late Ahle Hadis. Today, the whole world is concerned about the growth of Madarsas. For, Madarsas, wherever they are, in Egypt, or the Middle East, in Iraq or Iran, in Pakistan or Afghanistan, in Malaysia or Indonesia, in India or Bangladesh, are now known as the cradle of terror. The world debates Madarsa. Scrutinises it. Tries to control it. But thanks to our secular establishment most of us are ignorant of this phenomenon. Most of us do not know even the difference between Madras and madarsa. Some - 13 -
  14. 14. believe Madarsa to be a pious religious school. It may have been so. No more now. They, at least most of them, are now Jehad factories. Now the madarsa-linked terrorism has spread everywhere. Madarsas in India, in whichever state they are, are linked to terror. There are at least 10 instances of proven links between Madarsa and terror in Delhi, four in J&K, 15 in UP. It is now an undisputed fact that many, may be most, madarsas foster, sustain, motivate, recruit and launch terrorists. Islam is a global faith. It places faith above nations. There is nothing like a national Islam, different from the global. Madarsa is about Islam. It stands for Islam. It cannot teach one Islam in India and another in Pakistan. So the role of the madarsas elsewhere and in India cannot be different. There is the common thread of Islam running through the madarsas cutting across national limitations. A top-secret Intelligence report says that ‘‘there has been a systematic pattern of use of madarsas for shelter/hideouts, cover building, communication, arms caching recruitment of cadres. It is also clear that madarsas and mosques are being used for inculcation of fundamentalist Islamic precepts and practices among Muslim children at all levels. Given that one of the basic tenets of Pan-Islamic revival is the elevation of individual loyalty from nationhood to religion, this is tantamount to systematic effort towards subversion of the population.’’ So these apparently pious centres are really Jihadi dens which subvert the mind of the pupil against the nation. For, Pan Islam does not recognise any nation. It recognises only religious loyalty. How many madarsas exist in the country? The report cites a recent survey, which puts the figure at about 32,000, Kerala leading with a high tally of 9,975. They have over 74,000 teachers and 18.29 lakh students. The numbers are far less in Pakistan, which turned out the entire Taliban with much smaller number of these factories of terror. Where from do these madarsas get their funds? From the Muslim world. Even from the underworld, the report says. The report goes on to record even more startling facts. ‘‘A disconcerting trend which has emerged during the interrogations of terrorists arrested during counter- terrorist and counter-espionage operations by security agencies in India in recent times is the use of madarsas for providing logistic support for terrorist actions or modules.’’ Says the report,‘‘many madarsas located in J&K, UP, Delhi, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Gujarat etc have been used by terrorists for contact building, shelters, hideouts, cover-building, motivation, recruitment, storage of arms, acquiring fake documents.’’ ‘‘This”, the report says, “has been done with the active connivance of the madarsa officials”. Several terrorists modules launched from Pakistan, says the report, have been directed to contact designated madarsas, for shelter, guidance, direction on arrival in India. Obviously these seemingly pious schools are a great security risk. Even Pakistan thinks so. But we are in the holographic world designed by the seculars for us. So, we help in the growth of such Jihad factories, by giving them monetary grants, aids, etc. Our Home Minister has described them as “centres of learning”, whereas his Intelligence Dept. hold an exactly opposite view. The funding of Jihadis The sources that feed these organizations are much more varied than one might assume. The Saudi government has admitted to spending more than $87 billion over the last decade in an effort to spread Wahhabism. This money has been spent on the creation of Mosques, madrasas, and other institutions that have constituted the breeding grounds for the foot soldiers of the global Islamic terrorist movement. Political considerations, and oil, have prevented Washington from holding the Saudis accountable for their role in promoting terrorism. - 14 -
