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indian institute of yogic science.

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    1. 1. Indian Institute of Yogic Science "Every soul is divinely potential, there is a conscious character within us, which if properly nourished will illumine the soul, that illumined soul is jivah jothi. The light which builds up our conscious character for doing every right action." By Yogi. Sri. Sri. Rajarishishiva (Spiritual Guruji and Healer) Come Let’s Plan A Future VISIT US AT : www.indianinstituteofyogicscience.com www.iioys.com SADHANAS SEVAS ABOUT US CONTACT US VISON & MISSION
    2. 2. 1. To eradicate poverty completely and make India as a zero poverty nation before 2014. 2.Self employment, self sustainability, self sufficiency, economical sufficiency and social security. 3. Training for youths and women of the villages and down trodden people thereby to ensure self employment to all. 4. Free education to all, Free health and hospital services to all. 5. To adopt villages and name them as DIVINE VILLAGES / PREMA GRAAMA. VISION & MISSION 6. To establish first world class spritual-socio - divine universities. 7.To establish "SARVADHARMA KALACHAR". 8.To reestablish "VASUDEVA KUDUMBAKAM". 9. To establish “GOVIDYA” the science of cow.
    3. 3. 10. To establish “AYURVEDA” the science of life and living 11.To establish science of rejuvenation & ensure a disease free healthy world 12. To raise the individual consciousness of every human being to attain "BRAHMA AVASTHA" ie. The goal and purpose of our life."MOKSHA".
    4. 4. About Us Indian Institute Of Yogic Science Promotes Yogic Science of Healing Yogic science of healing introduces and teaches the ancient secrets of various sadhanas, ie.. spiritual practices both for a materialistic person as well as sadhakas, ie.. spiritual aspirants to know and understand more in detail the knowledge of spiritual practices, therapies, remedies, diet and natural biorhythms which when applied awaken the cognitive memories, which further allow us to identify the inner light(energy)or cosmic energy for personal healing and well being.
    5. 5. Yogic science of healing is the most complete offering of the original cleansing of body(sharira), mind(manas), consiousness(chitta), thoughts(vicharas) and rejuvenates us to identify the inner light(jivah jyothi). Yogic science of healing must be practiced for a complete 21days which is called the period of cleansing to achieve the absolute power of healing. The practice of yogic science of healing for a period of 21days and thereby continuing the practices will lead a person to the right path way of life for self realization. A spiritual aspirant or even a layman or a clergyman can experience this on regular practices. It really has the potency to make one to rediscover their inner power and thereby rising their spiritual energy or cosmic energy, which at any point of view will help us for self healing as well as to heal others. It guides us for a stress free and disease free life and to maintain a good health throughout our life. It increases the inner vitality and vigor to live in ever youthfulness(ageing). It rejuvenates the body organs, strengthens the CNS(central nervous system), further to increase the immunity power within us to fight against any diseases. Henceforth a ”yogic science of healing” person has an enormous immunity power and a strong CNS to lead a disease free life. He is always independent, (a self dependent) and has a rich energy 24 hours to carryout his duties.
    6. 6. Yogic science of healing promotes various sadhanas like astanga yoga, pranayama, chakra dhyana and chakra shudhi, sohamdhyana for mind cleansing, concious cleansing and cleansing the negative thoughts(vichara shudhi), surya gayathri dhyana (sun meditation) etc… Lectures on astanga yoga, lectures on chakras and diseases, lectures on diet and nutritions, practice on chakra dhyana, soham dhyana, surya meditation, inter active sessions, practices of karma yoga, bhajans, divine dances and spiritual games are the highlights of the course. “Indian institute of yogic science”, will very shortly begin various diploma, certificate and degrees in U.G and P.G COURSES. These courses will be of mostly residential, students from all parts of the world can benefit through the courses conducted by us.
