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Promania :

  1. 1. GameDesign Project by : Presentation by : Swadha Jaiswal national institutejaiswal Swadha of design, batch 2011-13
  2. 2. GameOverview Concept Goal of the game Game content Genre
  3. 3. Concept ProMania is a board game to bring awareness instudents about various professions in the societyand how much essential it is to have a mixture of professions and balance for a society to sustain.It will also help students understand various edu- cational background/ degree required to be accepted as that professional.
  4. 4. Goal The goal is to make students aware of the they together serve the Society. win the game. In the process, improve your awareness!
  5. 5. Game contents Board Pawns Dice 4 kinds of cards : Task ,Professional, chance & Question cards Currency amount
  6. 6. Game contents Genre : Board Game, Educational Game. Number of Players : 4 Age Range : 13 to 16years
  7. 7. KeyStrengths What’s new? Selling pointsWhy the market needs it?
  8. 8. What is new?Its a game where kids go away withretaining knowledge which makes them awareabout existing professions and itseligibility!Why the market needs it?Market needs it because there is scarcity of sucheducational games which are good for their im-mediate future!
  9. 9. Selling points high memory triggers spreads retain skill GD awareness value increases reduces visualisation management & stage power level organisational fear increases boosts skills
  10. 10. GameplayGame content description Player objective Challenge
  11. 11. Question Q card Chance Chance Chanc Being a head girl/boy of Suppose you have Card school sanctioned Event Editor You love teaching your Manager Card Card your school, your principal opportunity to Build Now you have rights to build Finally your have given you r esp onsibility Designer your own sports group for Theatre Group in your Copywriter permission to Build Activity You want Sports Event 1,000/- d 1200/- as you gr aar Coach. s Event managershave to s to Publish Magazine school. For which following 1500/- Building in campus, now2,000/- friends how to play cricket o - ut n organise, promote and annual school magazine. people required: Contact following people quickly contact following well. You want to become a journalist who contrib o plan, B What Educational qualifica-Bank has awa o immediately: A copywriter is the person professionals: An editor-at-large is Sports Doctor? utes content to a publica - ti People needed: ay r a A designer is a person who comes up with the who design things that ideas and words that get 500 to Pay rupees Collect rupees 500 run events, conferences have required by others. clearlythe person sitting an advertising message tion. L Bacho a Sports of rupees Ans: MBB tion you should have toand functions for a variety from the- person Coach?organisations, commu - 500 for Eligibility: 10+2 (in any and effectively. l become (Bachelo xp B P Ed Eligibility: 10+2+ Designer 1500/- Director 1000/- Eligibility: 10+2+your left! nities and groups. towar cation Bac and stream) Sports Coach 1500/- on Bach Architect 1200/- sitting on your left. - elors (in any stream) 1000/- specific e Copywriter 1000/- Actor 1000/- Degree: Bachelors ofRefree 1500/- (in any stream) Engineer elors Ans: Eligibility: 10+2+projec Bach - No degree Editor 2000/- Script Writer Design (B. Des), Bach - 1000/- of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) No specific degree (Bachelor of Physical (in any stream) required just you need elors elors Nutritionist 1500/- Labourer 500/-creative writingEducation) Degree: MBA in Event required just you need & editing creative writing skills. skills. Mangement Question Q Task card Profession card Chance card Question card cardEach player is distributed Collect the profession elder Sisters Chance cards contain mis- Question cards containwith 2 Your granny is not well task cards each in cards of people mentioned Your fortunes and good luck! Wedding is due this Chance Chance Travel Agent - Chancthe start of the game. The card by payingend. YourTherehad month parents Card All Its 50th