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Music Advert Analysis


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3 music advert example

Published in: Education
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Music Advert Analysis

  1. 1. Magazine AdvertAnalysisconnor McCormack
  2. 2. for my first example I looked at EllieGouldings promotion of her album "lights"which has a number of key aspects whichhelps it grab audience attentionclose up of the artistThe artists name standing outthe album name below itthe record labelreviews from well known magazines andnewspaperskeeping to a theme "her hair is lightenedup as well as the title"The theme she uses is different and appealing to theaudience although there is a lack of release dates orplaces you can buy the albumExample 1
  3. 3. This example is much different fromthe first that was seen as there is a lotmore infomation on it but it ispresented in a way that keeps it clearand still eye catching to usunlike the previous example this had arelease date for when the albumcomes out, this does not have to bedone however as a lack of a releasedate could just build up excitementfor the audience.Artist name is clearclear font and mid shot of artistrelease date presentedguest appearances from other artistsplaces where you can buy the albumExample 2
  4. 4. This final example is very differentfrom the other 3 in the fact that theadvert is very basic but does a goodjob of keeping the similar themebetween its album and music video asthey all follow this themelinks in with album and music videoincludes website and release dateincludes well known songsExample 3