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Halo Help


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Halo Help

  1. 1. HALO REACH GUIDE<br />By Francois Rudaz<br />
  2. 2. TIPS IN GENERAL <br />TEAMWORK IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART IN WINING ANYGAME OF HALO REACH!<br /> Think about it, 4 people armor locking, talking…. I have seen in and it is what is most important in winning. <br />LOOK FOR TEAMATES! Try and get to your team and then attack.<br />WATCH TEAMATE NAME PLATES! The indicator over your teammate has a couple things you want to no.<br /> if you and a friend , named BILL, wanted to play halo reach , then you should have BILL make his clan tag <br /> You will be able to see him on your team always with a arrow over his head that sais BILL.<br /> If its BLUE he's just walking. YELLOW means he is shooting. RED means he's taking damage. IF IT’S A X, he's dead. <br />TALK! Make sure to get a good mic and play with friends as much as you can for teamwork<br />LOOK FOR POWER WEAPONS! Don’t just run into a gun fight naked, look for power weapons!<br />Punching will reduce shields or health to 100%. But make sure that when you do punch you punch at the right time. If your enemy still has shields up EVEN AT 1%! The punch will ONLY DO 1% DMG! So make sure to use shooting and punch timing correctly<br />PLAY LIKE YOUR PLAYING A REALISTIC SHOOTER! Don’t run after everyone , don’t run blindly into a bunch of enemies. Play smart and watch out, this is halo but its not unreal tournament.<br />USE ARMOR LOCK IN GENERAL TO STAY ALIVE!<br />USE LEVEL 4 SENSITIVITY! IF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT GET USED TO IT !<br />
  4. 4. ARMOR LOCK<br />IN general you can use armor lock for 5 seconds straight.<br />Full charge allows 2 quick stops against fire<br />Recharge rate is 10% per second<br />EMP ABILITY!<br /> The most powerful effect of armor lock is the emp. If you release armor lock when a vehicle or enemy player is within 5 YARDS you will de activate their shields. After which you can melee for a fast kill.<br />Learn to use this ability in firefight against elites to get down EMP timing<br />IF HELD DOWN FOR FULL CHARGE, SHIELDS WILL BEGIN TO RECHARGE <br />Mastery Difficulty Level : Moderate<br />
  5. 5. JETPACK<br />USE IN BURST! <br /> Using the jet pack as a burst way to run or to cover more ground , because of the fast rate of regeneration.<br />Recharge rate 10% per 0.5 seconds<br />ALWAYS JUMP BEFORE LIFTOFT! <br /> Jumping at the beginning gives you more speed and time being in the air.<br />Use the jetpack as a offensive tool.<br />Learn how to use this ability on firefight mode for how to dodge grenades and how to use the jetpack as a offensive tool. <br />Mastery Difficulty : Low<br />
  6. 6. EVADE<br />WHENEVER AVAILABLE USE EVADE OVER SPRINT!<br /> Evade is a great defensive and offensive tool.<br /> On defense you can move faster, and fall back to base by evading backwards<br /> On Offense get close to enemies and flea grenades much faster than sprint<br />WHEN USING EVADE FOR MOBILITY , JUMP BEFORE EACH EVADE!<br /> Jumping before each evade grants a lot more distance travelled, and brings your weapon system online, allowing you to punch on landing, unlike when you normally evade, when you get up there is a slight delay on the weapon system coming back on, about 0.38 seconds<br />USE EVADE TO HIJACK VEHICLES!<br /> High jacking vehicles with evade is very effective because of the fast burst time and ability to dodge incoming blast<br />Holds 2 charges at a time<br />Recharge Rate is 2.5 seconds per charge<br />Time rate between charges is based on how far you go per evade charge<br />Mastery Difficulty : Average <br />
  7. 7. SPRINT<br />ALLOWS RUNNING FOR 7 SECONDS STRAIGHT <br /> Before all your energy goes to 0% , you can run on a flat surface for 7 seconds.<br />WHEN SPRINTING, JUMP AND STOP SPRINTING, TO COVER MORE GROUND , AND MAKE USE OF THE RECHARGE MECHANICK <br /> Unlike sprint in games like Call of Duty, Halo’s Sprint has a recharge clock that much reach 100%,<br /> and at that time the player will get 100% Sprint Energy.<br />RECHARGE RATE IS A 5 SECOND CLOCK<br /> At any time when you use sprint whenever it has a loss of energy, a 5 second clock will start ticking internally, and if you use sprint in this 5 second window it cancels the recharge.<br />BEST USED WHEN ONLY POWER AVAILABLE.<br />USE SPRINTING AND MELEE FOR A OLD SCHOOL STYLE RUSH ATTACK~<br /> Mastery Difficulty : Medium <br />
