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Audience feedback


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Published in: Education
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Audience feedback

  1. 1. AudiencefeedbackConnor McCormack & Danny Laws
  2. 2. Messages• We had sent the prototype of the video to a number of people to see if there was any room for improvement in our video, The overall comments where good although a lot of people had an issue about the differences between quality in the two performance scenes, mainly the brightness between the two.
  3. 3. From the feedback here we cansee two people said thelighting/brightness of Billysshots where not as good as thosecompared to Jeromes, taking thisfeedback into account we aregoing to edit the footage we havegot to make the brightness andlighting the same type as thatseen in Jeromes, as this fits inwith the rest of our footage.Feedback from Mary also showsus that we need to shorten someof our longer clips to give it abetter music video look.
  4. 4. Video feedbackThe second type of feedback that we got was in the form of Videofeedback, in which we showed people our video and filmed thereresponse in person, we got a mix of people to do this to get the mostout of this type of feedback.Out of this information most focused on the brightness of the videoagain as a criticism, but a lot praised the narrative of our story asbeing a strong point of our music videoThe video can be viewed on the blog