Hindu Rashtra and Challenges for it in Hindusthan -- Dr Bala N. Aiyer


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I am giving here-below a Power Point Presentation and an article written by Bala N Aiyer, M.D., a physician and cardiologist in Houston, Texas, for your perusal. Dr. Aiyer has also served in Indian Army Medical Corps for 5 years.

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Hindu Rashtra and Challenges for it in Hindusthan -- Dr Bala N. Aiyer

  1. 1. Hindu Rashtra and Challenges for it in Hindusthan Some Strategic Planning with Unity in Hindu Dharma is needed to succeedClick Mouse to Advance Bala N. Aiyer , M.D.
  2. 2. A Universal Prayer• Om ! Asatho Maa Sath Gamaya – Thamaso Maa Jyothirgamaya |• Mr.uthyo Maa Amr.ruthamgamaya - Om! Saanthih Saanthih Saanthih: ||• Lead me from the unreal to the Real –• - From darkness [ignorance] to the Light [knowledge];• - From death to Immortality.• - Om - Peace! - Peace!! - Peace!!!Bala N. Aiyer , M.D. 2
  3. 3. Hindu Dharma Unity is the basic desire• Hindu Dharma Unity is the basic desire and need for many of us looking for establishing a Hindu Rashtra, as a Nation , while some may still do not see this and want their belief as the only true path.• While many honest and sincere workers for Hindu Dharma try to follow their truthful , Dharmika and Sathvika paths of action, this is not working or this is counteracted by existing forces.• While 20% of Hindus feel the injustices happening, the other 80% are either remaining as silent observers or afraid of the existing law or do not know what to do. Bala N. Aiyer , M.D. 3
  4. 4. We need a Movement for Hindu Unity• Unity with Diversity is the Beauty of Hindu Dharma. This must be understood and taught to everyone. What we need is a sense of Unity, support and proper leadership.• Each group organization can have their own segment or part of the agenda but work in cooperation accepting the variations in our faith, traditions and philosophy.• We may need the various segments of our organizations for varying activities but unity in spirit of functioning with cooperation and coordination.• We need a grass root movement, accepting every worker in the group, understanding all the needs our community in every state in India establishing a real Grass Root Democracy.Bala N. Aiyer , M.D. 4
  5. 5. Hindu Dharma Education to get Hindu Unity• Basic and advanced studies of Hindu Dharma, its history, philosophy, rituals and traditions must be taught in a large scale to all Hindus in evening classes, in Temples , Community Centers and Houses in the community.• All educated Hindus must volunteer to teach the basics to all and not to look for professional teachers or priests for this work.• At this basic level of four year studies, all boys and girls, men and women should be taught all sampradhayas, and their unity with diversity. 5Bala N. Aiyer , M.D.
  6. 6. Organization of National Hindu Forces• Organization of a Hindu National Security Service is very important, to function like a voluntary , para- military like , organization.• They will do social work for the community and do service during natural calamities as also to defend and protect during any terrorist activity and community problems.• At ordinary times, they will get physical training, martial arts training, do voluntary educational work and other faith based spiritual development work. Bala N. Aiyer , M.D. 6
  7. 7. A Common Flag for all Hindus• First we need a unity flag that is simple to draw and express our principles properly. Here is one simple idea that came to my mind, and this can be our Hindu Rashtra Flag. • 1. It has bright Red color bands for Dharma and Rajasika qualities to fight for our rights. • 2. It has Orange band in the middle for our Devotion and Sathvika qualities of Orthodox. • 3. It can have White bands for all other Eastern faiths like Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists. • 4. I Chose the Sun symbol in the middle as Sun is the symbol of worship for all Hindus and for all Eastern religious faiths,• This is as opposed to 6 pointed Star for Jews, five pointed star for Christians and Crescent of Moon for Muslims. Bala N. Aiyer , M.D. 7
  8. 8. Hindu Rashtra Unity Flag – This can be used by all groups and sub groups as a show of Unity of Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Parsis in all Unity functions. This is common for all; you can have white or yellow on both sides. – and the Flag can be reversible [no one can fly upside down.]Bala N. Aiyer , M.D. 8
  9. 9. Acharya Sabha for Unity and Strength• The best thing that has happened in the recent years is the organization of the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha as organized by Pujyasri Swami Dhayanada Saraswathi.• Several Acharyas and Adheenams have joined them and working with them and developing that oneness which is very important.• This must be further strengthened and made into the major Hindu policy making and Governing Council for all.• This can be easily organized like the United Nations with its Security Council, and their elections and governing procedures. Bala N. Aiyer , M.D. 9
  10. 10. Equal Rights will Teach Hindu Unity• First, Hindus following various Sampradhayas of Hindu Dharma and also each and every Acharya should feel this unity and friendship with all.• Each one should take and follow whatever paths suits them and makes them feel good.• Then, each one should teach and follow this sense of equality and support equal rights for all rituals and studies for all. Bala N. Aiyer , M.D. 10
  11. 11. Equal Rights will Teach Hindu Unity• Varna classification is only for traditions and sampradhayas and by individual desires and studies. Jaathi is for family recognitioon.• This will bring that Unity within the diversities.• The differences in status occur in all walks of life and employment in every nation, not just in Hindu religion and this must be understood by all. Bala N. Aiyer , M.D. 11
  12. 12. Unity among Various Groups & Organizations• Each organization should recognize and list the areas of their activities and objectives and try to help and cooperate with each other in other areas.• Rajasika Religious organizations can work on educating the Hindus with discipline, help in unifying them and protect them.• Sathvika Religious organizations may work for educating and uplifting the community and their spiritual welfare.• Any one organization should not expect or insist on all others to follow or do every act in their objective.• That is Unity with cooperation and networking. Bala N. Aiyer , M.D. 12