  8. 8. DROP SHIELD<br />HOLD DOWN THE LEFT BUMPER FOR 2 SECONDS TO ACTIVATE!<br /> If you don’t hold down the LB for 2 seconds it will cancel the dropping of the device<br />HEALS YOU WHILE INSIDE! <br /> While inside a Drop Shield you will be passively healed, BUT NO EXTRA SHIELD RECHARGE<br />BLUE COLLORING OF SHIELD MEANS FULL HEALTH , RED COLORING OF SHIELD MEANS POWER IS UNDER 35%<br />Holds 1 charge at all times<br />Recharge Rate is 12 seconds per charge<br />Mastery Difficulty : Average<br />
  9. 9. ACTIVE CAMOUFLAGE<br />Active camouflage will give you away with its censor jammer<br />CROUNCH WALK TO NOT BE SEEN <br />Good for camping and Defending in Objective Games<br />Less moving = Less power used.<br />Recharge Rate is 8% a second, Re Usable at 24 %<br />Mastery Level = High <br />
  10. 10. HOLOGRAM<br />HOLOGRAM IS TOUGH TO USE , BUT GREAT!<br /> Use hologram on defense and for camping on spots in multiplayer.<br />GREAT IN CAMPAING AND FIREFIGHT!<br /> Even Legendary elites cant tell the difference between a player and a hologram. <br />USE IN MULTIPLAYER AGAINST SNIPERS AND VEHICLES!<br />
  11. 11. ARMOR TACTICS<br />
  12. 12. WEAPON TACTICS <br />
  13. 13. MELEE <br />GETS RID OF SHIELD OR HEALTH <br /> NO matter what a melee attack will either take out shields or health , never based on percentage, just flat 100% damage to shields or health<br />FINISH SHOOTING OF A SHIELD BEFORE MELEEING!<br /> IF you get melee hit before you finish off their shields, they will win the fight<br /> its all about timing.<br />MELEE WILL NOT DO A AUTOMATIC LUNGE FOR PUNCHES!<br /> Melee was suppose to have less of a impact in Halo Reach because of the new Health system , so melee when you need to , don’t try to. <br />TIME BETWEEN MELEE PUNCHES = 2.2 seconds <br />
  14. 14. Assault Rifle<br />Clip size = 32 rounds <br />Total Ammo on spawn = 96 rounds <br />Total Ammo Held = 288 rounds<br />Damage vs. Shields = 8% per bullet <br />Damage vs. Health = 20% per bullet / <br /> 40% per headshot <br />TIPS :<br />Fire in controlled burst at medium range<br />Full auto at punching range<br />Will beat a DMR at close range in a firefight<br />Always make sure to keep crosshairs inside circle <br />Reload after every kill <br />1 clip if used correctly can kill 2 full health enemies<br />
  15. 15. DMR<br />Clip Size = 15 rounds<br />Total Ammo on spawn = 47 rounds<br />Total Ammo Held = 128 rounds<br />DMG vs. Shields = 20% anywhere on body <br />DMG vs. Health= 35% on body<br /> 100% on head <br />TIPS:<br />In short firefight , 3 burst<br />In medium firefight , 2 burst <br />In long range, 1 bullet<br />Make sure to try and stay in scope mode as much as possible <br />CROUNCHING! Makes your shots always hit at up to 3 burst. Shooting at a range where your opponent does not see you, crouching is a great asset.<br />Reload when you can, not always right away<br />STRAFE! Constantly strafe in a firefight, because of the single shot bullet fire, a miss in a 5 bullet situation is vital. Playing campaign and firefight modes help a lot in learning proper use of the DMR , elites make the best targets. Jumping is also a good strategy.<br />Mix with plasma weapons for easy quick kills<br />
  16. 16. PISTOL<br />Clip Size = 8 Bullets<br />Total ammo on spawn = 20<br />Total Ammo Held = 48 Bullets<br />DMG vs. Shield = 4 shots anywhere on body<br />DMG vs. Health = 3 shots on body<br /> 1 shot in head<br />TIPS:<br />In short firefight , 2-3 burst<br />In medium firefight, 2 burst <br />In long range firefight, 1 burst<br />Crouching does not effect reticule burst, so stay at normal height <br />GREAT close range weapon , beats out DMR with quicker firing rate. <br />Try and stay scoped , as it is a weapon like a DMR , with single shot.<br />
  17. 17. SHOTGUN<br />Shells = 6 <br />Total Shells on spawn = 12<br />Total Shells Held = 30<br />DMG = Very on range, Closer the better, usually instant kill at short range, 3/4s total dmg at medium.<br />TIPS<br />DO NOT USE MELEE WITH THIS WEAPON.<br />The shotgun is a power weapon , with quite a many bullets, if your going for kills with it, 2-3 shots should easily be a 100% kill. Melee will take away your range and damage bonus because any other player has that ability. 2 shot fire is faster than 2 melees. <br />Great against sword or grav hammer wielding enemies<br />Its like any shotgun in any other game… short range… so be smart.<br />
  18. 18.
