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Swati, kandhamal


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Swati, kandhamal

  2. 2. Background… Availability of Natural Water Sources Crises of Irrigation during irregular /erratic rainfallduring Kharif season and scarcity of water forhousehold use. Demand from the Community for development ofWater Sources/ Unutilized Perennial Water Resources Small tribal pockets in remote areas debars fromGovt. Water Supply Schemes DBI – A low External input based Technology DBI – Low investment and High utility, Easy tomanage and maintain by the villagersSwati_DBI2
  3. 3. New Conceptfor SWATI Pipe based Water Supply System Stone Bed and Guard wall in Hilly Areas to Protectthe Pipes. Mobilization of Community Contribution &Participation Bucket Purification System for Clean Drinking Water Involvement of Youth and women during Planning,Implementation and Development Phase. Development of land availed under FRA Convergent Plan for FRA Land Title Holders.Swati_DBI3
  4. 4. Coverage…Village SC ST OBCJujuripada - 39 05Biraguda 40 11 02Barepanga 01 51 02% 27.15 66.89 5.96Swati_DBI4
  5. 5. Coverage underDBI During 1stYear ofCompletion of the ProjectFeb’12 to Jan’13YearNo ofVillagesTotalHouseholdHouseholdsBenefitedAcresirrigatedin RainySeasonAcresirrigatedin WinterSeasonRemarks2012 3 151 151 144 77 00Jujuripada 44 44 55 35 -Biraguda 53 53 52.5 30 5Barepanga 54 54 37.5 22 4.5Swati_DBI5
  6. 6. Challengesfaced during PostManagement Phase… Post Management of Assets By the VDC. Strengthening of VDC/WUA and collection ofwater users charges. Involvement of the all community and equitabledistribution of the water for agriculture and Dayto Day household use. Extension of Hand holding support to meet therequirement of VDC.Swati_DBI6
  7. 7. Processfollowed PostManagementPhase… Continuation Mobilization of community. Participation, Contribution and their ownership. Strengthening of Village Level Institution-SHG,VDC Organizing regular meeting with VDC/WUA.. Extending hold holding support as and when required by thecommunity. Regular monitoring and utilization of the DBI and RevolvingFund by Community and VDC. Introduction of Onion and Dhania (New Crops) in the DBI. Technical support for Off Season Vegetable Cultivation andDevelopment of Crop Plan season wise.Swati_DBI 7
  8. 8. LeveragedResources… Convergent with other Govt. Programmes like LineSowing (20 Acres) under RKVY, Maize and PotatoCultivation ( 10 Acres each) with support IWMP andDevelopment of Mango Orchard (25 Acres) and HillBroom Planation under MGNREGS. FRA Land development under MGNREGS Implementation of INRM Programme in Barepanga andsubmission of New INRM Plan for Jujuripada andBiraguda for Financial Sanction. Construction of IHL in the Panchayat Plan under BNA. More Focus on Malaria Control and MNCHN issues.Swati_DBI8
  9. 9. Lesson Learned forImprovement Selection of site and village. Proper Design and Estimate and Plan for Quality Lifeenhancement More Engagement with the Community in the PostImplementation Phase Advancement CB activities to link the farmers tomarket Leverage of resources to the DBI site frommainstream development programsSwati_DBI9
  10. 10. Photo Glimpses…..Swati_DBI 10Social & Resource mapping Technical Survey at BarepangaConstruction of Water storage tank Pipe Fitting at Barepanga
  11. 11. Stone Bounding by the villagers Stone Bed for pipe connectionWater storage tank in stream Water Bucket for Drinking water supplySwati_DBI 11
  12. 12. Drinking Water supply to Houses Water for Irrigation PurposeSeed Distribution to farmers Farmers Training camp Swati_DBI12
  13. 13. Road Ahead……. DBI plus to carry forward the initiative to a sustainable approach Follow up action in the community on crop diversification androtation Maintenance and repairing of structures/ assets affected due tonatural hazards by the Community Protection of Catchment. Structural Change as per the requirement of Site situation. (IntakeStructure) Replication of the other type of DBI (Gonchi) in our Areas. More Advocacy on Soft ware activities and Capacity building of WUAin the Govt. implemented DBI. Water Quality Testing. Soil Testing and Promotion of Organic Farming More Convergent with other Govt. supported Program. Leverage of Funds from OTELP and IAP. Tracking of Expenditure out of surplus income through MIS.Swati_DBI13
  14. 14. THANK USwati_DBI14