anniversary of your on your task Agriculturistgo out of town urgently.are activities them, chidren want You just love painting learn grand parents. Card and Card You see t Architect to surprise men-planningent drawing. You want to 1200/- an old ge Chef professions mentioned because of unhealthy You need to help your to by the ill friend test. enviornment andtask card tells the player pollution .Now its your amount (mentionedNow you needtioned on them which for them. on the board. On answering provides yo before monthly 1200/- on to take up 1200/- Family Trip a 800/- more about Painting. What agent would A travel some reponsibility for degree would you apply forwhich responsibilty to help her by he professionals the profession card) to the Contact People : is People needed: a week. player Contact following: the after yourquestion tourism related Ans: A po right 12th Standard? public such as player services to the Plant Trees Someone concerned with An architect is a person A chef is a person who supposed to perform. to cooks professionally forgot better, you amount & aheneeds to collect while play- Contact following: government the science or He can bank. art or trained in the LUCK! you need BAD planning, gets some money airlines,railways Your day just Jump hotels, car rental,ing the game. do so whenever he land the business of cultivating on return any one profes- other people. Ans: BFA to do so leads tours. design of the construction and (Bachelor two getfailing to choose package to soil. of buildings. professional cards at one go! Eligibility: 10+2 steps Eligibility: 10+2 (in any of Fine Arts) that profession 10+2 (inEvent Manager 1200/- to 10+2 (in so heto the 1200/- loss of money for him! Eligibility: on any the Failing siondo any Agent Eligibility: card back either stream Travel Go ahead! stream) (in any needs toBachelor ofdeck! Manager 2000/- Course in Hotel Gardner 800/- stream) stream with maths) Agriculturist 1200/- board. 3000/- Doctor Degree: Bachelor’s Electrician of Degree: pay some amount Management (minimum 500/- Hotel Degree: Degree: Bachelors of Nurse 1500/- Architecture (B.Arch) Driver 900/- required for admis - Science in Hospitality & Farmer 800/- Pharmacist 500/- Science in Agriculture (BScAg) Chef to800/- bank/ or the oppo- sion) the 60% Tourism Management (BHM) A player can buy any site player and vice-versa. number of profession cards and sell it later to the player who needs that it, in double the amount than its original. d o ar ut s
  12. 12. L or l exp Start Play a dice Lands on a tile Professional Question Luck Bonus/Penalty tile tile tile tile Pick a card Read it & Collect/Pay Dont All professionals do the needed from/to the bankBuy Buy collected opp player asks question End answer dont answer Collect Give money money
  13. 13. Game structure Game mode : multiplayer (4 players) Length & Duration : 1 hour 30 min Replay Value : Responsibility : motivates them Fun & competition! Learn! Game risk : Handling money, may make it more like a business game. Parents might not want to buy it, to avoid exposure of kids to professions like dancers, actors, models/
  14. 14. Competitors
  15. 15. Prototyping
  16. 16. Testing1
  17. 17. Feedback eliminate no story rewards after danger about the task 1 round area cards completion low probability write money of winning on the board
  18. 18. New story Each player is a responsible kid of his/her school, society, and everytime ther’s a problem he is approached by his family or school head to take up certain responsibility. The whole game revolves around him, to perform!
  19. 19. Testing2
  20. 20. Testing2players age : 21-15yrs
  21. 21. Feedback color coding what is mention was disturbing bank for? penalty & bonus in the rule book not reading write money scenarios on the board on task card
  22. 22. Testing3
  23. 23. FeedbackAge: 13-16 yrsLower Middle Class Kids less amount problem in while playing of surprise cards. understanding money fell (they did not earned it” short accept bad luck in it.) add options too much in the question bad luck card
  24. 24. Testing4Target AudienceAge: 12-15yrsMiddle Middle Class Kids