  19. 19. SNIPER RIFLE <br />Magazine Size = 4<br />Total Ammo in spawn = 12<br />Total Size Held = 20<br />DMG vs. Shield and Health = 75% of total S+H, body<br /> 2 shots are 100% kill on body’=<br />TIPS<br />Use this weapon as a medium range weapon.<br />If you feel that you are good enough to camp and get head shots then do it, but if you don’t feel you can, use this as a 2 shot kill gun . <br />If every bullet hits, that’s 6 kills from a fully loaded pickup. <br />DON’T KILL PEOPLE WHO TAKE IT!<br />
  20. 20. ROCKET LAUNCHER<br />Amount of rockets in chambers = 2 shots<br />Total of Ammo at spawn = 4 shots <br />Total amount of rockets held = 6 shots<br />DMG vs. vehicles = 50%-100% based on vehicle<br />DMG vs. Shield / Health = 100% from ground shot kill or direct <br />TIPS<br />When shooting at other players, shoot for the ground, even a jumping player will get hit by the blast radius.<br />LOCK ON TO VEHICLES WHEN EVER YOU CAN, locking mechanism is great in Reach. <br />If you get angry that its cheap, learn its spawning location and check that when you can. because you know when you get it that you love it. So beat them to it.<br />
  21. 21. GRENADE LAUNCHER<br />Grenades in chamber = 1<br />Total rounds in spawn = 7<br />Total grenades = 15<br />DMG vs. Shield / Health = 75% total S/H on EMP shot<br />75%- 100% based on radius of normal grenade shot<br />TIPS <br />BOUNCE! Learning how to bounce shots to get double kills in all modes is vital with this weapon. Use firefight as a good training experience to learn how to bounce . <br />EMP! The emp held shot is great for using the shot as a landmine or as a way to power down vehicles and full shielded elites. The EMP is not as effective against enemy players, so use its main shot in multiplayer<br />
  22. 22. Spartan Laser<br />AMMO On Spawn = 4 Laser Beam Shots<br />DMG vs. Anything…….. = 100% , save tanks.<br />Tips:<br />This weapon is only viable on Big Team Battle maps, and when used in that it is usually for vehicles. <br />ALWAYS SCOPE SHOT!<br />The recharge rate after every shot is 4 seconds. <br />Unlike in Halo 3 , when charging this weapon, the enemy cannot see the beam<br />In campaign this weapon is very helpful and best used for the destruction of hunters or vehicles, and the occasionally general class elite or brute<br />
  23. 23. FRAG GRENADE<br />Amount Help = 2 in multiplayer / 4 in single player<br />DMG = 95% in 5 yard radius / 75% S/H in 15 yards <br />TIPS <br />LEARN THE THROWING ARC AND BOUNCES!<br /> Just like the Grenade Launcher using firefight and campaign to work on firing is a great way to learn.<br />Learning to strafe is also a necessity for defense.<br />Listing for how close the grenade sounds, and if visible watch wear it lands and strafe away. <br />Use armor lock only when you hear the CLICK sounds is close enough to merit a use <br />
  24. 24. Plasma Grenade Launcher<br />Ammo on spawn= 12 Total Shots<br />DMG vs. Player = 100% on stick <br />DMG vs. vehicles= 25-50% per stuck shot<br />TIPS – <br />USE THE SCOPE! <br /> This weapon has outrageous range, and with a long range lock on , the grenades will move the target, <br />Try and shoot one at players, and always lock on because the radius dmg of this weapon is not as great as that of a plasma grenade itself<br />Can pad up to 4 shots for vehicles and player targets<br />Bolts will track if you die, so don’t freak out when your being shot at. <br />If you don’t want to fire your charged up shot, just switch weapons and you wont lose any ammo. <br />