  15. 15. However, the Saudis are far from the only source of terrorism funding. Funding for terrorist organizations comes mainly from national governments, including but not limited to Iran, Saudi Arabia, and a number of other Arab states; charitable organizations like the Arab League and the International Islamic Relief Organization; "legitimate" business fronts, such as travel agencies and cell phone distributors; the exploitation of the unregulated commodities market and other financial markets; and various forms of international trade that convert cash into diamonds and gold. Terrorists also generate money from criminal activities such as extortion, prostitution rings, video pirating, and drug trafficking. Linkages between terror outfits executing bomb blasts across the country and jihadi cells that have been circulating fake Indian currency notes (FICN) may not be a secret but its extent has caused concern among the security agencies. Seizures of huge amount of FICN worth crores of rupees from agents working closely with the perpetrators of the twin blasts in Hyderabad had brought the issue to the centrestage when the home ministry took up this issue with the external affairs and finance ministries recently. Furthermore, terrorist organizations have created links with the Russian Mafia, Colombian drug cartel, and a number of other international criminal organizations. These links of politics, money, geography, and arms create a mutually beneficial relationship that allows both the terrorists and the criminal organizations to prosper. Drug trafficking, an estimated $2 trillion market per year, has become the best weapon for terrorists. Beyond helping terrorists to finance their wide range of illegal activities, the drug market has also allowed terrorist organizations to undermine targeted countries both politically and economically, while at the same time creating a crisis in the targeted country's public health system. Furthermore, the illegal drug trade has helped Islamist terrorist organizations recruit new members by citing drug use as an indication of Western degeneracy, and a sign that such corrupt societies need to be destroyed. SIMI factions are running all-India terror network.... The same kind of bombs were used in Jaipur and Hyderabad Josy Joseph, DNA Credible evidence linking the May 13 Jaipur blasts and last year’s bomb attacks in Hyderabad has emerged confirming fears that a powerful network of home-grown terrorists are operating across India. Based on clear evidence and other inputs, the investigators are carrying out an intensive search of jaipur for local SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) sympathisers, who may have escaped surveillance by intelligence agencies and played a crucial role in carrying out the serial blasts two weeks ago. According to dependable sources, the detonators used in the Jaipur and Hyderabad blasts were manufactured by the Andhra Pradesh Explosives Ltd based in Hyderabad. The investigators also found that the unexploded bombs recovered in both Jaipur and Hyderabad were similar: From Jhori Bazar of Jaipur police had recovered an unexploded bomb on May 13, while in Hyderabad an unexploded bomb was recovered from Dilsukhnagar on August 25 last year when two bombs killed 34 people. The bombs had a similar chemical composition - based on ammonium nitrate, the same brand of samay digital clocks, and detonators from the same batch manufactured in the same factory. Every terror group, whether in Iraq, Kashmir or Afghanistan has a clear signature way of carrying out attacks. A striking signature has been emerging in the bomb blasts across India in the past three-four years. Besides, a very strong Hyderabad link has emerged, sources say: India’s most infamous homegrown terrorist, Shahid Bilal, who was killed in Pakistan last year; was originally from Hyderabad. - 15 -
  16. 16. From the available evidence and analysis, the central agencies are now convinced that a local group, in all possibility former members of SIMI, are behind the blasts across India over the last three-four years. The Jaipur blasts were their latest success, and there is no clear indication where they could strike next. Several recent blasts - Mumbai train blasts, Varanasi, Samjhauta Express, Delhi, Malegaon, Hyderabad, Jaipur - are all yet not solved satisfactorily, and police claims on culprits are “unreliable”, dependable sources in the security establishment are now beginning to admit. SIMI men still out there Josy Joseph, DNA, New Delhi The Indian security establishment is racing against time to prevent the next terror strike. A nationwide coordinated effort to trace terror suspects may have resulted in a few arrests, including that of cleric Mufti Abu Bashir from Uttar Pradesh, but security agencies believe that he is not the terror mastermind. Investigators believe that several key operatives of the banned Students Islamic Movement of India (Simi) may be still planning more terror attacks. “Bashir may have led the operation (in Gujarat and elsewhere), but the master- minds of the Ahmedabad and other blasts are out there,” a senior official in the security establishment said. “The entire puzzle is not yet solved,” he added. Sources say the Gujarat police’s haste in announcing that Bashir masterminded the July 26 Ahmedabad serial blasts has hampered their efforts to get those who plotted the terror attacks as well as other Simi supporters who were part of the Safdar Nagori faction. Nagori and about 10 other members of the hardline Simi faction were arrested in Indore in March in a follow-up to the arrest of Riyazuddin Nasir and others in Karnataka earlier in the year. Many sources in the security establishment, while attaching credibility to the claims made by the Gujarat police, say that the real masterminds behind the serial blasts that have rocked Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Uttar