  25. 25. Review add more add more surprise & correct font surprise profession
  26. 26. iond Exploration Chance Card Question card Question card d ar ut s You have to arrange a schoolome a Doctor day and a large group of Librarian is the one who Bo yo ionWhat do you students from other schools takes care of books in yourbecome a Library. Do you know what he are attending the event. You t La Bora need somebody to manage has studied in college? ou Congratsoccasion. Whom would the you’re lucky, Ans: l Lib edi- you can call to arrange it on you choose any p ex edicine (Bachelor of Libraryof profession cardyour school?ur Surgery) behalf of from the Science) deck. Ans: Event Managerion Question Questiond card card Chances mugging a Card No Electricity in your home Suppose your Father is a farmer and you would like ton. Whom and is there in your neigh- do your education which willmmediately? bors houses. Whom would help you understand you call for repair/ checkup? business of cultivating soil,an producing crops, and raisingwo Go back to the Ans: Electrician livestock; farming. Which Bachelor Degree is right for start! you? Ans: B.Sc.(Agricultue) or B.S.A. or BScAg
  27. 27. Exploration ? 1200 1200 2000 ? ? ? start 800 1500 a turn card 800 1500 2000 800 800 500 1000 1500 penalty manager chance agent a turn card farmer nutritionist miss chef manager editor chef farmer labourer penalty writer nutritionist Event Travel designer hotel miss surprise agriculturist agriculturist1200 1200 ? sports coach refree 1500 1500 ? 2000 800 800 500 1000 1500 a turn card editor chef farmer labourer penalty writer nutritionist miss surprise ? ? agriculturist bonus bonus 1200 actor chance labourer director agriculturist driver refree chance 1500 1000 actor 1000 card card 500 1000 1200 900 bonus actor 1000 gardner gardner pharmacist800 800 miss bonus nurse a turn a turn miss miss a turn 500 1500 gardner 800 a turn miss sports Architect surprise chance gardner cards nurse bonus 2700 coach 1500 card nurse surprise 1500 card nurse 1500 1500 800 pharmacist pharmacist pharmacist chance bonus bonus director miss chef bonus500 500 500 card a turn 800 1000 manager hotel 900 driver hotel miss 2000 manager labourer doctor writer script hotel900 driver manager a turn 900 driver 1000 2000 500 3000 2000 engineer surprise 1000 card engineer engineer surprise architect penalty electrician1000 1000 editor card refree electrician 1500 penalty 2000 2700 500 500 electrician penalty copy penalty script designer electrician doctor writer 1500 writer editor writer 1000 2000 copy 500 500 3000 1000 1000 Lawyer Event Travel surprise miss sports designer designer doctor Architect director ? copy Travel manager agent card a turn coach doctor nutritionist ? 30001500 1500 ? writer agent 800 1200 1200 3000 2700 1000 1500 1500 1000 1200 ? Event chance refree Event Travel surprise copy miss sports chance farmer engineer penalty actor Architect director manager cards manager agent card writer a turn coach card 1500 800 start ? ? 1200 1000 1000 1200 1200 1000 2700 1000 1500
  28. 28. 1500 2000 1000 1000 a turn 2000 500 Bonus Card Miss Manager Writer Chance 00 Actor Nurse Hotel Editor Electrician Copy Card 12 t ? Chance an en er M Ev ag 500 Labourer ? P ha Doctor R r m ct efe a hite re e r ci s Arc 50 t Sports 3000 15 ne 0 0 00 ? ig Director Miss 270 C 0 Coach h 0 es a turn D C anc 15 1500 1000 ar e d ty n al F Pe ar 15 00 200 0 r 80 me r 0 Editor 0 inee 10 Referee 00 W 00 10 N 100 r Eng ? Sc rite to rip r Ac t 0 y r 1500 90 alt ive Ch n utritionis a t Dr Pe Ca nc rd e t 0 is 50 ac m 1000 Arc ar Writer 100 0 Script 270 0 Ph Engineer hite rd e ct Ca nc a Chef Ch t 800 Do en Pena cto 0 Tr r lt 00 us ag avel Miss 80a turn y er 30 Ele 12 0 c dn 0 tric Copy Bon ar ian G 500 writer 50 Lab 0 1000 00 ou e Direc 15 rer rs Bonus1000 tor Nu a co M turn rd e is urist a s 15 or t s Ca anc Sp ch 800 00 Ch 900 1200 r 1200 Gar Agricult dne Drive Bonus r Agriculturist Nutritionist Farmer ? H ? M o an tel Miss Penalty 1500 800 start ag er Des Event 20 igne r Travel Chance r a turn 00 manage Chef agent Card 150 0 800 1200 1200 ?