    8. 8. Yoga is an ancient science. Nobody knows it’s origin. It is true that it began with gods. Lord shiva is described as first great yogi. Truth, non-violence, honesty, self discipline and simplicity are the roots of yoga. Foremost among those wise men of the old age was the great sage Patanjali. Sage patanjali was the first person to present the ancient tradition of yoga in a systematic way. Thus he is considered as the founder of yoga. Patanjali lived around 200 B. C. Sage patanjali was the authour of 3 brilliant works on literature, ayurveda and health. One was on Sanskrit grammar, second on the Ancient Indian medicine “AYURVEDA”, and the third and the most important was on “YOGA”. It is called the “Yoga sutras of patanjali”. Patanjali says the word “YOGA” means to join or “unite”. Yoga means nothing but union of our conciousness with “GOD”. Yoga is our way of life and that life is “Yoga”. Patanjali laid down an eight fold path to enable us to cultivate the good habits, and to overcome the hurdles of our life. This unique path is known as the “ASTHANGA YOGA OF PATANJALI”. A person who follows this path is called yogi. SADHANAS
    9. 9. Contemplating and meditating on our energy centres of our subtle body. We can do this practice with the help of energising mantras, chanting of these mantras, visualizing the colour of each chakra in the positions of our body. By chanting the specific mantras with colour visualization, we can bring back the sluggish and rapid movement of our chakras to normal conditions. There by this practice improves our energy level, immunity level and gives us total freeness from any discomforts. Finally it radiates our body to enlarge our “AURA” and thereby protects us from negative vibrations. We can always be on positive vibrations and thoughts. SADHANAS
    10. 10. SOHAM DHYANA Soham dhyana is a mind cleansing process and breathing exercise to clean mans (mind), chitta (concsiousness), and vichara (thoughts). It’s a rebirth-free from deep rooted past memories of all the problems mainly mental, emotional, and to some extent physical. So, we can get rid of all toxic energies developed by the stress brought upon by tension and worries of our routine living. If this is practiced daily and regularly our mind will be always calm and relaxed. Our inner healing channels will be free from blockages and imbalances. Due to these blockages and imbalances, our immunity breaks down and we become prone to diseases. We should avoid this practice during full stomach. Asthma and heart patients should carefully practice, under the guidance of the masters or teachers. This practice is to constantly remem SADHANAS
    11. 11. CHANTING OF MANTRAS This practice is to constantly remember god and thereby to raise the awareness of god consciousness. BAJAN SANDHYA Bajan sandhya is one of the spiritual sadhana undertaken by the spiritual master. It transforms an ordinary person into a spiritual aspirant. It completely nourishes the mind, consciousness, and the body to experience the divine flow of spiritual energy. It leads a person to complete calmness and thereby helps a sadhaka to achieve peace and harmony. This practice of Bajan sandhya, is the true way of practicing BAKTHI YOGA. DIVINE DANCE Divine dance is nothing but our own emotional expression, to completely destroy Egotism, anger, lust, greed, hatredness, and come out of the shyness. Again this practice helps a sadhak to break the agoraphobia of the shyness of public dancing, This practice Leads an ordinary person to understand love and helps a person to understand the essence of universal brotherhood or sisterhood. Thus teaches a person to the experience the DIVINE STATE OF SAT CHIT ANAND. SADHANAS