Pradesh and Bangalore are the ones to be pursued. “We need to take the investigation forward, all over India, and should not wait for the next attack,” a senior official said. According to the Intelligence Bureau, there are more than 2000 Simi members, and the Maharashtra police alone have questioned or surveyed more than 500 of them over the years. “Not all of them will take to violence, but it is a very easy recruitment base for terrorism,” says an official. Blood, sweat and anger The people’s rejection of terrorism is now far more emphatic KPS Gill, DNA - 14.07.2006 The Indian political perspective and agenda on terrorism remain unalterably muddled. For those who are hoping that the sheer enormity of the Mumbai attacks will shake the establishment out of its complacence, it is sobering to reflect that an even larger attack occurred in Mumbai as far back as in 1993; that there have been thousands of other attacks across the country; that more than 40,000 people have been killed in J&K alone; and that this is yet to secure even a minimal political consensus on counter-terrorism legislation and policy. There is evidence, however, that the people’s response to terrorism in India has become far more emphatic in its rejection than was the case a few years ago despite the ambivalence and sophistry of the intellectual community, the ‘vote bank’ opportunism of political parties, and the interminable paralysis of the criminal justice system. The power of public sentiment and mobilisation is a great force, and in a democracy it should have found immediate and natural expression in the policies and practices of the state and of its political leadership. That this has failed to happen in India is evidence to the utter corruption, immorality and isolation of the country’s - 16 -
  17. 17. ruling classes, as collusion with terrorist and extremist groups, apologetics for terrorism, political protection to terrorists and their front organisations, and electoral alliances with terrorists and ex-tremists, remain quotidian facts of the national political culture. India has a centuries-old tradition of cowardice and betrayal in its ruling classes, and it is futile to invest hope in their sudden enlightenment and determination. It is in the people of India that hope for the nation’s future resides, and these people must now evolve the mechanism that will force a craven political leadership to translate their will and their mandate against terrorism into policy, and to punish, at every possible electoral opportunity, the parties that jeopardize the security of citizens and the nation’s future through their acts of collusion, of opportunism, of prevarication, and of mendacity on the consuming scourge of terrorism. ISI threat to security till 2025: Govt report Times:of India, 7.6.2008 New Delhi: An internal document of the government, meant for restricted circulation, has painted a worrying security scenario with no letup in threats to India expected till 2025. It warns not only of ISI’s plans to keep terrorism in Kashmir alive and stoke fundamentalism but also against increasing belligerence of leftwing ultras. Despite recent efforts at peace, there is no change in ISI objectives which incorporate the “liberation” of Kashmir, revival of militancy in Punjab, use of the Bihar-Nepal border for smuggling arms, explosives and fake currency, cooperation with Ulfa, control of insurgent networks from Bangladesh and using certain madarsas in border states like West Bengal. The overview of internal security challenges in “perspective plan of training in CRPF” provides a hard-headed analysis of the emerging challenges to the security establishment. Though many of the threats are not new, the document makes the point that these are increasingly interlinked and need an equally determined, well thought out response. ‘Become a holy warrior’: Pak text book This is an extract from the OP-Ed Page of Asian Age of 17 Feb 03. “In our press two weeks ago came a story on an institution which calls itself the Jamaat-Ud-Dawa and distributes text books to our school children all over the country. An official in Rawalpindi centre is quoted as having defined the purpose of their books: They are aimed at inculcating a truly Islamic spirit in Pakistan's youth to introduce to them the 'inspirational ideas and objectives of Islam' and to teach them that Islam is a 'complete way of Life'. Now, exactly what are the ideas, objectives and way of Life? They are taught that it is the right of Muslims of all countries to rule the world, and to kill all non-Muslims who oppose them in their aim. They are taught that the infidel is a coward and that when attacked by a holy warrior, a mujahid, he melts with fear. The holy warriors have been sent by God to fulfil his mission. Art and music are forbidden, but not so plastic guns with which the children are equipped to shoot down balloons. They are instructed to mercilessly beat up all non-Muslims. Literature extols the heroics of all young Jehadis. To be killed fighting the infidel is to attain true glory and the delights of paradise. 'Every student should become a holy warrior' teaches the text book, and we should be all willing to lay down our livs for the great nuclear power that is Pakistan”. There is only one country bordering Pakistan peopled by what they call infidels. They are exhorting not Pakistanis but Muslims of the world. There are more Muslims in India than in Pakistan, and their forefathers, not long ago, voted for and got that state Pakistan. Can there be any doubt as to whom these texts are addressed? - 17 -
