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Baif barmer

  1. 1. Water Resource Development and WaterUse Efficiency field pilots in arid parts ofBarmer District of RajasthanSupported by: JTT-SDTT MumbaiProject Period:- 1/04/2010 to 31/03/2011( extended up to May 2011)Project Area:-Rajasthan (Punaron ki Bastti Undkha, Barmer)
  2. 2. •Inadequate quantity•Scarcity after brief monsoon(250 mm for 15-20 days)•Distant Water sources involvinghardship•Lack of organized efforts•Lack of technology•Lack of awareness and resources•Erosion of traditional skills andknowledge•Erosion of traditional tankasystem of rainwater harvesting.There are several water related issues which requiredinterventions in this part of ARID Desert .
  3. 3. Tanka+ Agor( innovativecatchment)Tank+ Rooftop connectionGroup well-for tapping seepagewater near surfaceType of interventions
  4. 4. TYPE OFINTERVENTIONSSmall schemes which essentially divert the run-off water in low rain fall areas for smallscale storage and subsequent use by marginal land holders (Tankas of Rajasthan).Around 59families could becovered under thisphase of support.Breeding high valueGoatsProvided Sindhibreed bucks one for10 goats.
  5. 5. • Total cost of tanka is around 60000 rupees.Beneficiaries could contribute around 30 % ofthe total cost.The tanka could store water upto 60000 lit each• Total 2500 plants of Ber saplings +Pomegranate and Lasoda ( Codia maxa) havebeen planted in alongside wadi, 0.5 acre each.
  6. 6. Group well approach – to tap seepage water near surface near river course
  7. 7. Tanka +wadi+ drip irrigation
  8. 8. • Under this project, a publicationon Tanka –Experience in Barmerhas been brought about.• This will be useful fordevelopment agencies, researchers,policy makers and technicalpersons.• It brought with the aim ofproviding information on the need,objective, design specifications,stages of implementation,innovations, impact, cost-effectiveness and replication scopeof tanka technology .
  9. 9. Evolving model of tanka centriclivelihood intervention in arid mostregions of Rajasthan
  10. 10. Write ups covering experiences underthe project have also been publishedin LEISA Magzine on the Theme,’’Combating Desertification’’