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Process Laws


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For the Creatives, nothing can suck the excitement out of innovative vision than the monotone voice looking to *create a process* or *automate* an idea that is yet unproven. Better yet, that same voice can be persistently counted on to promote *standards* and *process* often before the idea is even considered.

These slides are respectfully provided for the Process Engineers, Standards Officers, and Automation Sherpas that there must be *a* way before we can find a "better" way!

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Process Laws

  1. 1. Process Laws David Adams (@SwamiDaveSays)
  2. 2. #ProcessLaw No.1: If you spend more time documenting a process or explaining it than someone does following it, it stinks!
  3. 3. #ProcessLaw No.2: If someone spends more time filling out your form (or finding the information that goes in it) than you do meeting the request in it, it stinks!
  4. 4. #ProcessLaw No.3: If someone spends more time gathering your metric than you do reviewing it (or making a decision with it), it stinks!
  5. 5. #ProcessLaw No.4: If your process does not provide value (through faster or cheaper resolution of issues), it stinks!
  6. 6. #ProcessLaw No.5: If your process does not lead to achieving the goal, it stinks (and everyone who does not spend more time grumbling about it is already circumventing it)!
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