  18. 18. Munshi prepared for jihad while sitting for Class 10 exams Britain’s youngest terrorist convicted for making napalm D.N.A. 20.08.2008 London: A teenager believed to be Britain’s youngest terrorist has been convicted by a London court of possession of a guide to making napalm, or jelied gasoline. Hammaad Munshi, 18, of Dewsbury was convicted under Britain’s Terrorism act along with co-defendants Aabid Khan and his cousin, Sultan Muhammad, in Black- friars Crown Court, Sky News reported Monday. Munshi, who was 16 years old and taling his GCSEs when arrested, was part of a cell of “cyber groomers” devoted to brain-washing the vulnerable into killing “non-believers”. The teenager, whose grand-father is a leading Islamic scholar, led a double life, obediently attending lessons by day and surfing jihadist websites at night. Prosecutors told the court Munshi was recruited at 15 by Khan, who offered to help the teen fulfil his wish to go overseas for jihad. They said one Internet exchange involved a discussion on how Munshi might smuggle a sword through airport security. The youngster, described as part of a “worldwide conspiracy” to “wipe out” non- Muslims, downloaded detailed instructions about making napalm, other high explosives, detonators, and grenades, and “how to kill”. Army chief: 40 jihadi camps in Pak Says about 800 terrorists currently Active in J&K Times of India 23.08.2008 New Delhi: Musharraf or no Musharraf, jihadi factories training terrorists to wage covert war against India continue to operate with full impunity in Pakistan, even as cross-border attempts are under way to exploit the resurgence of separatism in J&K. “The latest assessment pegs the number of terrorist-training camps still operating across the border at about 40,” said army chief General Deepak Kapoor, in an exclusive interview with TOI. While 20 of these camps are operational in Pakistan, 18 are in Pok and two in the northern areas of Gilgit-Baltistan. Many of the terrorists trained in these camps are ready to sneak into India by infiltrating across the LoC or using other routes through Nepal and Bangladesh. Moreover, around 750 to 800 terrorists - 40% of them being of “foreign origin” - are already “present and active” in J&K, and there is apprehension that terror outfits will try to ramp up their activities in the runup to the state assembly polls. “One cannot be complacent as the terrorism network and infrastructure across the border remains intact and continues to function as before. The terrorist camps have now been cleverly hidden and are being run covertly,” said Gen Kapoor. SIMI terror module of Pune students busted 3 Arrested Youths Lift Lid Off Sleeper Cell Set Up in 2005 Times of India, 18.08.2008 Mumbai: Three Students’ Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) activists were arrested recently from Pune, lifting the lid off a sleeper cell that was possibly planning another round of terror attacks and swivelling the spotlight on the emerging IT centre as an indoctrination and training centre for jihadi elements. Before Gujarat police announced cracking the Ahmedabad blasts case on Saturday, the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) in Maharashtra had arrested Ayaz Shaikh, 26, and Nadeem Shaikh, 27 while the crime branch picked up Bilal Kazagi, 25, for suspected roles in the terror attack. In police records, Ayaz and Nadeem were shown as involved in a fake currency racket while Kazagi was wanted in an old extortion case. But top sources in the - 18 -
  19. 19. police said investigations showed they were part of a sleeper cell that was being groomed from 2005 for another attack. Kazagi is a third-year student at A K Khan Law College on the Pune-Sholapur road and has also done a diploma in human rights laws. Nadeem is a second-year student of the same institute. The college, managed by the MCE Society, was established in 1991 and offers three-and five-year degree courses. There were 10 others in the group, most of them former students of the same law college, who were being in-doctrinated by one Yusuf Khan who organised lectures outside the campus. Khan and these former students, who are from Pune and neighbouring districts, went underground after the Ahmedabad blasts. The lectures were held in a little shop outside the college, owned by Ayaz, who dealt in SIM cards of a prominent mobile service provider. At times, the lectures would take place in nearby lodges to ward off unwanted attention, said senior police officers. “Kazagi has confessed that he attended jihadi lectures outside the college campus since 2005,” said a source. The ATS and crime branch in separate operations picked up Ayaz, Nadeem and Kazagi on August 