    12. 12. SURYAGAYATRI DHYANA (sun meditation) gazing the sun and chanting the surya gayatri mantra .This brings a tejas within us internally and externally. It nourishes our body, mind and soul. It produces natural vitamins for the absorption of body. MOKSHA DHYANA Moksh dhyana,is an integrated meditation, rather a kind of concentration, guided by Guruji. Yogi. Sri. Sri. Rajarishishiva. Moksh dhyana works on all Planes of the body, mind, consciousness,and the ego to surrender oneself totally to the ishwara,the :Parabrahmam, to attain Brahma avastha. One can achieve calmness, Quietude,and absolutely go into Samadhi, by the able guidance of the master Swami. Rajarishishiva. Moksh dhyana works on the three bodies, ie, 1.Gross-Sthula sharira - physical or anatomical sheath,(ANNAMAYA KOSHA). 2.Subtle-Sukshma sharira-physiological sheath,(PRANAMAYA+MANOMAYA (MENTAL)+VIJNANAMAYA(INTELLECT). 3.Casual-Karana sharira-Spiritual sheath of joy,(ANANDMAYA KOSHA). When all these sheaths come together in each and every one of our Trillions of cells, when there is oneness from the cells to the self, that is known as SADHANAS
    13. 13. INTEGRATION. This involves in integration of body-SHARIRA SAMYAMA, which transforms to - PRANA SAMYAMA -INTEGRATION OF PRANA (BREATHE), which further integrates to INDRIYA SAMYAMA - INTEGRATION OF SENSES, further integrating to-MANA SAMYAMA - INTEGRATION OF MIND, which further integrates to- BUDHI OR JNANA SAMYAMA - INTEGRATION OF INTELLECT OR BUDHI, which finally leads one to the INTEGRATION OF THE SELF, with all the existence,which is called the ATMA SAMYAMA.This guided practice of MOKSH DHYANA,would exactly require 45 minutes of concentration under the divine guidance of Yogi. Sri.Sri. Rajarishishiva. Who is eligible to practice MOKSH DHYANA? Well, only a SADHAKA OR A SPIRITUAL ASPIRANT can practice, that too only in the divine guidance of YOGI. SRI. SRI. RAJARISHISHIVA. MOKSHA DHYANA contd… SADHANAS
    14. 14. “ Yogic Science of Healing Shibir” will be conducted in our training centre bi monthly on 2nd Saturday’s & Sunday’s and it is purely residential. Who is eligible to attend these courses? Individuals, Groups, Institutions, Colleges Students, Teachers, Professionals, Navy, Army, Air-Force, Police Department, Railway employees, Scheduled and Nationalised Bank Employees, Corporate’s and M.N.C’s. The course will be conducted in our training centres, with accommodation and sattwic food provided by us. People having various Psychosomatic disorders, stress and strain, Heart diseases, Pshizophrenia, migrane, diabetes, arthritis, insomnia, HIV Aids, Cancer, Sciatica, Lumbago and various other forms of diseases can be cured and healed by our “Yogic Science of Healing” thereby we ensure a disease free and healthy world. YSH SHIBIR SADHANAS
    16. 16. Forming a national and international team who will serve as “Healing team”, for attending grievances, nursing, healing and rendering service to the needy in the time of natural calamities, major and severe accident spots, and at terror attacked places to protect, to care, and feed them. Adoption of child on the spot, who suffer from the loss of parents and guardians. There by providing them homes, clothes, food and educate them completely to make them as a renowned professionals like Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Bueracrats, proffessors, etc…Homes for disabled, and to train these disabled to become self sufficient economically. KARUNAKARAM SEVAS
    17. 17. Every “Dharma sena” will be given a sankalpa diksha and mantra diksha of “OHM NAMAH SHIVAYA”. How to become a “Dharma sena”? Well, one can become a “Dharma sena”,as individual members or by groups or by larger institutions, working class labourers, professionals, schools, colleges, universities, army, navy, police departments, nurses, housewives, students, teachers, etc.. Thereby every “Dharma sena’s should chant this mantra 11 times at 5 intervals in a day. Say 5am, 10am, 1pm, 6pm and 10pm respectively, so that consciously connected to each other to carry the mission on their shoulders. More over it’s a human chain programme, like one “Dharma sena” should contribute his/her seva by introducing 10 hands(members) to join the human chain link, to get connected with consciousness, to carry on the mission. So that human chain continues districts to state to global, making a larger group, may be the worlds ever largest chain or network DHARMA SENA SEVAS
