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Pravat purulia

  1. 1. A Presentation onSRI Promotion ProgrammeSupported By: SDTT/SPWDImplemented By: PRAVAT, Gopalnagar, Purulia [W.B]
  2. 2. • Audio Video shows on SRI cultivation has beenexhibited in meeting, trainings and some otherlocalities to make people aware about the system. Asa result people have shown more interested on thisand they are practicing the techniques in a widerscale in their land.• Master trainer have facilitated to the farmers byproviding training on the system.• Progressive farmers have been trained by the mastertrainer on the system. After taking the training theProgressive farmers have selected other potentialfarmers in their respective village and make themaware about SRI technique.Strategy:
  3. 3.  Farmers have learnt about the methodology and shown thedifference between traditional method and SRI technique. Farmers have got more production by using themethodology, proper quantity of seed and manure. Seeds and pesticides have been distributed to identify thequality of seed and pesticide. Farmers got support of seeds and fertilizer from Agriculturedepartments. Experts of KVK and Agriculture Department disseminatetechnical knowledge on SRI cultivation and ultimatelyfarmers benefited from them.Strategy:
  4. 4. Year wise achievement:Year No ofBlockVillageunder SRITargetFarmersFarmerspracticed SRI% achieved Land Covered(Acre)2008 1 5 30 22 73 92009 3 22 930 917 99 1582010 4 41 1900 1716 90 3762011 7 123 4000 3940 99 9802012 10 189 10000 9957 100 3472
  5. 5. Achievementso Farmers got more production from SRI system with a low cost in cultivation.o Increase the net return (Yield per acre Rs 22000- Cost per acre Rs 7500= Rs15000).o 48 farmers promoted SRI, in organic method.o 10 famers practicing SRI method in vegetable cultivation as on-farm researchprogramme.o 2000 Farmers got support of seeds and fertilizer from Agriculture departments.o Farmers of the adjacent village of the project area are also got interest and theyare practicing the system in the land.o Ensured food security for 10-11 monthso Trained resource person on SRI has been developed.o Migration has been checked.o Organized Krishi Mela (Farmer’s Fair) jointly with the Block AgricultureDepartment.
  6. 6. Varity wise Paddy Production (in Quintal)per Acre
  7. 7. Convergence efforts and achievementsPRAVAT has been able to mobilize funds (cash andinputs) for up scaling the project. SRI promotion is alsobeing undertaken through support from DistrictAgriculture Department, Block Agriculture Department,KVK and Gram Panchayat offices and other donoragencies. Through other support agencies PRAVAT hasbeen able to reach out to an additional 2000 farmers.
  8. 8. PhotogarphsIEC Materials used for awareness generation on SRI Wall Writing on SRIVillage Meeting Staff Training
  9. 9. PhotographsField after transplantation-7 daysFarmers using weeder machineTransportation of seedlingPanicle with the Filled GrainsTransplantation of seedlingTillers –SRI 60 DaysSeed Shorting Seed showingSeed treatment
  10. 10. PhotographsDSR –PaddyMixed Crop – Arum & SpinageRadish Cultivation Brinjal CultivationCucumber CultivationSWI
  11. 11. Preparation of Matka Khad - Liquid Organic ManureApplication of Matka Khad - Liquid Organic Manure Using Matka Khad in SRI Paddy FieldPhotographs
  12. 12. SRI Field VisitKrishi Mela (Farmers Fair)Photographs
  13. 13. Constraints Faced Irregular and low rainfall Late sowing in cropping season for lack of water Few farmers were deprived for delay in croppingseason Drought
  14. 14. Thank U