8, Joint commissioner of police (crime) Rakesh Maria said the department is trying to put Kazagi through a narco analysis. ISI firm on bleeding India: NSA Says Pak Intelligence Agency Mentoring LeT, JeM To Spew Terror At Nation Times Nation 27.03.2008 New Delhi: Even as a new elected government takes office in Islamabad, New Delhi has expressed worry over the ISI continuing to help terrorist outfits like Jaish-e- Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Taiba to launch attacks against India. “We have seen no change in the ISI’s attitude to mentor terror groups like Lashkar and Jaish.... attacks on India from Pakistan’s soil are likely to continue,” said national security advisor M K Narayanan, while delivering the 25th Air Chief Marshal P C Lal memorial lecture on Wednesday. India cannot ignore that “strong anti-India pockets” continue to flourish in Pakistan, especially among intelligence agencies like ISI, with Bangladesh also being used as a “springboard” for terrorist attacks to be launched against India. “We are aware that Pakistan’s military strategy is India-centric,” he said. Pakistan is engaged in “frenetic” activity to acquire military, nuclear and missile capabilities, often with China’s help, in its bid to achieve “parity” with India. Turning to China, he said India confronted “many challenges rather than threats” with it, unlike Pakistan. The country, for instance, needs to evolve a consensus on what could be the possible terms for a peaceful border settlement with China, he said. Armies of God There is a worrying growth of jihadi networks within India The Times of India, Mumbai - Aug 2, 2008 The case of Kafeel Ahmed, the man who drove a burning jeep in a bid to crash into the main foyer of the Glasgow international airport, may not have a direct relation with the Jaipur, Bangalore and Ahmedabad bombings. But it points to one key departure from the way terrorism is traditionally viewed - only through the prism of a war launched from foreign soil. It’s tempting to see the terror attacks in Ahmedabad and the botched ones in Surat as a reprisal for the Gujarat riots. But that prism projects a format, which although easier to comprehend, is only part of the larger picture which involves a complex global net of terror. And dismissing the larger picture now will lead to huge prescriptive errors. One has to look at Bangalore for evidence. Terrorism was unheard of in the city and in Karnataka and cases of communal hatred had not left any discernible scars. Yet, we find thickets of radicals emanating from city mosques to innocuous youth - 19 -
  20. 20. meetings. And even a full-fledged arms training camp nestled in the Karnataka forests. Several scholars have pointed to high unemployment, social frustrations and even communal alienation as being necessary conditions for communities, in part or whole, getting radicalised. Cultural alienation and language barriers were until recently seen as factors which led to young men from diasporas in UK and France turning Jihadi and ready to take up arms for the cause of restoring Islam to its pristine glory. But these theories can only partly explain the phenomenon. In Bangalore, the Ahmed family would have faced no persecution and a victim syndrome would have to be injected in them. In Gujarat, on the other hand, it is easy to see why Muslims would have become very insecure and alienated. Yet in both these places, there are large swathes where young Muslim minds are being fed an ideological diet of hatred. What we failed to realise is the fertile recruitment ground created by the infiltration of the ideology of hatred in the form of Wahhabism dished out by groups such as Ahle Hadees and the Tablighi Jamaat. What is this Wahhabism? John Esposito of Georgetown University says, “Wahhabism breaks one of the cardinal rules of warfare in Islam - that Muslim should not fight other Muslims. The Wahhabis or the Salafis divide the world strictly into believers and non-believers who must be fought.” It is this ideology that drives the Taliban and leaves no room for negotiation. Indian security policymakers have for decades been apathetic to the notion that Islamic terrorism can spring from the ideological radicalisation happening in our own cities and towns. Groups preaching this variant were left to operate freely. That has to stop. Fighting the war against ISI alone won’t help. The local crucibles where minds are being reshaped have to be crushed as well. Terror’s in the air again UK Citizens of Pak Origin Suspected in Al Qaida Plot The Times of India - August 11, 2006 London: Barely a month after the first anniversary of the 7/7 attacks in London, the spectre of homegrown terror came back to haunt the UK on 8/10 as British police and intelligence foiled a suspected Al Qaida plot to blow up 10 US-bound flights from here in three simultaneous waves using liquid explosives smuggled in handbags. The plot triggered an extreme worldwide security alert and chaos at airports on Thursday. British authorities said the terrorists planned to blow up the aircraft in mid-air by detonating explosives leading to “mass murder on an unimaginable and unprecedented