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Ed sheeran


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Published in: Education
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Ed sheeran

  1. 1. My Group: Connor Danny Billy
  2. 2.
  3. 3. A camera cut to the phone so we understand more about the storythe split camera shot between the two characters in the narrative storyThe constant flashbacks of the girl
  4. 4. Firstly the cat wouldnot be in our videofor two reasonsone that it would taketo long to do, and two thatit is too much like the original thanI would want to make a narrative similar to the videos with our own originality
  5. 5. Instead we would stick to the idea of amiserable break up story, focusing on both theboy and girl, the camera would cut betweenthe two different scenarios of them, whilealso having a performance shots of the band.With the video the editing could also changewith the pace of the music from fast to slow.