    18. 18. Establishment of “Divine villages”, Adoption of villages, and thereby developing them into “Divine villages”. To give training for the village youths and to empower women of the villages to become self sufficient economically. To lay roads, to dig wells, to provide proper sanitation and drainage, to build water tanks, to build schools and hospitals, Creating human chains in villages, towns and cities, to convert them as ethical and moral human DIVINE VILLAGES / PREMA GRAAMA chains in villages, towns and cities, to convert them as ethical and moral human forces, who will act as “Dharma sena’s to serve for the welfare of society and also to protect “Sathya and Dharma”. These Dharma sena’s will work as well as serve for the etical values & human rights on the basis of “Sathya”, ”Dharma”, and “Nyaya”. Indian civilization and culture, from times immemorial, has been based on Vedic wisdom. The Divine village are spread over 25 acres, has been created for human who want to move away from the madding crowd and achieve mental peace and bliss. This kind of superb divine village is situated in the pristine, pure nature of the foothills of the manchinaville dam (awerahallie) , extolled in the Twelve Positive Sciences for their elevating and sublime experience. Swami Rajarishishiva’s divine village is formed with the unified vision of creating an atmosphere for aspirants in spirituality and for the dissemination of Vedic knowledge. It is formed by guruji & a group of people interested in spirituality from different regions of India and supported by a group dharmasenas . SEVAS
    19. 19. FEATURES: 1. One can become member as individuals,instituitions and corporates. 2. One can buy PROPERTY, LAND, CONSTRUCT “VILLA’S”, UNDER OUR SCHEME-“BRINDHAVANAM”, which will only be constructed through our architect team. (THIS PARTICULAR SCHEME IS ONLY FOR MEMBERS OF “DIVINE VILLAGES” AS INDIVIDUALS,GROUPS,INSTITUITIONS AND CORPORATES.) 3. One can do seva,volunteer as groups to become “DHARMASENA’S”,to help, to protect, to care, to nurse, to train any skills, to heal, to treat, to serve and feed, to transform, to work as part time faculties, to work as honarary doctors, architects, engineers, nurses, healers, yoga trainers, graama sevaks, nagar sankatans, acharyas, prohits, etc… 4. Are you interested in social service?are you interested in nation and global constructing? Are you ready to go and serve any states of our country or abroad? Are you ready to be associated with us for the next five years as sevaks, karyakarthas, vanaprasthas? you will be accomadated, spiritually trained, food, clothes, basic needs and travel will be taken care by us. 5. If you are interested in the above, let us know yourself and send your bio-data’s or c.v’s to email: [email_address] . OR send by post: To the chairman, “Indian Institute Of Yogic Science” No:721,61st Cross,5th Block,Rajaji nagar,Bangalore-5600010. 6. SCHEMES- “KARUNAKARAM”, ”SANGAMAM”, ”SNEHAMANE”, ”DHARMASENA”, ”BRINDHAVANAM”, ”ANNAPOORANI All these schemes are under taken in our “DIVINE VILLAGES”.Yet they may be independent schemes,but they are handled through our “DIVINE VILLAGES”SCHEME. 7. These schemes can be donated commonly to “INDIAN INSTITUTE OF YOGIC SCIENCE/DIVINE VILLAGES SCHEME” OR “INDIAN INSTITUTE OF YOGIC SCIENCE”
    20. 20. Sangamam is the place for “GOD CHILD,DESTITUTED WOMEN, OLD AGED HOMELESS PERSONS ,etc.. These people are collectively taken from the victimised spots of events like tsunami, tremors, severe eathquakes, floods, terror attacked places and they will be provided permanent shelters, food, clothes, education, training for self help and would be motivated to live as an “UNIVERSAL FAMILY”, A JOINT FAMILY, LIKE BROTHERS, SISTERS, MOTHER, FATHER, GRAND MOTHER, GRAND FATHER, UNCLE, AUNTS AND SO ON…THESE PEOPLE ARE COLLECTED NATIONALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY ALSO, SO THEY ARE CULTURALLY TRAINED TO FOLLOW THE “SARVA DHARMA KALACHAR” which is being taught in our organization. These families will form a “VASUDEVA KUDUMBAKAM”. SANGAMAM SEVAS