scale”, potentially bigger than even 9/11. The plotters had targeted United, American and Continental airlines, US counter-terrorism officials said. Police arrested 21 persons in London, Birmingham and Thames Valley overnight during raids on neighbourhoods with sizeable South Asian populations. According to a number of reports, the suspects are British citizens of Pakistani origin. What other nations are doing to curb terror: Lessons for us Times of India As the bombings in Bali, Madrid, Mumbai and London provided chilling evidence that New York’s 9/11 was not a one-off event, a number of mature democracies like the UK, France, Germany, Australia, the US and even New Zealand - all with a decent track record on human rights - have either enacted new laws or tweaked the existing ones to give greater teeth to their counter-terror operations. (America’s record has been somewhat sullied by Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib, but they were treated as war camps and weren’t meant for American citizens.) In India, where terror has taken a much bigger toll than in any of these countries, special laws were initially enacted and then withdrawn as they were found to be ‘draconian’. Was that the right thing to do? Are special laws, or even taking a relook - 20 -
  21. 21. at laws to make them more aligned for the purposes of fighting terror, necessary? TOI examines the global experience to find answers to these questions. Take New Zealand, first. After the first flush of concern following 9/11, support for anti-terror laws weakened in NZ until Bali happened. Of the 202 dead, three were Kiwis. The reaction to this swift-the NZ parliament passed the Terrorism Suppression Act with wide support. The law armed agencies to nip extremist organisations and gave them powers to track money trails. In six separate bills the agencies were empowered to deal with various offences, including infecting livestock and food contamination. Wiretaps without warrants in emergency situations were allowed and laws aligned-for eg, the use of evidence gathered under one law was allowed to be used against an offence under another law. Tougher Laws, Closer Coordination US: Laws: US PATRIOT Act. Defines “domestic terrorism”. Max sentence: Life Investigative Powers: Wire, Oral and electronic intercepts. DNA database, record keeping. Banks share info, penalty now $1,00,000. Analysis of suspicious fiscal activity Intelligence Set-up: Sharing criminal info, foreign terrorist tracking centre, tripling of border guards Safeguards: Congress oversight, bi-annual treasury reports Germany: Laws: Anti-terror law for preventive policing. Max sentence: Life. Investigative Powers: Airlines, banks, posts info. Tough asylum laws. Covert probes Intelligence Set-Up: Jt counter-terrorism centre, expertise on Islamist terrorism Safeguards: Annual review by Parliament, independent report every three years France: Laws: Bill on terrorism and frontier control. Max sentence: 30 yrs Investigative Powers: Video survey of businesses, public spaces, ID checks, cyber records, anonymity for cops. Intelligence set-up: Monitoring radical Islam; secret service, police coordination Safeguards: Review by National Assembly, public hearings in bill New Zealand: Laws: Terrorism Suppression Act. Max sentence: Life Investigative Powers: Terror probes cover infecting livestock, food contamination. Intercepts allowed, criminal charges for withholding info Intelligence Set-Up: Special tactics group for terror emergencies, Bomb data centre Safeguards: Terror designations to be renewed 3 years United Kingdom: Laws: Terrorism Act 2000, prevention of terrorism Act 2005. Max sentence: Life Investigative Powers: Control orders on suspects. Freeze accounts at start of probe Intelligence Set-Up: Multi-agency terrorist finance unit Safeguards: Independent review every year Japan: Laws: Rapid response to armed attacks, revision of self defence laws. Max sentence: Life Investigative Powers: Powers to freeze assets Pre-emptive strikes allowed Intelligence Set-Up: Strategic council for policy formation and coordination Safeguards: Parliamentary oversight, defence and foreign committees. - 21 -
  22. 22. Australia: Laws: Four anti-terror acts, special laws for secret service, banking. Max sentence: Life Investigative Powers: Control order on individuals, “reckless” funding punishable, shoot to kill for suspects Intelligence Set-Up: Jt counter terrorism intel centre. Safeguards: Parliamentary oversight At a Strategic Level, some of the Anti-Terror measures being taken: Integrated laws to allow wiretaps; doubling or trebling of border guards, customs and investigators; enhanced coordination between banks and other financial institutions and regulators; easier sharing of data banks; video surveillance, mandatory maintenance of telephone records, designation of terrorist crime and, above all, fast trials and tough sentences for the convicted. Firewalls between intelligence agencies, police, customs, immigration, airport security, border guards, white collar crime investigators and narcotics control are being brought down. Joint command centres and shared radio frequencies for