  13. 13. Hindu Corpus Fund• Members of other Religious groups have large amounts of funds made available to have such promotional activities.• Possibly, we, as the united Hindu Community, can strengthen ourselves by organizing a Hindu Corpus Fund, available for all of the Hindu Community, like the IMF.• Whenever money comes into play, some doubts about misuse and corruption will always be there.• So, to address this problem, they can institute with strict rules, auditing and accounting that will increase the credibility and strength.• Possibly voluntary donation of about 100 rupees every year from every committed Hindu and additional major donations from big donors will fund this project. Bala N. Aiyer , M.D. 13
  14. 14. Special Problems for Hindus Specific in Each Region• Each region of India can have a regional Council of Acharya Sabha for easier operations.• They should form a regional council specifically to address the political situation, local community problems and also the conversion problems in each region.• There are the problems of Atheists and other anti-Hindu forces who act against the interest of Hindus in the name of a Pseudo-Secularism.• There are also problems from the Christian Missionaries who are getting very active in their conversion activities on a large scale through deceptive means. Bala N. Aiyer , M.D. 14
  15. 15. Man-Power and Money- Power are important• In these days of political power struggles and calamities due to Religious work, there are only two forces that work.• First is man-power and the numbers always count. Every effort must be made to get a grass-root revolution and encourage enlisting of large numbers of members to various organizations.• If all Hindus, even those who are silent, will support only politicians who declare themselves as Hindus and Hindu supporters,:• --- Then even members of Atheists and Communist parties will become or profess to be pro-Hindus and work for Hindu causes.• So, Hindu Unity is Strength. Bala N. Aiyer , M.D. 15
  16. 16. Hindu Organizations and Political Groups• Establishing a glorious Hindu Rashtra is like organizing a powerful large military force.• In a military unit, there will be fighting troops of different kinds, rifleman, artillery, tanks as also fighter pilots and gun-ships.• There will be supply units and support units like Service corps, medical units, transportation and administrative units. Same applies here.• Every Hindu group cannot have the same objective and everyone cannot be doing the same.Bala N. Aiyer , M.D. 16
  17. 17. Let us All work together for Hindu Unity with Proper Vision for the Common GoalBala N. Aiyer , M.D. 17
  18. 18. Tolerance with Variations of our Hindu Society• The first set of organizations will be the Sathvika forces. They can be advocating Ahimsa, vegetarianism and work for Temples and religious education, and such activities.• These will be teachers, preachers, purohits and their supporters along with people who will organize them.• There will also be large sections of Hindu activists in the Rajasika groups of organizations who will practice other forms of the faith but will be needed to protect the Hindu community from external threats.• Then, there will be the common “True Secular” Hindu Social welfare activists of the Tamasika group. They will organize the faith-based Hindu Community organizations working for all Hindu communities as also for non-Hindus. Bala N. Aiyer , M.D. 18
  19. 19. All Hindu Activist groups with various Objectives and VisionBala N. Aiyer , M.D. are like three facets of a cube. 19
  20. 20. Youth Development Corps for Students• The strength of any Political-Religious movement is not solely dependent on the elderly persons sitting in the top leadership, but at the grass-root support and involvement of youth.• The national and political survival of any organization depends on the support of the next generation for they are the future.• We must develop a true faith-based Secular Hindu Youth Corps among students in high schools and colleges conducting physical exercise , sports and martial-arts training for all students.• They will also get assistance in education, leadership development and assistance in career development. Bala N. Aiyer , M.D. 20
  21. 21. Special Studies and Activities for Hindus -1• As a long term planning for a strong Hindu Rashtra, we must encourage many Hindus to join various professions involved in developing a strong Hindu Nation.• We need many staunch Hindus get training to become teachers in schools and colleges to replace the present brigade of atheists, non-Hindus and anti- Hindus. Bala N. Aiyer , M.D. 21
  22. 22. Special Studies and Activities for Hindus -2• Similarly, we need a large group of people taking up courses in Faith-Based Journalism, Political science, Legal studies, Temple Management studies.• We need large number of Hindu religious course conducted in evenings and week-ends.• Religious institutions should encourage new-entrants and support conversion activities at all times. Bala N. Aiyer , M.D. 22
  23. 23. Politics and Politicians of Hindu Rashtra - 1• We need not involve ourselves in direct conflict with non-Hindu and anti-Hindu forces. If our Hindu base is strong we can do wonderful things and be successful.• Political leaders, born in Hindu faiths but professing atheism and doing anti-Hindu activities are the main cause of the problems. We need to convert them first.• Acharyas can organize a “Hindu Samaj” to convert and accept all individuals into Hindu fold with a simple ceremony done free as Hindu Samaj members very much like Arya Samaj. Bala N. Aiyer , M.D. 23
  24. 24. Politics and Politicians of Hindu Rashtra - 2• We need to make sure that those politicians who follows the Hindu paths and supports the Hindu cause should get our support and others should be discarded as anti-national.• We can also join hands with all other Dharmic nations like Thailand , Cambodia and Japan that support freedom of religions.• Let us all come up with hundreds of new ideas to strengthen our faith and the nation.• Unity with our Diversity is our Strength Bala N. Aiyer , M.D. 24
  25. 25. Our Vision & Our GoalPreserve this Dharma – That will Protect you • So, as the need of the hour, Hindu Unity is very important. • Hindu Rashtra should be our Vision and Ultimate Goal. ( A Vision by Dr. Bala N. Aiyer M.D.) • Jai Hind 25