    21. 21. Sneha mane is a place for rehabiliating and de-addiction centres for prostitutes, rapists, murderers, dacoits, thieves, naxalites, terrorists, drug addicts, alcoholics etc.. These persons will be permanently accomadated and will be trained properly to live with moralility, dignity, purity and with spirituality. These people will be intensively trained in various arts depending upon their skills and would be made to lead a self sufficient, happy and peaceful living. SNEHA MANE These morally trained people who live in this commune can have “ADYARTHMIC VIVAH”(DIVINE MARRIAGES). On every “GURU POORNIMA”, DIVAS(DAY), spiritual master “SWAMI RAJARISHISHIVA” will give “Sankalpa diksha” and “Mantra diksha”, for these couples who will thereby declared as spiritual partners and live in the commune and shall continue to do seva throughout their life. This marriage will be legally registered too. Particulary to adopt young widows and to encourage them, to a have an eternal life. SWAYAMVARAM SEVAS
    22. 22. 1. Are you a retired person? 2. Do you want to spend rest of the life for your self to achieve peace, happiness and to attain “Moksha”? 3. Do you want to keep away from all worldly and materialistic things? Are you interested in doing seva? 4. Do you want to be cared, nursed and spiritually retreated for the rest of your life? Yes, here are the answers. ” RETIRED BUT NOT TIRED”, Will help you to understand oneself that actually a “LIFE” begins after your retirement. You should start living your life now, thereby to lead a social, spiritual, self satisfied life away from all machined and mechanized routine, to move yourself into our “DIVINE VILLAGES” and live in our commune. You can work, guide, help, do seva and live in the nature. Total care for getting your homes(kudir’s), health, food, treatments, healing, washing and all personal care for you is assured for the rest of your whole life. VANAPRASTHA SEVAS
    23. 23. An individual person, retired people, couples, NRI’s and anyone can buy a property for residing permanently, semipermanent basis, or lease the same for public use during their absence. All infrastructures, building materials, will consist of waste, reusable, re cycleable, sustainable, renewable, sources and resources will be utilized for constructing homes and villa’s. It would be a divine experience for those who buy property in this “DIVINE VILLAGES”. They can do any kind of spiritual and divine seva, volunteer, work, help, counsel, motivate, heal, nurse, care, and show love to each other. These “VILLA’s and COTTAGES” are named as “BRINDAVANAM” BRINDAVANAM SEVAS
    24. 24. Annapoorani is a method followed in the “DIVINE VILLAGES”, as the “PRASAD HALL”(DINING HALL) for the convenience of commune people, local and foreign visitors to the village have to follow the same. Food will be served (TWO)times in a day, (SATTWIC) and a complete nutrient, twice in a day they will be also provided herbal health drinks or herbal/vegetable soups and some fruit/vegetable salads. ”VEDAS AND MANTRAS WILL BE CHANTED,BEFORE AND AFTER EVERY MEAL. No outside food, food packs, chocalates, breads, bakery items, sweets and savouries, snacks, lays, wafers, pepsi, coke, artificial drinks, flavoured pulps, pizzas, puffs, cakes, eggs, non-vegetarian foods, alcohol, wine, beers, tobacco in the form of cigarettes, pangutkha, chewing pawn, chiclates, bubble gums and use of any plastics and plastic materials are completely banned and forbidden in the “DIVINE VILLAGES”. ANNAPOORANI SEVAS