emergency management. Illegal Bangla migrants a threat Times of India, 7.6.2008 New Delhi: An internal document has painted a worrying security scenario that sees no let up in threats to India up till 2025 from the ISI plans to keep alive terrorism in Kashmir. It argues that big changes in demographics in terms of an illegal influx from Bangladesh cannot be ignored. This population often shelters anti-India elements and provides a steady recruitment to jehadi modules. This immigrant population, it says, can influence up to 20 assembly seats in Delhi, while six districts in Assam are also similarly affected. Setting up of terror cells in south India, liaisoning with the underworld in Maharashtra and Gujarat are other aspects dealt with in some detail. The document speaks of the continuing influence of two major covert operations - Operation Topac and Operation Pin Code-launched by the ISI to destabilise India which the Pakistani establishment still holds as valid. Common enough with intelligence experts, official training manuals have seldom mentioned these operations in terms of the evolving internal security threats. It is clear the Indian security establishment has not seen any change in the directives issued to the ISI. The George C Francis Committee Report, which drew up the document, is part of the materials for specialised training to paramilitary forces deployed for counter- insurgency operation in J&K, N-E and other parts of the country. Referring to various kinds of threats, the report made it clear that the county would face the challenges due to this not only in short-term or mid-term future, but also till 2025 when the terrorist outfits too have all kinds of sophisticated equipment at their command. The menace of money laundering, tax evasion, existence of rogue off-shore banking facilities on behalf of small countries, circulation of fake currency at the behest of the ISI and role of the under-world-ISI nexus in Maharashtra and Gujarat are some of the main points which have found adequate space in the report. Third-class governance can’t give first-class response to terrorism Tracking Terror - Ceding Kashmir Arun Shourie, 9Indian Express, Aug. 02, 2006 Just look at the hundreds of places from which suspects of the July train blasts in Mumbai are being picked up - that itself shows the long reach of the ISI and its terrorist limbs within India, of the faraway places at which they have been able to set up sanctuaries. Which terrorist group, which potential recruit to terrorism will be - 22 -
  23. 23. deterred when he sees the solicitude with which the prime suspect in the Coimbatore blasts, Abdul Nasser Mahdani is being looked after by the DMK? The DMK Government has arranged for Mahdani, Ayurvedic massages - with 10 masscurs and a senior physician labouring over him; and that too at the tax-payers’ expense? Even the elementary restrictions on Mahdani’s moving about in the prison have been cancelled. The representatives of the CPI(M) come calling on him in jail to seek his help in fighting elections. He sees the Kerala Assembly pass a unanimous resolution on his behalf - and sees that the Assembly has not passed any comparable resolution for any other individual. When he sees a Chief Minister defend SIMI, an organization that has been banned for seccessionist and anti-national activities? When he sees how, even after the Supreme Court has struck down the IMDT Act as unconstitutional and as a threat to national security, the Government, the principal party of which depends on votes of illegal infiltration from Bangladesh, incorporates those very provisions in the Foreigners’ Act? Who would not feel emboldened to sign up for the greater glory of jihad and shahadat? Finally, that the blasts and other terrorist operations have continued unabated shows that the cells which have been located are but a fraction of the ones that have been set up. Several factors have afforded such easy access for the ISI. The principal one is the near collapse of law enforcement - from intelligence to investigation to combat to the courts. Why should anyone be deterred from executing another round of blasts in Mumbai trains when he sees that those caught for the blasts executed 13 years ago are well and kicking; when he sees that their lawyers have been able, and with such ease, to ensure Government prosecutors in the courts? In particular, of the perversion of public discourse - by which every action against terrorists, their sponsors and their collaboration is called into question and the national resolve dissipated; second, by the ever-strengthening nexus of rulers and criminal elements. By contrast, in the statement that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh signed with General Musharraf in April 2005, India agreed that to ensure that terrorism will not be allowed to thwart the “peace process”. This was a fatal concession - for by it Pakistan was in effect enabled to continue terrorist activities at will. The onus would henceforth be on India to continue the “peace process” and the “dialogue” inspite of the terrorist attacks. And then? The Prime Minister goes to Moscow, Meets Bush. And