  25. 25. Needler Rifle <br />Ammo in clip = 21 shots<br />Ammo on spawn= 42 shots<br />Total Ammo = 126 shots<br />DMG vs. Shield = 12.5% per shot <br />DMG vs. Health = 3 shots for super combine kill <br /> AKA needle gun pink mist explosion<br /> 1 shot to head for kill<br />TIPS<br />STAY SCOPED!<br />In short firefight, 4 round burst<br />In medium-long firefight, 2 round burst quickly<br />This gun is great for getting quick kills with the super combine ability, but it is worse than the DMR at long range<br />
  26. 26. Plasma Rifle Assault Variant<br />Ammo on spawn = 200 plasma shots<br />Total Ammo Held = 100 charge / plasma shots<br />DMG vs. Shields = 8% per shot<br />DMG vs. Health = 16% anywhere on body <br />TIPS<br />WATCH RETICULE! <br /> This weapons is all about controlled fire, so watch the reticule<br />RELOAD AFTER EVERY KILL / BARRAGE <br /> This weapon heats up fast so cool it every chance you get, but beware, when you cool the weapon you cant stop the cooling process<br />18 shots to kill a enemy , same as assault rifle <br />Has aim assist when used by elite in multiplayer <br />Does great damage against vehicles. <br />
  27. 27. Plasma Pistol <br />Total Ammo on Spawn = 200 shots <br />DMG vs. Shields = 16% per shot<br />DMG vs. Health = 35% per shot <br />TIPS<br />USE THIS GUN IN MULTIPLAYER!<br /> This weapon has NO RETICULE BLOOM, thus making it a great short range weapon, and extremely versatile with its fast rate of fire<br />GREAT in close quarters<br />EMP SHOT makes this a necessity against elites on legendary difficulty. This is also great versus vehicles, BUT DO NOT USE THIS AGAINST PLAYERS, shoot it in bolts <br />
  28. 28. Plasma Rifle<br />Ammo per shot = .25% per shot<br />Total Ammo = 400<br />TIPS<br />DOES NOT SHOW UP IN MULTIPLAYER<br />Good in firefight or single player because it has no reticule bloom.<br />
  29. 29. NEEDLER<br />Ammo Clip Size = 20 needles<br />Ammo on spawn = 60 needles<br />Total Ammo held = 100 needles<br />DMG vs. Shields = 16% per needle <br />DMG vs. Health = 6 Needles for super combine pink mist attack<br />TIPS <br />This is a great close quarters weapon , used alright at medium range<br />REMEMBER TO FOLLOW YOUR TARGET!<br />RELOAD ALL THE TIME, SUPER FAST RELOAD TIME!<br />
  30. 30. Fuel Rod Cannon<br />Ammo in clip = 5 shots<br />Total ammo Held = 25 shots<br />DMG vs. anything = Based on radius, usually 85%-100% <br />TIPS<br />SHOOT AT YOUR TARGET!<br /> This isn't like the rocket launcher, it is better for direct fire, when it hits the ground it will jump up like a grenade.<br />Kills shit quick. <br />
  31. 31. SWORD<br />Ammo per swing = 5% of total battery<br />Ammo In total = 20 swings hits<br />DMG vs. player= 100% kill <br />TIPS<br />SPRINTING ALLOWS YOU TO LUNGE WHILE SPRINTING!<br /> use the sprinting ability with the sword to kill people super fast while running<br />DON’T ALWAYS USE THE TRIGGER ATTACK!<br /> One melee hit with the sword is a instant kill, so in small areas or in groups use the melee swing for faster swing downtime.<br />2.5 second swing downtime after lunge<br />1.5 second swing downtime after melee swing <br />Unlike the Grav Hammer, Swinging wont deplete a swing charge. So swing away<br />
  32. 32. Gravity Hammer<br />Total Swing Amount on spawn= 20 swings<br />Dmg vs. Anything= 100% at very close range , 75% at close range<br />TIPS<br />USE THIS AS A SECONDARY! <br /> Unlike the sword, which has a ranged lunge attack, the grav hammer is best pulled out when in close range, or when going into close range<br />Watch your range when using hammer<br />Great against medium to small size vehicles that are oncoming<br />
  33. 33. SPIKER <br />Rounds in clip = 40 spikes<br />Ammo on spawn = 120 spikes<br />Total Ammo Held = 160 spikes<br />TIPS<br />Watch out for this gun in single and firefight game modes, but it doesn’t spawn on multiplayer maps, its more their for show.<br />Don’t use it unless you need to. <br />