    25. 25. This scheme of “AKSHAYA-ANNA DAAN” will be providing, one time free food initially, say during mid-day, afternoon, and will be provided to poor village children and the village people. the food will be provided on their door steps. OM SHANTI, SHANTI,SHANTI AKSHAYA ANNA DAAN As per this scheme Bikshaan dehi, ”DAAN PETI” OR “OFFERING BOXES” will be provided or kept in the premises of SCHOOLS, COLLEGES, HOSPITALS, BANKS, ALL GOVT. OFFICES, POST OFFICES, CORPORATE COMPANIES, BIG INDUSTRIES, THEATRE HALLS, HOTELS, LODGING HOUSES, RESTAURANTS, ETC… FOR COLLECTING MONEY FROM THE PUBLIC AS A MINIMUM COMMITMENT OF Rs.1/ (rupees one only) per day per person or as much as from RS.1/- to maximum any number of amount shall be deposited as donations, for the scheme “BIKSHAAN DEHI”. These donations collected through this scheme will be directly help ful for providing one time food, (full meals), to atleast for 10,000(ten thousand) poor village people in a day, or will be utilized for the “DIVINE VILLAGE” SCHEME. BIKSHAAN DEHI SEVAS
    26. 26. 1. One can become member as individuals, instituitions and corporates under the “DIVINE VILLAGES SCHEME”. 3. One can buy PROPERTY, LAND, CONSTRUCT “VILLA’S”, UNDER OUR SCHEME-“BRINDHAVANAM”, which will only be constructed through our architect team. (THIS PARTICULAR SCHEME IS ONLY FOR MEMBERS OF “DIVINE VILLAGES” AS INDIVIDUALS, GROUPS, INSTITUITIONS AND CORPORATES.) 4. One can do seva, volunteer as groups to become “DHARMASENA’S”, to help, to protect, to care, to nurse, to train any skills, to heal, to treat, to serve and feed, to transform, to work as part time faculties, to work as honorary doctors, architects, engineers, nurses, healers, yoga trainers, graama sevaks, nagar sankatans, acharyas, prohits, etc… 5. Are you interested in social service? are you interested in nation and global constructing? Are you ready to go and serve any states of our country or abroad? Are you ready to be associated with us for the next five years as sevaks, karyakarthas, vanaprasthas? you will be accommodated & spiritually trained. Food, clothes, basic needs and travel will be taken care by us. HELP LIBERALLY & MAGNANIMOUSLY SEVAS
    27. 27. 6. If you are interested in the above, let us know yourself and send your bio-data’s or c.v’s to email:swamiji@indianinstituteofyogicscience.com. OR send by post: To the chairman, “Indian Institute Of Yogic Science” No:721,61st Cross,5th Block,Rajaji nagar,Bangalore-5600010. 7. SCHEMES- “KARUNAKARAM”, ”SANGAMAM”, ”SNEHAMANE”, ”DHARMASENA”, ”BRINDHAVANAM”, ”ANNAPOORANI All these schemes are under taken in our “DIVINE VILLAGES”.Yet they may be independent schemes, but they are handled through our “DIVINE VILLAGES”SCHEME. 8. These schemes can be donated commonly to 1. “Indian Institute Of Yogic Science/divine Villages Scheme”,SBI, Rajaji Nagar Bangalore. Ifs Code:sbin0000762, A/c No:30602669293. Swift No:sbininbb240, Sbi Commercial Branch Rajaji Nagar. 2. ”Indian Institute Of Yogic Science”, SBI, Rajajinagar Bangalore, Ifs Code:sbin0000762, A/c No:30602662764. Swift No:sbininbb240 SEVAS
    28. 28. Arise; Awake; Stop not Till the goal is achieved - Swami Vivekananda Indian Institute of Yogic Science Regd. Office : Door no:721,61st cross, 5th block, Rajajinagar-Near Bashyam Circle, Bangalore - 560 070,Karnataka,India. Te-lefax:+91-080-23400532 Training Centres Bangalore Premises at : Baba’s Gyan Sarovar”, No:3009, 2nd “A” main, 17th cross, Banashankari 2nd stage,K.R.road, Bangalore- 560 070. Karnataka,India, Tel:+91-080-26771313,26772223. Fax:+91-080-26771314/26771383. Ahmedabad Premises at : SUKHMANI HOSPITAL, Ashram road, Near kandoi bogilal mulchand, Dinesh hall road, Navrangapura, Ahmedabad, PIN-380009. Tel:+91-79-26577676.Fax:+91-79-26575152.
    29. 29. VISIT US AT : www.indianinstituteofyogicscience.com www.iioys.com email : [email_address] [email_address] SARVE BAVANTHU SUKHINAHA, SARVE SANTU NIRAMAYA, SARVE BADHRANI PASHYANTHU, MAA KASHCHIT DUKHA BHA BHAVE… OHM SHANTHI,SHANTHI,SHANTHI HI…