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Evaulation question 4


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How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

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Evaulation question 4

  1. 1. How did you use new media technologies in theconstruction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Introductionthroughout the task we hae had to use many different media technologies which has been both enjoyful and stressful.we have kept the knowledge of certain technolgies from last years AS work which has paid off and helped us this time around, such as photoshop, which was a main technology used.with has expanded our knowledge as well to A2 with technologies as we have used final cut pro which we have developed and improved at using throughout our production as it was essietnail to the making of our music video.
  3. 3. Research - Youtubeyoutube - we used youtube throughout the research periods as we needed to know the many types that there are, such as performance or abstract, it also gave us the chance to look at different genres of music and what they do that others dont, for example pop would have a lot of dance where as Rock would have more performance, if we did not use youtube to watch these we would not of understood the conventions of these videos or found the song that we would use, also youtube also helped when we needed tutorial videos for final cut pro as it was out first time using that software.
  4. 4. Research - Googlewe used the google search engine when looking up ideas for our digipaks and magazine ad, the images that came up could then be compared to see what conventions are typically used for our genre, it also gave us inspiration and ideas that we could develop or challenge with our products when we created them.
  5. 5. Digipak and poster researchWhen searching Google we would mark down pages in our favorites when using Internet explorer to keep notes on digipaks or posters we liked, this made it easier to compare separate images andallowed us to seesimilarities anddifferences in bands ofthe same genre.
  6. 6. Hardware usedCannon Powershot SX40 HS - This camera was what we filmed and took pictures on for all our three products which was ecsipically good as it captures 1080p videos and has 35x zoom meaning we can could get a wide range of closeups and exreme closeups without losing a good lighing postion when we had one, The SX40 built in sterio microphone was also used by us when we needed toshot a video diary at any point so we used the camera to its fullest ability.
  7. 7. Tripod - this was used to keep the camera in a steady place when filming, we could also adjust the height of it meaning that we could get a wide variety of shots to use.Apple mac - we was unfamiliar with usinga mac but without it we would not ofbeen able to use the software final cut pro to edit the videoso it was vital to the success of our music video.
  8. 8. Softwarefinal cut pro - used to eidit the music video, the software allowed me to adjust lighting and add my own backgrounds in front of a greenscreen, it also alowed us to easily edit out the sound so we could replace our song choice over it, when we had done this we would put our performance shots in the right place and it would be correctly lip synched as a result.photshop - was used when making both the magazine ad and the digipak, from there we could maipulate the images how we wanted, for example changing the colours of fading it using a certain effect. one of the main things we needed to do with photoshop was to cut an image onto a background, this is where the magic want tool and eraser came into effect as the magic wand removes most of the background and a soft toned eraser can make it look in line with the ackground.
  9. 9. websitesFacebook - used to gather feedback from friends and family and gather feedback from people who was not just from school.Blogger - used to post all coursework and progress of A2 and see how far I have developedYouTube - used to upload out video for comments and also to upload a evaluation questionSlideshare - used to upload analysis and this evaluation question, was very useful as it was a way for us to get our PowerPoint presentations onto our blogsPrezi - used to answer a evaluation question, a Prezi account had to be made to use this
  10. 10. Planning of digipak• We used Google to find a Photoshop layout of a digipak and from there it was far more easier to plan what would go on it in terms of where the song lists or thank you sections would be. The same was also done when we made our CD
  11. 11. Editing the DigipakWe wanted to have a faded effect for the Digipak with the two artistson the sunset background. the first thing we needed to do for this thenwas to erase the shapes of the buildings out onto our artists, we usedthe soft brush eraser tool for this we thenchanged the layer to a hard light and reducedThe opacity of the image to give it the faded lookWhat we wanted
  12. 12. Editing poster• We did the same for the poster as well put what really helped when making that was the image placement and adjustments as we had to add different logos onto our poster to follow codes and conventions
  13. 13. Editing the video• We did a wide range of editing for the final production of a video, we used editing for a number of out green screen shots using the keying effect, from there we could replace it with any background we wanted, but or our video we kept it black, we also adjusted brightness of some shots by using the glow effect, and also colour adjustment where you could match one shot to anothers in terms of its brightness and colour, this helped us when we dealt with some of the feedback we had gotten.
  14. 14. Evaluation• Throughout the evaluation a wide range of different medias• Facebook – for all the products feedback• Slideshare – to upload my presentations onto blogger• Prezi – to upload my animated presentations• YouTube – to show my audience feedback and my video• I used the HTML features to link all these different mediums onto my blog.
  15. 15. How has this helped• All these different media technologys has played a vital part in our research and planning as without it we would have wasted a lot of time doing primary research. In my opinion the project would not of been successful at all if these where not used, as even with our personal skills we would need the technologies to get the overall quality that we desired.