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Jamgoria sevabrata purulia

  1. 1. WelcomeJamgoria SevabrataPurulia, West Bengal
  2. 2. Vision 2020 Graduate 10000 families out of poverty Year long food-grain from own source and20000 cash in a year. Target – anybody less than 12 month foodsufficiency mainly SC and ST. Strategy – Reduction of risk in farming system by ensuringirrigation (kharif and other season). DBI Decentralized water bodies (HAPA) Intensification of crops (SRI) anddiversification of crops (maize, pulses,vegetable, horticulture and oilseed)
  3. 3. DBI facts till date Number of sites- 23 Number of active sites - 16 Number of farmers benefited (active and wouldbe active)- 3000 Number of Water Users group Formed – 23. Number of SHGs running in the DBI villages –170 Total kharif command area created – 2500 acres Total rabi command area created – 1000 acres.
  4. 4. Benefits in kharif Command area created 2500 acre SRI covered in 500 acres Production ensured in wholecommand are for kharif paddy Command area increased using manytechniques. Tomato raised in 1000 acres. Other vegetables in 500 acres.
  5. 5. Kharif contd… Small farmers’ average land holding 60 decimal. Without changing the practice – 5 quintal extrapaddy - 5000 rupees Changed practice to SRI in half of the holdings –10 quintal extra paddy – 10000 rupees. Tomato in half of the holding – 30000 rupees Conservative estimate is 5000 rupees extraincome per acre. Extra income 125 lakhs per annum in kharifwith an investment of 150 lakhs.
  6. 6. Benefits in Rabi Rabi command area created 1000 acres. Major crops are mustard, wheat and vegetables. Mustard cultivated in 500 acres wheat in 300acres and vegetables in rest. 50% of mustard and wheat is done through SRImethods. Cucumber and watermelon is the main crop invegetable. Rough estimates say average extra income inrabi is 10000 rupees per acre. So total extra income 100 lakhs rupees perannum in rabi (investment counted in Kharif)
  7. 7. Anil, Baliguma Has 60 decimal land in command area Has done SRI paddy in 45 Decimal land and earned7700 rupees extra Has done SRI mustard 16 Decimal land and earned6000 Extra Has done tomato 15 decimal in Kharif, earned12000 rupees extra Has done cauliflower 10 decimal land, Cabbage 10decimal Including kharif and rabi he earned 41700 Rupeesextra. Sent his two children to hostel. Bought a cow. Repaired the house and thatched the new roof. Took a pond in lease for fish cultivation. Successfully graduated out of poverty.
  8. 8. Linkages with other institution: The Jabla Krishi cooparetive Bank privateLimited selected Jabla Dhabardih DBIcommand area for seed production site. The 50 farmers draw agriculture support forwheat cultivation in rabi season from BlockAgriculture office in Jabla Dhabardih DBIsite. Small WHS is being constructed in 6 DBIcommand areas through MGNREGS. The district Agri Irrigation department isrenovating DBI water source at NuniaChatra village.
  9. 9. Way forward Organised planning and production amongthe DBI sites. Producer company? Dead storage in the DBI source can be usedin irrigation through the same system usinga small pump-set. Already in use in many DBI sites but needsproper technology to convert the DBI inletin LI inlet Much more focus on SHG and agriculture.
  10. 10. Johar ge