suddenly, the official line becomes, “We won’t let the terrorists succeed in their design to halt the peace process”! So, Pakistan can pursue both limbs - talk peace, wage war! And all we can do is to go through the ritual again. Blasts in Mumbai, Blasts in Srinagar. Another debate in Parliament. Another slew of statements - “We resolutely strongly/unequivocally condemn this dastardly/cowardly/treacherous/barbaric act... It shows their desperation.... Government remains committed to fighting terrorism in all its forms... We will not allow them to disturb communal harmony... We will not allow them to derail the peace process...” The Home Minister repeated all the standard phrases in his statement to Parliament last week. He also implied that his ministry had done its job. Their Success But while we keep repeating. “Terrorists will not be allowed to succeed,” the fact is that through them Pakistan has already succeeded in several respects: It has succeeded in creating the impression - I dare say, in India too - that the status of Kashmir vis a vis India is not a settled issue. Indeed, that what will happen in the future, what some Government of India will do is an open question. When is asked in Parliament, “Does the Government stand by the unanimous Resolution which Parliament had passed, namely that the only unfinished business relating to J&K is that we have to get back the parts of the state that Pakistaan has usurped?” - 23 -
  24. 24. Pakistan and its local agents have already accomplished the “ethnic cleansing of the valley, having driven the Hindus out. They are now systematically driving them out of Doda. Kashmir Constituent Assembly was a “sovereign body”, that Article 370 was a “treaty between two sovereign bodies”? ‘Secularism is international AIDS’ Organiser 27.8.95 On Sunday 7th August 1994, about 8000 fundamentalist Muslims held an International Muslim Khilafah Conference in London. It was organised by some Islamic groups, including Hizb-ul-Tahrir (Islamic Liberation Party) which itself is banned in the Arba World. They classified the non-Muslims as ‘Shaitan’ (Satan or devil) and Kafir (heathen). There aim was to establish a World Islamic State, governed by Muslim laws and the Shariat, and to overthrow the State of Israel. Dr. Mohammad Malkawi, one of the speakers said that Islam was a supreme system and it could not co-exist with any other system such as Socialism, Capitalism, Secularism or Democracy. He said that they wanted to “build an Islamic State that would resolve all the problems as Islam dictates. They asked for the liberation of Muslim lands naming Kashmir and Israel from ‘Kufr occupation’ (infidel occupation) Farid Kassim (of Iraq), their spokeman, said, “I hope one day India comes under Muslim control. We support the freedom struggle in Kashmir.” According to him, India was a Muslim land. Their official magazine Khilafah called for a “strong army, the army of Jihad” to liberate the Muslims “in Bosnia, Palestine, India and elsewhere” from the clutches of the Kafirs (infidels). (Muslims have the right to disagree with any ideology and reject it including Socialism, Capitalism etc. but what is most irritating is to thrust Islam by force on non-Muslims as has been the case in Kashmir for centuries and even after 1947) - Voice of Jammu and Kashmir, March-May, 1995 Pakistan officers, ISI colluding with Taliban, says US think tank Economic Times 11.6.2008 Even as the one-month-old peace deal between the Pakistani government and the Taliban collapsed in the Swat valley, a leading US think-tank accused individuals from Pakistan’s ISI and paramilitary forces of assisting Taliban by providing intelligence, financial assistance and training camps. The Pentagon-funded study, which was brought out by US think tank Rand Corporation said that the ISI and Frontier Corps have not only failed to root out Afghan insurgent groups based in Pakistan but that individuals from these organisations are providing direct assistance to the Taliban and Haqqani network. The support, the report said, included “assistance from some officials in the Pakistan government” and the freedom to operate on Pakistani soil. “Right now, the Taliban and other groups are getting help from individuals within Pakistan’s government, and until that ends, the region’s long-term security is in jeopardy,” the report’s author Seth Jones, a senior political scientist at Rand, said in a press release issued by the think tank. The assistance, the report said, included providing medical aid to wounded Taliban insurgents, training insurgents at camps in Pakistan, providing intelligence and financial assistance, helping them with logistics in crossing the borderd. The report further said that the assistance is consistent with the past behaviour of the Pakistani government, especially ISI. Even though the author does not name any individuals, the findings of the study, which is called counter-insurgency in Afghanistan, confirm what Indian security agencies have known for long that the ISI has continued to aid and abet terror elements that find shelter in Pakistan and carry out terror attacks in neighbouring countries. - 24 -